Dead Famous

Living Premiered Jun 01, 2004 In Season




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  • Grace Kelly

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 304 - 2/28/06

    Gail Porter and Chris Fleming, our sexy and funny ghost busters, continue their search for the spirits of famous Americans. Hollywood heart-throb Grace Kelly found her fairytale Prince and married him...but they didn't live happily ever after. She died in a mountain car crash in Monaco, a world away from the streets of Philadelphia where she grew up, learned to act, and made her name. So could her spirit have returned there to relax in the anonymity she enjoyed before her career took off? Gail and Chris search Philadelphia for the ghost of Grace, including a theater where she first trod the boards, and a haunted mansion where things go bump in the night.moreless
  • Howard Hughes

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 303 - 2/21/06

    The world's most famous recluse wasn't all that keen on appearing for the cameras while he was alive, so what chance might there be of him granting a posthumous interview? Undaunted as ever, skeptic Gail Porter and sensitive Chris Fleming try to track down the film director, aviator, and bashful billionaire in the places where he lived, worked, and occasionally crashed his aircraft in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Could he be hiding in his old office in what is now the Playa Vista Film Studios in LA? Is he resting at the historic hotel where he recuperated after his plane crashed? Or could he be eavesdropping while we interview the man who acted as his face to the world for the last, utterly bizarre years of his life? We leave no stone unturned as we try to tempt the tycoon back for one last meeting...but will we bring out the coward in Howard?moreless
  • Mae West

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 302 - 1/31/06

    Mae West was a show-off--a sensational showgirl whose wit was as legendary as her contempt for the censors. But she also had a passion for the paranormal that saw her take part in séance after séance. Where better, then, to search for her spirit than in New York, the city where she made her name, earned her fortune, and was jailed for upsetting the authorities with her unashamedly brash stage play Sex? Our hunt for Mae takes us to a haunted mansion in the middle of New York City, and a house in the middle of nowhere built by a man who believed spirits gave him instructions and stood over him as he hammered in every nail. Visiting the places in which Mae lived and worked during her colorful career, we try to coax the far-from-shrinking violet into the limelight for one last performance...or will she ask us to come up and see her some time?moreless