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18-year-old George Lass (Ellen Muth) dies when a toilet from the MIR space station falls from the sky and hits her. However, soon she discovers that afterlife really does exist... she becomes a reaper - she helps in catching the souls of people moments before they're destined to die. Then she meets a group of reapers who collect people's souls. The main reaper is Rube (Mandy Patinkin), who is always playing smart, Roxy (Jasmine Guy), a reaper with an attitude, Mason (Callum Blue), a confused and funny reaper and Daisy (Laura Harris), a beautiful reaper full of mysteries. The other characters include George's family - mother Joy (Cynthia Stevenson), father Clancy (Greg Kean) and sister Reggie (Britt McKillip), who each have their own way to deal with George's death. Now that she has a new life, George will try to deal with her new job as a reaper and the fact that she is dead. While learning some important lessons, George gets a job at Happy Time, a office lead by Delores Herbig (played by Christine Willes), a funny woman who is always optimistic and tries to be everybody's friend while leading a perfect life. The other recurring characters include Crystal (Crystal Dahl), a Happy Time secretary that does not talk much and Der Waffle House's waitress Kiffany (Patricia Idlette). The only bad move was Rebecca Gayheart's removal from the show. Apparently, she was unable to renew her contract so her character was sadly written out of the show. The main description for the show could easily be described as "funny and morbid". It debuted on Showtime in 2003. The show quickly became an absolute hit and some people even paid to view Showtime just to watch the show that everyone talks about. However, just a year after, when season 2 finished, the show was unexpectedly canceled by Showtime, which was one of the worst moves ever for a TV station like that. Then, MGM tried to sell the show to another station, but the attempt failed and the show was left dead.moreless

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    • Worth a Watch

      Dead Like Me was a pleasant, comical but philosophical series. At first glance it had a morbid humor that I have only ever found in other works from Bryan Fuller. Taking a deeper look at the series, however, it brings up a great number of questions about life and death. It honestly encourages me to sit and think about my life.

      At the same time that the plot allows me to further educate myself about what it mans to be alive, I am again brought back to the strange humor found in Dead Like Me. The series allows me to revel in some comic deaths and cry at other more somber ones. Many of the characters are easily relatable and, well cast. The character Reggie was particularly well played, as I watched her develop the most from her sister's death.

      It may seem odd reviewing such an old show, but the series was different. It educated people in a way that society needs. It showed the good, the bad and the indifferent in life and death. It showed how everyone has their own struggles, and how at times we should love and care for each other. It allows a person to see just how big the world really is, and notice how many lives there are in that world.

      Should the series come back? I would like to say yes, but after so long Dead Like Me would be better off making a completely new series with a similar concept. The second series left everyone with many questions, but realistically the series would develop a greater following with a new character in a new location, still holding true to the spirit of Dead Like Me.

      I can say with full honesty Dead Like Me teaches the value of life.moreless
    • Excellent!

      One of my fav shows - too bad it was cancelled.

      I loved this show - a fresh idea, funny and smart.
    • Muth was great as a reaper

      The style and concept of shw kept you coming back. Loved the humot and the crazy stuff that made the reapers seems almost like bricklayer building something every second.

      Like to Ms Muth is something new.

      I loved this show and its time for a remake....okay people, get to it. Its time to remake this show.
    • So bad and dull that its sad. The worse thing about this show is that it just got worse and worse with each episode. They literally dug their own graves.

      I found the idea of this show interesting and thought it might have potential. The idea of the grim reaper not being a black hooded figure but an actual person made me want to tune in so I did. Unfortanately, I was more than ready to tune out after the first episode. George dies by getting hit with a toilet seat that fell from a space station. Seriously?! How messed up is that? That made me want to turn it off immediately, but I didn't because I wanted to give it a chance. The characters in the show are interesting, but most of the story lines were boring and dated. Then the creatures were introduced that reapers weren't allowed to stop. I would appologize to the people who died, because of the creatures they COULDN'T see. I'm sorry, but noone should be allowed to die when it was done like that.

      Sad to say, the show failed in my opinion.moreless

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