Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 8

A Cook

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

George notes that people are told to slow down and smell the roses when the people are going too fast. George wishes somebody had told her to smell the roses, while she was still alive. George is in the park, where it is springtime. A homeless man walks past, with a trolley of all of his possessions.

In the back of Der Waffle Haus, Angus prepares breakfast. George arrives, to find Daisy and Rube already there. Daisy asks George if George is using her facial cream, stolen from a dead women. George asks Rube, and Rube doesn't mind Daisy taking articles from people who can no longer use said-articles. Casey arrives, bringing Daisy and Rube's food. Rube explains to Casey why his food is bad, and Daisy chips in. Casey looks worriedly over her shoulder, at Angus the cook. Rube refuses the plate. George suggests Rube use ketchup, and Casey agrees. Casey doesn't want to get Angus angry, but Rube returns the food anyways. Rube hands out assignments. Both Daisy and George flee, fearing the culinary wrath of Angus. From behind the counter, Angus looks angrily at Rube.

In the park, George spots a group of elderly ladies. George feels bad about reaping an old woman, so Daisy suggests doing something nice before the death. George approaches the ladies, and finds Mrs. Quinn Todd. George pretends that an elderly gentlemen has just complimented Mrs. Todd, and she appreciates this news. Daisy applauds George's fib. One of Mrs. Todd's friends notes that the man made a lot of money in real-estate.

At Der Waffle Haus, Rube is settling his bill when Angus approaches Rube. Rube thanks Angus for the superb quality of the second meal. Rube notes that Angus is not as his best today, and seems distracted. Rube realizes Angus Cook is Scottish, and Rube starts talking in a Scottish accent. Rube suggests Angus is having a financial problem, and Angus reveals he lost all his money in a scheme. Rube buys a case of Angus' hair-care product, hoping for better food the following day.

Mrs. Todd owns a dog, and leaves her friends. Daisy tells George to use moisturizer. George approaches Mrs. Todd again, who is sitting on a bench with J.D., the golden retriever. Mrs. Todd reveals she loves J.D., and George takes her soul. George leaves. J.D. runs away from Mrs. Todd, chasing another graveling, and she chases after the dog. A Chevrolet pick-up truck driving at high velocity crashes into Mrs. Todd.

Cops and ambulance workers quickly arrive on the scene, before taking away Mrs. Todd's body. Ghost Mrs. Todd asks George to take care of J.D. the dog. George wants to refuse, but accepts, and Mrs. Todd crosses over. George reflects on her previous pets: Young George had a mouse named Speedy Gonzales. George fed Speedy a Jalapeño, and Speedy died. Young George asks Clancy and Joy for a dog, but they give her a small bird for easter. Young George named the yellow bird Tweedy. Sylvester the cat promptly eats Tweedy. Sylvester the cat also died, from choking on Tweedy the bird. In the Lass backyard, Young George has three markings, one for each fallen pet. George wants to give away J.D., before he also ends up dead.

Rube enters his apartment, and finds the envelope from the mysterious, containing the list of upcoming deaths. While examining the envelope, Rube closes his door, and swings it back open. Rube runs into the hallway, yelling at the stranger, who has already left.

At Der Waffle Haus, Mason asks Daisy for some help with his acting talents, so that Mason can get closer to Daisy. Daisy says no. Rube arrives, followed by George and J.D. Rube notes that J.D. is a male, and reprimands George for referring to J.D. as a she. Daisy reveals that J.D. belonged to the deceased Mrs. Todd, and Rube tells George not to get emotionally involved anyone, living or dead. Angus yells at Rube to get J.D. out of the restaurant. Rube explains to the reapers that they should just do the job, and Rube takes J.D. outside. George and Mason go into Rube's book, spotting the first post-it has Angus Cook's name on it. George takes her assignment and leaves.

Rube is outside, holding J.D.'s leash, and asks what J.D. stands for. George doesn't know, but suggested it could be Jack Daniels. Rube leaves.

George realizes that grim reapers are sort of like hit-men.

Rube is sitting alone on a bench in a graveyard.

George is in the park, playing with J.D., and notes that Reggie is also bad with keeping pets alive.

Reggie has destroyed the lives of an entire aquarium full of fish. Presently, Reggie has accidentally stopped a small gerbil named Silverberg, while trying to teach Silverberg to swim in the toilet. Reggie is having a funeral, and Joy is trying to comfort Reggie. Clancy arrives, and disrupts the atmosphere of the funeral. Joy gets upset with Reggie for blaming the death on Joy, and Reggie leaves. Clancy reveals that he didn't know Reggie owned a gerbil.

George notes that things Reggie cared about start to disappear.

Rube is in Der Waffle Haus. On the way out, Rube thanks Angus for the food, and takes Angus' soul. Angus goes back to cooking, and a graveling appears. Angus takes a bite out of his sandwich and keels over.

George tries to enter her apartment, and Daisy tells George not to let J.D. in. Daisy leaves, then George leaves, with J.D. in tow.

George wanders around outside with J.D. all day.

Mason lets George and J.D. stay at his house. George is uncomfortable with Mason walking around in his underwear.

The next day at Happy Time, Millie has fallen asleep on her keyboard. Delores wakes Millie, and Millie finds herself covered in post-its, clips, and marker stamps, placed on her by fellow co-workers. Delores scolds Millie for sleeping on the job. Millie explains how Daisy won't let J.D. into George's apartment, so George is staying with Mason. Delores offers to let J.D. and Millie stay with Delores, but Millie politely says no.

At Der Waffle Haus, Casey, Daisy, and Rube discuss the death of Angus. Casey reveals that Roberto the bus-boy is now the primary chef. Rube offers to chip in and help by becoming the chef. In the back, Roberto returns to his normal duties, while Rube takes over cooking. Ghost Angus arrives, and Rube realises Angus didn't cross over.

At Happy Time, Millie wonders what Mason is doing with J.D., who was left in Mason's care: Millie imagines Mason in a hot-tub with four beautiful women and J.D. Mason and the women are drinking wine and having a really good time. Millie doesn't want Mason using J.D. as a means to get sex from women. Millie leaves.

Delores lets J.D. and Millie into her apartment. Delores reveals that she sometimes shares her home with the homeless, who proceed to have sex with Delores and then rob the apartment. Millie comments how clean the apartment is. Millie asks about Murray the cat, and Delores explains that Murray is away for dialysis. Delores offers to let Millie share the bed, shows of a puzzle, and finally shows off her desk. Delores announces that she has lots of menial housework to do, and that Millie gets to help out.

In the back of Der Waffle Haus, Rube breaks the eggs, and tosses the remains. Angus tries to help, but is only a ghost. Angus is talking down to Rube how Rube normally talks down to everyone else.

Delores and Millie are folding laundry, and Millie passes out. Delores is in constant motion, always working. Delores' computer receives a message, and Delores explains how her house is under live web-cast surveillance from four cameras. Delores' website is called Getting Things Done With Delores. Delores explains that most people don't bother doing chores, and yet enjoy watching Delores do her own. Millie thinks Delores is insane. Delores explains how every click has the viewers give two cents to a charity of Delores' choosing. A internet viewer asks about Millie's dog, J.D. .

Der Waffle Haus, Cassie walks through Angus' ghost. Rube makes a baseball metaphor to Daisy, to explain why Angus hasn't crossed over. Rube returns to cooking.

Millie is wide awake next to a sleeping Delores. Millie considers what the viewers at home do while they watch Delores get things done: A sweaty, pasty guy is thoroughly enjoying watching Delores, but you can't tell where his hands are. Millie takes J.D. and leaves.

George arrives at Der Waffle Haus, and tells Daisy that J.D. is staying in George's apartment, for Daisy is the guest. George also gets angry with Mason over imaginary Mason using J.D. in a hot-tub, to get women. Rube is in the back, cooking. A dish gets sent back, and Rube offers to fix the dish. Angus tells Rube not to, or else Rube will lose all control over his culinary work. Cassie spots Rube talking to nobody, and gets worried. Rube approaches the customer, and explains that he can't make the dish the customer wants. The customer wants Rube to make it anyways, and starts yelling. Rube knocks the dish onto the customer's lap. Rube returns to the back, to find Angus has crossed over. Cassie explains that she's hired a new cook, and Rube doesn't have to help out anymore. Cassie notes that Rube really watched Angus cook.

At Happy Time, Delores explains that her viewers disliked Millie, and don't want to see her again. Millie accepts that she can't return to Delores' home.

George and J.D. are walking through the park, and George spots the homeless man from the beginning of the episode.

Millie leaves J.D. at the Lass house, and runs away. Joy finds J.D., and brings him inside.

Rube cleans up the back area and leaves.

J.D. is sleeping in Reggie's bed, with Reggie on the floor. Joy asks what J.D. stands for, and Reggie decides it's Just Dog. Joy leaves.

Rube and Cassie attend Angus Cook's Scottish wedding. Rube walks away, alone through the cemetery.
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