Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 8

A Cook

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2003 on Showtime

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  • A Cook

    A Cook was a perfect episode of Dead Like Me as Rube is put in a difficult position and Georgia brings home a pet of one of her recent reaps. Rube is upset about what he must do and acts like anyone would, while he would criticize others for doing the same. It was cool to see George have such finesse with dealing with people and it was great what she did with her new friend. Joy responded with open arms and it was funny to see her conversation with Reggie at bedtime. Rube really payed tribute to Angus. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Letting go.

    George reluctantly agrees to look after one of her victims pet when she reaps her soul, a dog named, JD. She recounters her past pet mishaps, and temporarily moves in with Delores, who has her own website with people watching in on her personal life, which freaks George out. She eventually takes JD to her parents house, as a gift to Reggie. Meanwhile, Rube has a stint as the Cook at teh Waffle House when Angus the Chef chokes on a ham sandwich a la Mama Cass, and Angus stays around to teach him the values of being a chef.
  • Rube as a cook and George with a responsibility

    ‘A Cook’ features Rube as a cook and George with a responsibility, a dog.

    George has to kill an old lady, well sort of. And she thinks that the old lady looks to cute and wants to be nice to her before she dies. The old lady also has a dog who she loves and couldn’t live without. She says that the dog mostly loves young girls, when George does her job the old woman then gets hit by a car. Her spirit can’t leave before she knows that George will take care for the dog and she promises she will.

    But the problem is, George cannot get along with animals, well she can but they all tend to die. But then George also gets in trouble because Daisy won’t let her in her apartment and she doesn’t trust Mason with it either. So then Deloris wants her to live with her for a while, Deloris has her own website where people watch her doing things but they don’t react to well to George’s arrival and Deloris has to tell her goodbye and then George decides to scream at Daisy and Mason and tell them what’s in her mind. Mason says he hasn’t got a clue about him and the dog in the bubble bath, but it’s obviously he does.

    Anyway, the other storyline is about Rube and a cook. Rube doesn’t like him at first but they soon bond. When Rube finds out that he has to kill the cook, he makes him choke but when he’s back and wants to work in the kitchen he sees that the cook is still there. But he helps Rube to become a better cook and to don’t listen to people’s complaints. Just after that the cook is finally able to move on and leaves Rube the new responsibility.

    ‘A Cook’ was a great episode with lots of character development. I really enjoy the George flashbacks as a little girl. I also keep loving Mason, he’s so funny and definitely has a feminine thing going on, I wish he got more storylines. Also, Roxy has been missing a couple of episodes already, anyone cares she’s gone? But after all, the episode was excellent, not one of the best but still great. George eventually leaves her dog as Reggie’s pet and now she has someone to talk to.
  • Rube goes through the looking glass

    This episode was a pleasure to watch since I have always enjoyed watching John Kapelos (A Cook) work and believe that his apparent overacting has been overlooked and under-rated. My personal bias aside, this was a tightly scripted episode and well executed.

    It developed Rube as a character by showing us that even as the Boss Reaper, he was still susceptible to the almost fatal flaw of being a wise-ass-know-it-all. And watching him fall on his bottom (no illegals there...) was a delightful revelation. It made you love the character so much more by the time the closing credits rolled.

    This episode highlighted one of the prime strengths of the entire show, which is the reality of it's characters, cast in unreal situations. They might be reapers, but they're just like members of your dysfunctional family or your sickly-sweet next door neighbour.