Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 8

A Cook

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2003 on Showtime

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  • Rube goes through the looking glass

    This episode was a pleasure to watch since I have always enjoyed watching John Kapelos (A Cook) work and believe that his apparent overacting has been overlooked and under-rated. My personal bias aside, this was a tightly scripted episode and well executed.

    It developed Rube as a character by showing us that even as the Boss Reaper, he was still susceptible to the almost fatal flaw of being a wise-ass-know-it-all. And watching him fall on his bottom (no illegals there...) was a delightful revelation. It made you love the character so much more by the time the closing credits rolled.

    This episode highlighted one of the prime strengths of the entire show, which is the reality of it's characters, cast in unreal situations. They might be reapers, but they're just like members of your dysfunctional family or your sickly-sweet next door neighbour.
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