Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2004 on Showtime

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  • I don't think it was very good.

    Did anyone see the episode before this? That one was excellent. Lady and Lord Macbeth are worried about their murder of Ray being discovered. Mason kissed George. Mason proposed to Daisy. (And that strange scene where Mason bathed nude in the lake with the lumberjack... weird.) And now, this episode, on the eve of the season finale:

    I don't think it was very good. 'Always' is part filler, part painful to watch.

    After all the effort Rube put into finding his daughter, she dies. (Well, what else was she going to do? Move in with him?) They boiled the Rose Sofer character down to a simple-minded old woman, who has waited 80 years for her father's return... so that he can sing her a song, moments before she dies? Wasn't Rube curious about his daughter's life? Was she married, children, pets, unusual rashes? (Naaaw; Rube don't care.)

    After all the emotion last episode between Mason and George, Mason and Daisy- it all just evaporates, like the last episode meant nothing. Why? (I dunno. Fodder for next season?)

    Hehe, how about; we'll have antics with Mason, where he steals Kiffany's tip, and then spends the rest of the episode trying to apologize! (That's just.. awesome.)(Maybe, if you like pointless sub-plots that swing full circle in a single episode.)

    The part where Ray gets angry and helps to kill an extra person, that was pretty nice. Ray wants to get another Graveling, for a mate or something. Partner in crime maybe. (I mean it- no sarcasm, this part was good.)

    And the part with Delores basing George's profile on Millie was good.

    This episode wasn't bad (Well, the bits with Mason was. And Sofers. Okay this episode was bad.), but it was also a big let-down from the last episode, because Last Call was very good.

    And the cliffhanger- George discovers she can kill Gravelings! What's she going to do with her newfound gift; Become a rogue Graveling assassin, eventually ridding the world of all Gravelings, and by a direct result, freeing humanity from Death? Maybe swear on the ashes of Ray's body to protect Joy and Reggie for all eternity, making them immortal? How about just go crazy with power and start killing Reapers*?
    *This doesn't fit into DLM at all, since they're immortal and invulnerable. I just couldn't think up a third thing.

    Well, she doesn't do anything in the next episode with her newfound powers, and then the series is cancelled. Of all the cons in this episode, this would be the worse. (I guess Mason's petty-thievery redemption sub-plot isn't the worst thing after all.)

    Screw Flanders!
  • This may not be my favorite episode from the series, but it does contain my favorite moment in the series.

    This is an episode that really has a lot going on -- maybe too much at times. It doesn't really stand alone as one that a newcomer to the series could easily follow. There are too many story lines continuing from previous episodes to really make too much sense.

    What this episode does contain is my favorite exchange between characters in the series between Kiffany and Mason. There are two things I love about this story line. First, you can finally see that Mason is lost. His inate ability to be a screw-up had seemed rather romanticized throughout the series, but finally there was depth to it. It wasn't who he wanted to be and he was clearly in pain. Some may have found this sappy in a series that was largely humorous, but I found it refreshing. It would have been far too easy to have yet another joke at Mason's expense.

    Secondly, and more importantly, Kiffany really solidifies a place within the group. She isn't just the one who serves them at Der Waffle Haus, but a member of this family. I think it worked well to have Mason figure this about her as the rest of us did.

    This episode is very emotional and I am quite partial to emotional episodes. Nearing the end of the second season, even I had grown weary of watching the characters do the same things and make the same jokes over and over. It was time to move the storyline along and this episode does that well. It is unfortunate that this would be the penultimate episode in the series. I would like to have seen these relationships progress, even though it was obvious that Mason would never grow or learn from his mistakes.

    Don't start with this episode. If you haven't been watching the series, there is too much here to bite off. But as part of the whole, this one is great and is one of the highlights of the too brief series.
  • An enjoyable episode with several great moments.

    Graveling-Ray was still hanging around. It's still has not been made clear how he was created or how George is able to reap him, and now we probably never will find out. But the FX sequence of the Ray-Graveling is great.

    The best comedy moment of the episode is the flashbacks of Delores interviewing Happy Time employee candidates, the idea of Crystal being in the military is hilarious. There's also a wonderful gag when Daisy tells George that she is always talking to herself. "Do I?" George wonders in the voiceover.

    We find out a lot of tiny details in this episode which are really enjoyable. We learn that Penny used to be part of Rube's post-it gang and that she died on the Titanic. Also Rosie indicating that she seems to know that her father is a reaper, and the flashback to his past which shows him concealing a gun, are both very intriguing.

    Though, I'm not too sure about Mandy Patinkin's singing voice, which is a tiny bit of a problem since the song he sings is supposed to back the long scene with his daughter. But the last scene with his daughter is still very sad.
  • Very sad episode.

    This was a really sad and well written episode. The reason i thought it was the most saddest because Rube see's his daughter for the last time before she dies and the song he sings to her when he is with her is so sad. I did love the scene with the street musishian and the old guy when the glass fell on them both that was pretty funny to me. Now for the last bit of the episode when Gourge destroy's Ray was one of the other good things i found in this episode so overall this episode i give a 9.7
  • brings a tear to your eye.

    To watch Rube visit Rosie and be there just brings a tear to my eye. It was a poignant and touching scene to watch this. It finally provided a view into Rube that we had not seen before. It remove dthat hard gangster shell and provided us a glimpse to his humanity. As for Penny, was she a passenger or a reaper on the Titanic.... wonder wonder wonder. It was also great to see George start to take control of herself and start to mature makes me wonder if maybe Rube was grooming her to take over or maybe lead another reap team. Oh the possibilities.