Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 9

Be Still My Heart

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2004 on Showtime

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  • This is a decent episode, but is not as good as most Dead Like Me episodes.

    This episode was pretty good, but is below the average episode of Dead Like Me. It is one of the weaker episodes, but still has some definite redeeming qualities. In this episode George loses her virginity. I didn’t really like this, I thought maybe they’d save that. I mean, the guy she slept with has only been in two episodes too this point and has yet to win over the fans. We also see development between Mason and Daisy in this episode as it becomes even more evident the way Mason feels about Daisy. I can’t wait to see that romance developed. Overall, this is not the best Dead Like Me installment, but it is still much better then the best episode of most series’.
  • Making a heart

    Yet another absolutely fabulous episode.

    George still has a crush on the boy whose father got reaped by her and Daisy tells her to go for it, she goes to the funeral with Mason and they all inlove all over again, they eventually end up in bed and it was the first time for both of them. George has now changed and made her first step to adolisation, wonderful episode.

    Meanwhile Daisy's job is to reap a woman who is thens trangeled by her guy, we get to see more of Daisy's voulnerable side and she leaves a note for the police to catch the guy, the reason she couldn't watch that is because her sister was also killed the same way.

    The most interesting and enjoyable storyline was this time Reggies who had to make a heart for school an both her parents, Clancy and Joy made one in their own way and she used them both. She finally showed some appreciation to her parents and what they deserved.

    The show really continues to get stronger as the character development is right around every angle of the episodes.
  • Another witty and entertaining episode.

    The show is really back on form, this is another slick, witty and constantly entertaining episode. Even the return of Clancy doesn't drag it down.

    George brings Mason and goes to Trips father's wake to meet Trip again. The do and hit it off, they later end up at George's apartment where they have sex. The next morning they break up. The relationship between George and Tom is engagingly handled, though it would have been nice to see him stick around and watch George trying to keep her double life a secret. There are also some great scenes with Mason at the wake; Tom getting rid of Mason by telling him there's an open bar and Mason asking a string quartet to play "Freebird".

    The murder plot, meanwhile, is a welcome example of the shows flexible format. Daisy reaps the soul of a woman who is strangled but freaks and can't face staying to lead the soul to the afterlife. Roxie has to finish the job.

    But this is an episode, like the best from season one, where it's the individual lines and moments that shine, like Daisy shushing a Graveling. Underneath all the silliness, though, there's a real feeling of the reapers growing and developing as caracters, and the odd touch of melancholy stops the show from becoming just weird.