Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 3

Curious George

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

George estimates how many beats a heart produces in a lifetime. Joy gets out of bed a minute before her alarm sounds.

A caged bear is made into a spectacle at a gas station. The docile bear named Dora looks quite differently than the roaring creature advertised. George notes that she'd prefer to be a heart than a brain. Through a downpour, George re-enters Rube's car, fully equipped with Rube. George and Rube watch as a group of people who are chained to each other snake out of the washroom. The group have been on a hunger strike for almost a week, hoping to free Dora by redirecting gas station patrons. George is looking for a R. Luber, and Rube is chaperoning, until George gets used to being a soul-taking grim reaper. Rube shouts out for R. Luber, pretending to be part of a Wild-Life Abuse group. Both Rube and George shake each of the protesters' hands, until a man's soul is taken. A sandwich is tossed beside Dora's cage by a passerby, and Luber tries to gain it. Dora paws out for the sandwich, killing both Luber and the woman. Mason arrives on the back of a truck, and Rube notes that he's too late to take the woman's soul pre-death.

Mason, George, ghost Luber, and the woman's ghost walk away. It is revealed that both Luber and the woman were attracted to each other, but never acted.

At Happy Time, George is late, but notes that nothing really important happens anyways. Delores is in Millie's cubicle, and notes that Millie is late. Millie, who has protestor blood on herself, pretends she was in a car accident. Delores gives Millie the day off. After Millie realizes she wouldn't get paid to go home, Millie stays and puts on Delores football shirt to cover the blood.

A guy asks Millie if she's going a team.

Betty, George, Mason, and Rube are at Der Waffle Haus. Roxie's altercation at the DMV has led her social security number into two bankruptcies. Mason offers two free hockey tickets. Rube notes that a hockey player named Duke died from a hockey-related injury the previous night. Mason reveals that the tickets came from Duke's widow.

At the Lass house, Joy tells Reggie that she can't wear the dress that was worn to George's funeral. Reggie complains that she doesn't want to have her picture taken. Reggie gets changed, and it is revealed that Joy has deep relational problems with her own mother. Joy suggests Reggie bring a sweater, and Reggie rejects.

From outside, George watches as Clancy, Joy, and Reggie drive off. Reggie has purposefully abandoned her sweater in the driveway. George uses the spare key to enter the empty Lass house. George reflects on her previous home.

A photographer takes a picture of the Lass family, minus George.

George briefly looks at an older picture of all four of the Lasses, before doing Reggie's math homework.

The photographer tries in vain to make Reggie smile.

George, in search of fresh linens, discovers her possessions are in boxes in her room. George curls up on her old bed and falls asleep.

George wakes up when Clancy, Joy, and Reggie return to the Lass home. Clancy leaves to go to work, as George hops out her window with a bag of clothes. On the driveway, George tosses Reggie's driveway sweater towards the house and runs off. Reggie catches a glimpse of Millie.

Joy finds something behind her and Clancy's bed.

Reggie takes a bath, while Joy sits on the toilet. Joy tells Reggie not to think about George, if thinking causes pain.

Reggie is alone in George's old room, playing Ouija.

George is trying to climb a tree, while Betty watches. Both Betty and George begin throwing rocks, and a football helmet falls out of the tree. George reveals she went home, and Betty says that mortal possessions don't make people who they are.

Flashback to 1930's: Grim reaper Betty has dug up the remains of twenty-seven year-old Betty Rhomer and takes her ring back.

Betty throws a rock and a branch breaks. Down falls a body with attached parachute.

Inside Der Waffle Haus, Mason and Roxie talk about George, who needs a baby-sitter for every reap. Roxie tells Mason she's going to buy a pet bird, and Mason is strongly against this idea. Roxie notes that a bird has previously broken out of it's cage and mutilated somebody attacking the bird's owner. Mason notes that a bird can't do much damage, and Roxie reveals that both the bird and the owner were killed by the attacker. Roxie is still firmly set on buying a bird.

Betty and George walk through a field, with the ghost of the parachutist behind them. George tries to become Betty's friend, but Betty rejects. The parachutist crosses over, and is gone.

Joy enters George's old room, about to exercise. Joy leaves, pre-exercise.

George is asleep in her apartment. A television report reveals that Dora may be put down, for killing Luber and the female protestor. Mason is wandering around George's apartment, and George inquires whether he is robbing her. George reveals that she was dreaming about frogs, and Mason recalls a movie about frogs eating a group of people. George notes that the frog carried her over a river of lava. Mason leaves for a business meeting, before borrowing one of George's kitchen knives.

At Happy Time, Delores asks Millie to cover the phones while the rest of the office has a party. George steals a knife left in the board room.

In Millie's cubicle, Millie paints her nails. The phone rings, and she hangs it up. George watches everybody from a distance, having a good time, including Crystal.

Inside the Lass home, Joy questions Reggie about a missing television. Joy tells Reggie that she's not getting any extra attention by acting out over George's death.

George notes that she somehow needs to find a way to both take souls and make money.

Betty and Mason are in a car, doing a questionnaire. Betty is mostly filling in Mason's answers. Mason exits the car, with George's kitchen knife. After banging on a door, four gunshots are fired, a limping man runs out of the building, and Mason gives chase, brandishing the knife. Mason wants a bag the man is carrying. A man from the building shoots the running man, while Mason tackles the man and takes his soul. The shooter shoots Mason in the head, who runs away with the bag. The man's ghost is confused, and Betty starts doing a questionnaire on him.

Fourteen hundred dollars later.

At Der Waffle Haus restaurant, Betty, Mason, Roxie and Rube are eating. Roxie explains that she couldn't get a human on the phone about her banking. Mason notes that computers are taking over the world. George arrives, and Rube addresses his concerns over George's latest visit to the Lass home. Rube threatens George if she does it again. All the reapers leave after Rube gives them all assignments. Roxie is left with the chore of chaperoning George for her reap.

George returns to the gas station, this time in Roxie's tow. There are now protestors, cops, on-lookers, news-reporters, and a live bear trap. Dora has been sedated, and is going to be moved when the sedatives take affect. Roxie suggests that the parking brake on a truck fails, causing the truck to roll into a gas pump, which will receive sparks from an antennae. George suggests the man in the cage with the live bear. Roxie's target is V. Kostakovich. George exits the car, and reveals that news reporter Bill Bright is actually Kostakovich. Dora escapes, and George takes Kostakovich's soul. Kostakovich is standing on some cables, giving a live broadcast, when Dora starts roaring. Kostakovich is scared, urinates, and is electrocuted from the wires below. George decides that was probably the last straw for Dora, who is now going to be put down violently. A ranger tries to shoot Dora, but George pushes the ranger, who misses. Dora escapes into the wild.

At the Lass home, Millie rings the doorbell, and is answered by Reggie. Joy arrives, and tells Reggie to leave. Joy asks Millie to leave.

In George's vision: George reminds Joy of younger-George's imaginary friend, who Joy wrote a story about. Joy gets very happy and sad when she realizes her oldest daughter is alive, as Millie.

In reality: Millie stumbles over her words, which angers Joy. Joy yells at Millie, who runs away. Roxie arrives, and gives the tearful George a lift to Der Waffle Haus.

At Der Waffle Haus, George confesses to Rube that she went home again. Rube accepts this, and hopes that George will continue to be his reaper. George nods, realizing that all she has is past experiences, and not very many.

The photographs are being printed out.