Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 3

Curious George

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2003 on Showtime

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  • A tearful time for George as she goes home.

    What I liked about this episode was how George, who as you may know can't be seen in her natural form, tries to communicate with her family with disastorous consequences and by the end of the episode, she is breaking down, and tells Rube what she did, and he advises her that time will heal. We also get a glimpse into Betty's death (she digs up her corpse to get a ring) and their friendship begins to really develop. The Lass's in the meantime are having their first family portrait since the death of George, which Reggie is not pleased about.
  • George goes home

    Another excellent Dead Like Me episode where George and the audience learn more about the reapers.

    The comedy is still very high and so is the dialog.

    It begins with some crazy group trying to save a bear but the bear is what will kill them, later in the episode the story goes back to the bear where a newsguy is killed by fear after urinating and gets electrocuted.

    It’s mostly awesome for George’s character development, she goes back home and lays on her bed and tries to leave something behind for her sister. Rube is naturally pissed off, the second time she goes back she sees Joy and talks to her but Joy is very upset and makes her run like a little b!tch.

    We also see more of the other reapers, Roxy and George have a very sweet moment, George tries to bond with Betty (she can’t bond with anyone at her vert strange work) and Mason ofcourse who keeps being completely mad and steals money and such.

    The episode was very successful and fun. We see more of Reggie who continues to turn into George and miss off her mom.

    The episode was very sweet and they continued the storyline about life and death. It was a very fun, fresh episode and easy to the brain.
  • Curious George

    Curious George was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dead Like Me. I thought this was a very touching and emotional episode as George defied Rube and went back home more than once. I really enjoyed watching scenes with Roxy as she defended getting a parrot as a friend, and she consoled George after an emotional encounter with her mother. There were some really cool scenes and editing that made this episode move along with anticipation and captivation. I liked seeing Betty go back to her grave for a jewel of the past. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!