Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 10

Death Defying

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2004 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Flashback: Clancy, young George, and Joy are flying a kite in a park.

George gets caught in the bushes outside the country club, looking for Trip. George is upset that Trip hasn't called or tried to reach her in days.

At Der Waffle Haus, George confesses to Daisy and Mason that she's stalking Trip. Daisy reveals she previously had a male stalker, who used to leave Daisy birds and flowers, who Daisy scared away by stabbing him in the leg. Daisy notes that Mason's stalking Daisy. Kiffany takes George's order. Roxie arrives, and asks George why she's stalking someone. George pretends she's not stalking. Mason asks George about Trip, and George pretends nothing happened. Roxie has Rube's datebook, and hands out assignments to Daisy and George. Mason asks why Roxie is filling in for Rube, and Roxie reveals Rube has left. George takes Rube's absence personally. Mason takes the datebook, and decides he wants to be Rube. Roxie threatens Mason, and Mason returns Rube's datebook. Roxie tells the reapers that they must file paperwork on each reap. George asks where Rube went, and Roxie cites personal business. George complains. Kiffany brings over George's oatmeal, and George says no. George leaves. Roxie tells Mason to help George with her reap. Mason asks where Rube went. Roxie notes Rube has secrets.

Rube goes to a records office and meets a boy named Joey. Joey tells Rube to take a number. Rube is looking for a certificate or license of woman, and Joey explains that he's not in charge of records. Rube convinces Joey to help, and Joey tells Rube that he can use the computer to search. Rube's non-affinity for computers is again brought to light.

At the Lass House, Reggie is preparing to spend a night with Clancy. Joy gets her groceries delivered. Joy leaves to get money. Reggie scares the delivery boy Vance, by suggesting that Joy murdered George in the living room.

At Happy Time, Millie is getting upset at seeing all the people partnering up, including Crystal. Millie tries talking to Delores about Trip. Delores is distracted, by a message on her computer that she believes to be explicit. Millie points out that the sender probably just wants to meet Delores' cat. Delores reveals she has a date with her E-Friend that evening, at the Renaissance fair. Millie decides she has a doctor's appointment, and leaves.

Joy is on the phone, asking Clancy to pick up Reggie early, citing Joy's exercise class. Reggie notes that Joy doesn't exercise, and Joy reveals she has a date.

George and Mason are in a crowd on a rooftop. A man, Icarus Jones, is performing a dare-devil stunt for the cameras and the crowd. The stunt is Icarus jumping off the building, and landing on a mattress. George takes Icarus' soul, pre-stunt. A graveling wakes two homeless men, who move the mattress. Icarus lands on the ground and dies. The crowd on the roof seem upset. Ghost Icarus seems really happy. George gets angry and starts yelling at Icarus.

In the records' office, Rube searches for a Lucy Sofer, and gets thousands of results. Joey explains that it's national records. Joey suggests Rube could look through the boxes in the archive, to find information on the local Lucy Sofer, Rube's query.

Clancy is at the Lass house, picking up Reggie. Joy asks spitefully about Charlotte. Clancy realizes Joy is going on a date, and pretends to receive a call from work. Joy looks really angry. Reggie decides to stay with her grandmother.

Daisy is at a bar, and gets approached by Ray Summers. Daisy finds her target, Buddy Briggs, and takes his soul. A graveling interferes in an arm-wrestling competition between a man and Buddy. Buddy spontaneously combusts. Daisy is surprised.

Angelo arrives at the Lass house. Joy explains how Clancy didn't take Reggie, and tries to cancel the date. Angelo suggests bringing Reggie with them. Reggie agrees.

In the archives, Joey finds a birth certificate for Rose Sofer, Lucy's daughter. The certificate reveals Rube to be Rose's father.

At the bar, Ray begins talking to Daisy again. Ray buys Daisy a drink. George and Mason arrive, and Daisy leaves to join them. George orders a lot of beers. Daisy notes that the strange smell is Buddy. Ray approaches the group, and George starts acting rude to Ray. Daisy introduces the reapers to Ray. Mason pulls Daisy away, and notes that George is acting strangely. Mason also notes his concern over Ray. Daisy leaves, and Mason decides to get hammered.

Angelo, and Reggie are flying a kite in a park. Reggie is sitting on a blanket, drinking wine.

Flashback: Young George lets go of the kite, and it sails into the ground.

George is playing darts, and Ray is talking to her. Ray lists the five reasons why men are mean to girls.

At the Lass house, Angelo gives Joy a sketch he drew of her. Joy turns on some music and starts kissing Angelo.

Mason beats Ray in a game of pool. A man tries to take away the pool table, and Ray clubs the man with a pool cue.

Rube has found the death certificate of Lucy. Joey has found a box with Lucy's name on it, and also a Wanted poster with a sketch of Rube on it. Daisy drags George onto the stage, and George starts improv-kareoking a country song. Daisy tries to get a job acting for Ray.

George and Mason leave. In the street, Mason suggests petty vandalism to make George feel better. George, filled with tequila, throws a rock at a window, and starts attacking a pair of bride-groom mannequins. Cops arrive quickly.

George is taken to a holding cell. Roxie arrives, and gives George a quarter.

Angelo asks about a picture of George, and Joy explains. Angelo leaves.

Delores arrives in medieval garb, to bail out Millie.

Daisy and Ray are in a car, kissing.

Roxie and Rube are in Der Waffle Haus. Roxie leaves as George arrives. Rube gives George a post-it and leaves. George notes that she is a grim reaper.