Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 10

Death Defying

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2004 on Showtime

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  • A very good episode of an even better series.

    This is one of the better episodes of Dead Like Me, though they are all consistently great. One of my favorite characters, Rube is developed quite a lot in this episode. He and the viewers learn a lot about his past as he goes on a quest to learn about his son. George is upset about Trip and is in a rage throughout this episode. She is very funny flipping people off and not caring about anything. Also, it becomes even more evident how Mason is in love with Daisy in this episode as she is flirting with another guy. Also, the scenes with George’s family in this episode are actually very good. Usually, they are the most boring, but I enjoyed all of them in this episode.
  • Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me. no more.

    Another very sweet episode.

    In this episode George is upset because her boyfriend who she slept with doesn't call her back, she gets so bad that she even begins to hate men because of it. Then she breaks a window and is caught by the police and taken to jail, where Deloris is the one who picks her up and gives her a nice pep-talk. I really love the band between those two girls.

    Meanwhile Rube left and leaves Roxy in charge, he went to look for certificates of someone he knew. She seems to be his daughter.

    Daisy's character begins to have more depth in this episode, I love how she's hard to get. This time she meets a guy named Ray who everyone hates but they seem to like each other, we get to see more of him later this season and he turns to be a complete jerk.

    The best storylines these episode are from George's family, Joy is trying to look for someone but Reggie doesn't want her to. Joy's friend Angelo comes by and they have a great time, even Reggie likes him. Clancy also makes an appereance but he seems to want to get together, but that's a different story with Joy as she wants to move on and still thinks Clancy is a bad husband. Sadly when Angelo and Joy start to get it on he leaves her because he doesn't want to get to close to the dead daughter, to bad it was never explained on why he didn't want to hook up with Joy.

    The episode was great, I loved the flashbacks although George is a big pain in the ass this time.
  • For once the Lass family has the funniest scenes in an episode.

    After a run of great episodes, "Death Defying" is a bland affair, which takes too long getting to rather obvious conclusions by not very interesting ways.

    George is in a bad mood after breaking up with Trip and claims a gold medal in overreaction for the sake of 'drama', smashing up a bridal shop.

    Rube searches for the woman he sent a package to a long time ago but the scenes in the record office go on to long. Daisy meets a TV producer at a bar, making Mason jealous. The flirting takes up far too much screen time than it should.

    In a complete contrast to what we're used to, all the best scenes are with the Lass family. Clancy's deduction that Joy is going on a date followed by his childish attempts to ruin her plans are played to perfection. And at last there seems to be a genuine affection between Reggie and Joy.
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