Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 10

Death Defying

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2004 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Rube's full name is revealed to be "Rube John Sofer". He was 49 in 1925, lived in Englewood, New Jersey, and was wanted for Bank Robbery. His wife was named Lucy Sonia Debrouski, was 24 in 1925, and came from Czechoslovakia. They had a daughter born on March 18th 1925, named Rose Anne Sofer. Lucy is confirmed as being dead.

    • Featured Deaths:
      - A jackass style stunt guy throws himself off a multi-storey car park (soul taken by George)
      - An arm wrestler dies from spontaneous combustion (soul taken by Daisy)

    • When Rube tries to search for his daughter on the computer, a video game the boy was playing is still running. The game is 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. The sound effects used in the show are very different than the effects used in the game.

    • As Ray puts the balls on the pool table, the balls change in each shot.

    • Rube's last name of "Sofer" doesn't match the spelling of his daughter's name on the letter recieved a few episodes ago, which was "Rosie Stofer", with a "t". Almost makes you think it ended up sent back because of a typo!

    • The beer bottles George is drinking out of in the bar are empty.

  • Quotes

    • Mason: I would have stalked you Daisy, I would have stalked you.
      Daisy: What is it that you're doing now?
      Mason: Please, come on, I'm not stalking you. I'm persistent.

    • Roxy: You know, George, men have made me act crazy too. I mean, if you haven't bought a gun or a pick-axe at some point it isn't a real relationship.

    • George (V/O): This is my perspective. I am a Grim Reaper. I take souls. I do not go to prom. I do not live happily ever after. This is who I am. Anyone got a problem with that?

    • Mason: And I hope one of those is for me.
      George: Nope!!

    • Mason: I-Is that for us?
      George: I believe it is.
      Mason: That is really impolite!!

    • I. Jones (talking to an audiance... about to die): Now, I have a little message for any grim-reapers out there in the audiance. I realize it must be so frustrating going home empty handed.
      George: This is some weeeeeeeird shit.
      Mason: True words Georgie, true words.

    • Ray: Hi, I'm Ray
      George: Fuck you, Ray

    • Ray: OK George, 5 reasons men are scum and women let us get away with it. One, we only want one thing, no exceptions. Two, we fall in love with you before we can have that thing and then fall back out once we've had it ... whereas women conversely fall in love afterwards. Three, we will lie, cheat, steal or murder in order to get that thing ... why am I sugarcoating this? You're a big girl ... in order to f*** you. Four, we freely admit the numbers 1 through 3 and women don't care. And the number Five reason why men are scum and women let us get away with it ... you can't live without us.

    • Rube: I don't envy you Joey, you live in a world with 12,000 menus and not a thing you can eat.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The guy who jumps off the building has the name "Icarus" on the back of his shirt. This is a reference to a story in Greek mythology about a man named Icarus who tried to fly with wax wings, but dawdled and flew too close to the sun. His wings melted, and he plunged into the sea, much like "Icarus" into the cement.

    • Daisy: I am looking for a Mr. or Mrs. B. Briggs.

      "Buddy Briggs" is awfully close to "Bobby Briggs", a character from 'Twin Peaks'. Interestingly, in 'Twin Peaks' the death of a girl is also the beginning of the series.

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