Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 12

Forget Me Not

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Shock ending!

    What an ending! Shocking, unexpexted and leaves you with a lot of questions.

    There is more to this episode than the ending though. The plotline with the senile woman is funny, without making fun of or patronising. George has to reap an old woman in a hospital. The problem is her soul doesn't realise she is dead. The black and white silent montage of the reapers trying to convince the old lady she is dead is great. We also get to meet another reaper (played by Yeardely Smith from The Simpsons), who knows Rube of old. I like seing the show expand it's own mythology.

    Daisy and Mason goes to a reap at a boxing gym, Ray comes along and he and Mason ends up in the ring slugging it out. And finally Daisy sees Ray for the a**hole he is and dumps him. Later when Mason and Daisy returns home Ray is there waiting for them, he attacks Daisy and Mason hits him over the head with a tray.

    It's an ending that leaves you with a lot of intriguing questions. Is this how Graveling are created? What does the lack of post-it mean? And why does Daisy say she has seen it happend before?
  • A good indication of where the show might have gone.

    Rewatching this episode of Dead Like Me is both enthralling and disappointing because it really gives the viewer an idea of the potential of the show. It delves deeper into a couple of the important structures of the DLM universe, giving a glimpse of the wider reaper world (seen a little bit in past episodes with the animal reaper boy) and an explanation for how gravelings come about. The possibilities for these tidbits of information are endless, but it's unfortunate that fans of the show never really got a chance to see where it could go.

    The episode also shows the journey of Reggie to learn more about her sister. The viewer continues to discover just how similar the two are, a fact which neither George nor Reggie really realizes.
  • The closest Joy Lass has been to her daughter since the death.

    We've spent a season and a half watching one show with two story lines that almost never meet.
    Well, only through the narration.

    So now, when Joy walked into HappyTime and talked to Delores, it was really exciting. She didn't even meet George, but it was still great.

    The other thing that happened in this episode was the birth of a new graveling.
    The way I understood it, it was created because a reaper killed, taking a soul before its time.
    What isn't clear is will this soul remain a graveling forever, or will it move on when its time will eventually come.

    Plus, are graylings evil? Should Mason beat himself up for unleashing another one on the world? They only serve death, and I don't think death is portrayed as evil on DLM.
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