Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 3

Ghost Story

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2004 on Showtime

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  • George is a stray cat

    Another good episode but not entire up to season 1 standards. The episode is mostly about George who is dealing with being the one who doesn’t participate with anything and simply just wants to be left alone. She was taught that way since she was little, never to participate on activities. Deloris wants her to go on a camping trip but George doesn’t want to until she realised she has to. AT first she mocks everyone but that’s until she begins to talk about herself and explain her actions. She sees herself as a stray cat, black one who is always mocking everyone and wouldn’t be able to be pet. That’s the most touching of the episode, so do I feel sometimes and it touched me. Also Mason was dealing with loosing a post-it and now he didn’t know who to reap, I don’t get why he pretended not to know who the person was. I loved his chemistry with Daisy and them having fun together, but she is the one that tells him to reap the person and so he does, a woman who dies.

    Other people who die in this episode are two girls that were reaped by Daisy and George and a man reaped by George who gets shot. Rube comes to company them and tells the camp a ghost story which was all very pretty and emotional. The Joy/Reggie storylines were that Joy tries very hard to gain Reggies respect but she does it all wrong and instead they can’t get along. The episode was emotional and had plenty of good scenes, but the comedy felt a little forced at times and the episode felt as if it didn’t want to go anywhere, but at least the comedy wasn’t as stupid as in the past two episodes.