Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 3

Ghost Story

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2004 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • When the fairy tale book is opened at the start of the episode, the words on the page do not match the words George says (although they may well match Rube's telling of the story, it is hard to be certain).

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Two women at the gym (souls taken by George and Daisy)
      - The man in the woods (soul taken by George)
      - A woman shot by a gun in the valley (soul taken by Mason)
      - A man in the club (soul taken by Daisy)

    • When Daisy is drunk, she takes a post-it off the center of her chest but in the next scene it is there again.

    • George says that crabs are not animals and that they are crustations. In fact, all crustaceans are animals. Animals include crustaceans, mammals, amphibians, microvertebrate, etc. The writer must have been thinking of crabs not being mammals instead.

    • In this episode, Daisy and Mason find a closet full of post-its. In the previous episode, Crystal has the exact same thing, a closet full of post-its that she stole from the Happy Time office. This is yet another possibility that Crystal could be a reaper. Many fans believed this during the show's run and it stayed a mystery forever.

    • In the previous episode, the realtor states that the couples are always having a tour of the house when the family is away, because it's too strange for the family to see others going through their stuff. Then why are the couple in this episode viewing the house together with Reggie and Joy?

    • Delores told George that she was born in the Year of the Cat. There is no cat in the Chinese zodiac. The closest thing is the Year of the Tiger.

    • I think one of the many themes of the show is fate. So for every incident were a death has resulted from a reapers action or presence might not be a "goof" but an underlined statement about destiny. If each reaper is assigned a specific person they must be destined to be a part of their death (except the ones they have no control over for example the window washer falling from the building in the first season).

    • If Mason didn't lose the post-it, the lady would not have been at that location; therefore would not have died there, or even that day.

    • I think it is safe to say the writers knew perfectly well the logical conundrum thrown up by Mason's Post-it loss. One probably shouldn't confuse a metaphysically puzzle (or perhaps even joke) with a goof.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: I think that we should all get to know, Todd the Crab.
      Delores: Woo Hoo!
      George (V/O): I bet Todd has crabs.

    • George: Did you go to the gym when you were alive?
      Daisy: I died in 1938, for exercise we drank sloe gin and smoked Lucky Strikes.

    • George as Millie: I'm sorry. A crab is an animal. It's a big, furry, warm blooded beast that sleeps in cocktail souse.

    • Rube: It's Delores, right?
      Delores: Right, and you're Rube.
      Rube: I am.
      Delores: Is that a first name or a last name?
      Rube: Just Rube.
      Delores: Like Cher.
      Rube: Like Houdini.
      Delores: Love Houdini. Wouldn't it be fun to see him?
      George (V/O): (in her mind) See him? Rube probably reaped him.

    • Greg: OK, everybody. If you could be an animal, any animal, what animal would you choose to be? (pause) Delores, would you like to go first?
      Delores: Oh I'd like to go last if you don't mind.
      Greg: Oh, I think that would be appropriate.
      Delores: Thanks, Greg.
      Greg: Millie, what about you?
      George as Millie: I think I'll go right before Delores.
      Greg: Do you think that's appropriate?
      George as Millie: (in her mind) Who gives a shit? (now loud to everybody) I really do, Greg.

    • Roxy: (to George) I just don't understand why you want that frosty tennis bitch to be your mom.

    • Realtor: (on the phone, leaving the room) The only mold in that house is between her ears.

    • Rube: I trust you will be fine without me. And by that I mean try not to F*** up. And by F*** up, of course I mean Mason.

    • George (V/O): I swore if she told me she went in a litter box I was gonna leave her on the side of the road.

    • George: (licks her finger and holds it up) Feel that? That's the IQ falling.

    • Greg: Don't you want to be at one with nature and your fellow workers?
      George: Nope, can't. bed-wetter.

    • George: Why retreat at all? Who's attacking us?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Daisy mentiones that she use to smoke Lucky Strikes and drink sloe gin. Lucky Strikes brand of cigarettes was created by R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virgina in 1871. The cigarettes became widley popular in the early 1900s. Sloe gin is a red colored liquer that is made from sloe berries and plums, it has a alcohol content between 15 to 30 percent by volume.

    • Rube: The long ghost story.

      Rube's ghost story is an elaboration on an excerpt from Thoreau's Walden. In Chapter 18 "Conclusion," Thoreau writes: There is a solid bottom everywhere. We read that the traveler asked the boy if the swamp before him had a hard bottom. The boy replied that it had. But presently the traveler's horse sank in up to the girths, and he observed to the boy, "I thought you said that this bog had a hard bottom." "So it has," answered the latter, "but you have not got half way to it yet." So it is with the bogs and quicksands of society; but he is an old boy that knows it.

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