Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2004 on Showtime

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  • A terrific conclusion to a wonderful series.

    I can't imagine a better series finale for this wonderful show. It seems fitting at the show concludes on Halloween. Though there are some unanswered questions that left the audience speculating (does Reggie see Georgia or Millie at the end? Are Crystal and Kiffany reapers or other supernatural beings?), the overall tone of the episode, for me, seemed to return to the more classic episodes of Season 1 and even early Season 2, when the focus was on the reapers and the family dynamic, and not so much the back-story and weird personal relationships/situations the reapers got into (i.e. Ray, Tripp, etc) that came in mid-late Season 2. I also really liked the serial killer storyline that brought together all the reapers for sort of one large reap. Personally, I like it when they are able to almost work together. Though, the way the serial killer went about his business was a little improbable (he literally walked into most of those houses, even the ones where people were suspicious of the reapers about two seconds beforehand), it worked well overall. It was also interesting that it tied back to an experience that George had as a child and that she was the one who reaped him in the end.

    Overall, a terrific episode, reminiscent of earlier DLM episodes, and a good way to say goodbye to the characters I've grown to love over two seasons.
  • Why I hate television networks.

    I know it's 2007 but I just now finished watching season two of Dead Like Me. I fell in love with this show while in Iraq and was saddened and angry to find out that it was a cancelled show. I then found out that there was a season two that I was completely unaware of. This gave me 15 more episodes to enjoy before again coming to the reality that I was watching a cancelled show.

    Now I await for the movie to be released. I hear that if the 'made for DVD' movie does well, the show might make a return to television. Well I plan to do my part and introduce this show to as many people as possible.

    Overall I love this show and I can only hope that there are still enough fans to bring it back from the dead.
  • The last time we'll ever see a reap

    The series finale. This episode was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes during the show's entire run. This episode really hit the plot on the head, loved every minute of it. It was a more interesting plot compared to the previous episodes and I thought the actors gave it all they had. However, the only thing that ticked me off was that we don't know how the serial killer died. I was desperate to know, cause I hate it when they leave you hanging like that.

    But all in all, it was the perfect ending for the series. The scene where Reggie wakes up and (possibly?) sees George just as she walks away was the best send off possible.
  • The final episode of Dead Like Me.

    I think it's really stupid that Dead Like Me was cancelled after only 2 seasons, but this final episode somewhat makes up for it. I had heard a lot of good things about this episode, and believe me, they're all true. This is the perfect way to top of this amazing series. The last few minutes of this episode are some of the best minutes of television ever.

    I love the fact that the ending was a happy one. Well actually, it wasn't so much happy as hopeful and mysterious. But, one thing I didn't like about this episode, is that it left quite a few unanswered questions. But for a show with so many great episodes, this was definately a great final episode.
  • Can’t believe they cancelled this show!

    But for a show finale it leaves me as happy as I can be with a show that I want to see more of.

    The Halloween settings takes the by now familiar world of reapers into a new depth making the characters more focused, more the consensus of themselves. The episode is sprinkled with the flashbacks that make this show the masterpiece it is. As George walks the same Trick or treat neighborhood as she did as a child the flashbacks are an even more natural part of the story.

    As usual the episode leaves you hungry for more, quadrupled by the knowledge that there will be no more installments.
  • The Grand Finale that left us hanging :(

    I am a little lit up down under about them ending the series. Why????? They were just getting to really develop the characters. I will never understand why such good things have to come to a end?????? George was getting sexier every episode. Rude\'s history was really getting interesting and Mason and Daisy seemed like they were just about to get it on FINALLY. UURRGGG. Does anybody else think that Reggie also would have been a good reaper? That is one discussion we could have had if they wouldn\'t have CUT US OFF. Oh well Dolores Herbig that\'s a funny name. They almost got into her character more then some of the more important ones. :(
  • In the series finale, the guys are very busy because it's Halloween. For me, this is a perfect finale, but the show should have been renewed for another season. I guess some things will stay unrevealed forever.

    In the series finale, the guys are busy with reaping on Halloween, one of the busiest days for reapers. After some great stories during this season, this episode is kinda different than the rest of the episodes. It councludes some of the stories, but some stay unresolved forever.

    George reaps a serial killer, a person she knew from her past, since she was a child. Mason is still the same old Mason - he's stealing candy from children, and when he finds out he has to reap a sick child, he might change his mind about some stuffs. After being sad in a couple of previous episodes, Daisy is more relaxed. Roxy is still the same old Roxy, and Rube is the one that changed a lot, mostly because what happened in the previous episode.

    I think this is a great material for a season finale, but this show never had a chance to develop more. The end is veeeeery good, but we will never know what happened later. The writers for the show are really good, and I believe the show would become much more successful in the future, but SHOWTIME decided it's time to end the show.

    I guess there's nothing more to say than conclude this review with George's monologue:

    George: I always thought I loved Halloween because I got to look behind all those closed doors. But now I see that it's because I was painted with something darker. That I was meant to see the dark... And through the dark. I'm not supposed to be here, but I am. I don't know if I am supposed to watch over them or just haunt them. Either way I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having fun. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be here, walking through a graveyard on the day after Halloween, on a quiet and beautiful November morning. It's not so bad... being Dead Like Me.
  • A Proper Ending.

    It wasn't the best episode of the series, but it did what plenty of shows never do: ended well. The show's demise was premature and unfounded, yet the final episode retained the series' integrity in its ability to wrap things up. Mainly, Georgia finally accepted her death and was moving forward. Even though "Dead Like Me" is gone, the dignified way in which it ended makes me hope some executive will see it and bring it back, because there were plenty of other stories to be told with those characters.
  • An outstanding finale for a splendid series. Many shows go through their entire network runs without ever reaching these heights.

    This episode had all of the elements that made the entire series so enjoyable. Dark humor, pathos, sharp dialogue, good acting, character development right up until the bitter(sweet) end. It couldn't have been any more appropriate for the last episode to be set on Halloween. Through two seasons, there were some great episodes and some not so great. Thankfully, the series ended on one of the best. It might have been nice if the series had continued another season or two, but there's no telling if the quality might have eventually slipped. As it is, the show never jumped the shark. Pity some characters were barely given any screen time, though. As the episode focused on the reapers, Delores and Crystal each had only a few seconds and even Rube only got two scenes.
  • the end?

    this is once again a brill episode with chills and spills (littrealy)with a scerial killer on the lose the reapers have enough to worry about without the added worry of the fact that people can see them for who they truely are and i cant believe that the owners believe that they should stop making this ground breaking series.
  • 'Haunted' is the gripping finale of season 2 of "Dead Like Me" as it goes out with a bang. It's a busy day for reapers as a serial killer stalks the city and the gang discuss the superstition that the living can see them at Hallowe'en.

    'Haunted' is the gripping finale of season 2 of "Dead Like Me" as it goes out with a bang. It's a busy day for reapers as a serial killer stalks the city and the gang discuss the superstition that the living can see them at Hallowe'en. The Serial Killer has an unexpected connection with George. All of the Killer's victims die 59 minutes past the hour. Joy and Reggie decide not to celebrate Hallowe'en this year, instead they celebrate La duelos Muerchos (the mexican "Day of the Dead")They visit George's grave and light candles to celebrate her life and death (Reggie's idea,before you ask) All in all a truely magnificent ending to a truely great series.

    P.S. Let's hope we this isn't the last we see of Georgia Lass