Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Why I hate television networks.

    I know it's 2007 but I just now finished watching season two of Dead Like Me. I fell in love with this show while in Iraq and was saddened and angry to find out that it was a cancelled show. I then found out that there was a season two that I was completely unaware of. This gave me 15 more episodes to enjoy before again coming to the reality that I was watching a cancelled show.

    Now I await for the movie to be released. I hear that if the 'made for DVD' movie does well, the show might make a return to television. Well I plan to do my part and introduce this show to as many people as possible.

    Overall I love this show and I can only hope that there are still enough fans to bring it back from the dead.