Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2004 on Showtime
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Happy Time has a time-and-motion analyst in and Delores wants George to be on full alert. Daisy goes speed dating to take a soul from a man. Mason tracks a friend to reap him, while George and Roxy's reaps have very different reactions to their demise. Meanwhile, Rube queues patiently for a letter - which breaks his heart.moreless

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  • The best episode of season two.

    I think that this was my favorite episode of both seasons. George struggles with her job at Happy Times while her family adjusts to life as part of a divorced family. We got to see each character deal with some personal demons , including Roxy learning some tricks from a zen-like airport security guard and Mason actually do some hard work. They are all entertaining stories, as high quality as ever from the series, but the additional ones are the best it has to offer. Rube was great in the post office scenes, especially with the line-cutter. His storyline is also furthered by the mysterious package. But my favorite scene is by far Daisy on the rooftop. I won't say more but I'm moved by it every single time.moreless
  • This was an amazing episode.

    I'm new to this series, mostly new anyway, and with each passing episode I feel more and more sad that it has only two seasons. This episode was truly amazing. everything made sense and every character had a substantial enough story to hold my attention. The theme carrying through each story is what really made it wonderful, what made it truly stand out. I haven't noticed it being done that well in any other episode so far.

    All in all in that was what I had to say. It was just remarkable that everything fit and everyone had something to do.

    Great episode.moreless
  • This is yet another great episode of this consistent series.

    Dead Like Me has to be one of the most consistent series' I have ever watched. To this point in the series there has only been one bad episode. The rest of them are near flawless, as is this one. This episode, like most others, as a theme throughout. The theme in 'Hurry' is the people are always going to fast in life and thinking of the future. All of the characters storylines intertwine beautifully as usual making this a very enjoyable hour of TV to watch. The bit with Mason struggling to ride a bike is comedic gold and will make you laugh like crazy. Also, Rube yelling at the cutter in line provides a chuckle. That is what is great about the character Rube, he says it like it is. Dead Like Me is a brilliant series and this episode easily demonstrates that fact.moreless
  • It's good to hurry

    Season 2 continues to pick up with yet another fabulous episode called 'Hurry' dealing with George never being on time when she was alive, well, gotta say I am not that far from being her as I am never ontime at anything, this episode really makes you appreciate time.

    George deals with her work as someone is inspecting her she tries to do her very best and turns out to be one of the best in her office while everyone else gets critics. The use of time is extremely well used and the last guy she reaps at the end had one of the best and shocking deaths of the show when he's hit by a bus.

    The other characters also get their own storylines.

    Rube goes to a bank where he gets a nasty letter back from a long time ago with money in it, that scene was quite sad Rube had never been so depressed before, he was always the strong anti emotions one but that changed fater this. Meanwhile Roxy also learns how to be more intact with her emotions, she meets a cop who tells her how to be more patient, she also takes the soul of an annoying french woman who had a killer death.

    Meanwhile Mason is once again the funny part of the episode with his silly bike and reaping a guy who was quite fast.

    Joy and Reggie continue their bad mother/daughter relationship, Joy signs her devorces and really win my respect while Reggie was this time the one who was wrong, I understand that she does not like her outfit but sometimes she is a huge bitca to her mom.

    The most enjoyable storyline was Daisy as she reaped a man who never felt noticed and lied by women, Daisy does and shows a little bit of insecurity herself.

    This episode had plenty of character development and humor, it was pretty much perfect,moreless
  • A hugeley enjoyable episode.

    This is fairly light weight episode even for Dead Like Me but it's still very enjoyable though.

    The lightness of the episode does effectivley spotlight two very emotional scenes, though. Rube's distress over the returned letter for his daughter is painfully underplayed by Mandy Patinkin, while Daisy's heartfelt conversation with the rejected speed dater is very touching. The double-take reveal of his death is also very effective.

    On the lighter side, Rubes deflation of a queue jumper is a wonderfull "Falling Down" moment ("Is everyone in this line an ****? No? Just you then."), and a super-efficient George is quite frankly scary. George asking what her time going to the loo was, is hilarious.

    The Roxy and Mason plotlines are both thin almost to the point of pointlessness. Even though Mason is always entertaining.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In this episode we learn that Daisy reaped one of the Andrews Sisters though she can't remember which one (it can't be Patty, she was still alive in 2004) and Rube reaped Amelia Earhart.

    • Featured Deaths:
      - A woman is crushed by luggage at an airport (soul taken by Roxy)
      - A speed dater throws himself from a rooftop (soul taken by Daisy)
      - A cyclist crashes into the back of a car (soul taken by Mason)
      - An impatient guy gets hit by a bus (soul taken by George)

    • Inside Rube's dead mail are some 1928 $100 gold certificates and 1928 $50 silver certificates. You can tell by the size of the money, as well as the overall design.

    • The man who dies in the end is named M. Hart. His license plate reads: HART ATTK.

    • After Roxy and Daisy sing the theme song of Mercury Messengers, Rube says "it's a little early for the Andrew Sisters." The Andrew Sisters were actually a sister trio. Even though there was a short period of time, younger sister Patty went solo, and LaVerne and Maxene continued as a Duo. During their career they sold loads of records, featured in Movies and during World War II, they entertained the Allied Forces.

    • In the beginning of the episode we see M. Hart, George' reap, stuck in traffic. Behind Hart the Vancouver SkyTrain drives by. The Vancouver SkyTrain is very unique and is something that would never be found in Seattle.

    • Along with the messenger service being called Mercury Messengers, Mason's reap was Herman (very close to Hermes). Hermes is the Greek equivalent to the Latin Mercury. This ties into the theme of the episode which is rushing and hurrying.

    • The messenger service is called "Mercury Messengers and Copy Service Ltd." Mercury is the g-d of trade and commerce, and is closely related to Hermes, a messengery.

    • A frame-by-frame look at this episode reveals that Rube's dead mail is postmarked 1927, yet the currency inside consists of $50 silver and $100 gold certificates from 1928(They were made to match the new 1928 smaller size federal bank notes).

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (A woman cuts in line at the post office)
      Rube: Afternoon ladies. Are you two old friends?
      Cutter: Eh, her daughter is in my son's class.
      Rube: I have a question for you. Is everyone in this line an a**hole?
      Cutter: Eh, excuse me?
      Rube: Is everyone you just cut in front of an a**hole?
      Cutter: Eh, no.
      Rube: So its just you then.
      Cutter: I have children in the car.
      Rube: I have a cake in the oven. He's got three minutes left on the meter, she's got a lunch meeting. We all have a finite amount of time. Now get in the back of the line. And don't use your children like that — it's shameful.
      Cutter: Ehh. (Goes to back of line)
      (Everyone in line claps)

    • Delores: Check it out Millie! Gollum at two o'clock. (George/Millie looks to her left That's ten o'clock! No wonder you're always late.

    • George: Sometimes off-color language is the most efficient way to convey an idea.
      George (V/O): As in, get the f*** away from my cubical.

    • Daisy: I never rush, if I see someone running I just assume they're a loser.
      George: Unless they're a runner.
      Daisy: Yeah, even then... especially then.

    • Joy: (to Clancy) You get to have our daughter on holiday when she opens presents, and I get her for the one when she throws up.

    • George (V/O): I heard it a million times while I was growing up "Hurry up, Georgia! Seize the day, Georgia!" And no matter how fast I went, I just kept falling behind. I just kept getting later and later. And the whole I was thinking "what's next?" I couldn't wait for "What's next?" Maybe people should just find one pretty spot and stay there. The funny thing is, when you die, everybody reffers to you as 'late.' But now I know that's the one thing that happens on time.

    • Daisy: Hi James.
      James: Hi Daisy.
      Daisy: What's your last name, James?
      James: Bond. James Bond.

    • (Daisy is on a dating game)
      Daisy: I smell an obsession with UFOs.
      Man: (smiles) I'm not obsessed with UFOs.
      Daisy: OK.
      Man: But I did come here with one. Big one!

    • Mason: Herm works for Mercury messengers and he used to get extra courier jobs at the side, if you know what I mean. (everybody looks at him) You know what I mean.

    • (George is trying to guess Mason's friend's name that starts with an H)
      George: Harry? Henry? Hank? Hoho? Horatio? That's all I've got.
      Mason: Herman.
      George: Shit.

    • Herm: (making a joke) Hey, Mason, what do you call a guy who hangs out with three musicians?
      Mason: I give up.
      Herm: A drummer.

    • Reggie: I don't want to wear glasses anymore.
      Joy: What?
      Reggie: Everyone calls me Harriet Potter. I don't like it.

    • Patrice: This is very incovenient.
      Roxy: Lady, you're dead.
      Patrice: Yes, and I'm sure there are many other people there to take my place.
      Roxy: C'est la vie.

    • A woman at the post office: (to a worker) I don't like these stamps. Do you have something else? I remember something with Amelia Earhart. I loved her.
      Rube: (whispering) I reaped her.

    • Mason: All right. I'll get there early. F*** the f***ing blueberry muffins.

    • (a flashback of Joy giving birth)
      Clancy: Is that you, Georgia? (waiting for the baby to be born)
      Joy: (to the baby) Get out!!!! Now!

    • Mason: I'll get there so f***ing early I'll reap him twice.

    • Georgia: (to Daisy) I'm already late for work. 20 minutes isn't gonna kill me. Again.

    • Delores: I'm gonna tell you something personal and in strictest confidence.
      Georgia as Millie: (voice over) Please, not anything about hygiene.
      Delores: I have a mole. (referring to a person)
      Georgia as Millie: (voice over) Eeww.
      George as Millie: (thinking it's a hygiene thing) Uggh. Is it cancerous?

    • Lawyer: Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, water?
      Joy: Divorce. To go.

    • George as Millie: (to a woman named Lydia on the phone) Hi Lydia! You've temp for them before. There is a dress code and your skirt needs to actually cover your ass. I don't care where your tattoo is. You cannot show crack at the office.

    • Jack (angry speed dater): All the women I know hate men!
      Daisy: No, they just hate you.
      Daisy (to man with ascot): A word about the ascot. You need to be really stylish or really rich to pull that off. (goes to whisper) Or are you gay?

    • Rube: Read 'em and reap.

    • Joy: Where are my f'ing keys?!
      Reggie: Try your f'ing purse
      Joy: Reggie! Don't say f'ing.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Reggie: They call me Harriet Potter.

      Harry Potter is a famous series of books written by J.K. Rowling. It's about a boy of the same name who learns, at the age of 11, that he is a wizard.

      It might also be referencing Harriet the Spy, which is about a 10 year old girl aspiring to be a writer and a spy.