Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Yet another perfect episode.

    I wasn't really feeling this episode in the first few minutes, it just seemed like an average episode. But by the end I realized this was one of my very favorites.

    An amazing thing about "Dead Like Me" is its ability to appear on the surface as just a comedy, yet when you actually pay attention it can really make you think and hit you with drama before you know what's going on.

    George's story was probably the least interesting one of this episode. While she's at Happy Time learning how to be time efficient, Rube is at the bank and ends up getting a mysterious and emotional dead letter from over eighty years ago, Mason is trying to find an old friend so he can reap him, Roxy reaps a hurried French lady at the airport, Daisy has to speed date in order to find her reap, and George's parents finalize the divorce.

    In the end, Daisy's story was the most powerful and I think I almost cried. The scene on the roof with the dead man had a lot of tangled and complicated emotions in it, and it helped to further Daisy's character development even more. She's quickly becoming one of my very favorite characters.

    I also think the story at George's old life is very emotional as well. You want the family to mend itself so badly, yet it feels like it's impossible for that to happen.

    This is one of those episodes that just...remind you of how incredible this show really is and to think that after just a few more, there is nothing's quite depressing.

  • A hugeley enjoyable episode.

    This is fairly light weight episode even for Dead Like Me but it's still very enjoyable though.

    The lightness of the episode does effectivley spotlight two very emotional scenes, though. Rube's distress over the returned letter for his daughter is painfully underplayed by Mandy Patinkin, while Daisy's heartfelt conversation with the rejected speed dater is very touching. The double-take reveal of his death is also very effective.

    On the lighter side, Rubes deflation of a queue jumper is a wonderfull "Falling Down" moment ("Is everyone in this line an ****? No? Just you then."), and a super-efficient George is quite frankly scary. George asking what her time going to the loo was, is hilarious.

    The Roxy and Mason plotlines are both thin almost to the point of pointlessness. Even though Mason is always entertaining.
  • It's good to hurry

    Season 2 continues to pick up with yet another fabulous episode called 'Hurry' dealing with George never being on time when she was alive, well, gotta say I am not that far from being her as I am never ontime at anything, this episode really makes you appreciate time.

    George deals with her work as someone is inspecting her she tries to do her very best and turns out to be one of the best in her office while everyone else gets critics. The use of time is extremely well used and the last guy she reaps at the end had one of the best and shocking deaths of the show when he's hit by a bus.

    The other characters also get their own storylines.
    Rube goes to a bank where he gets a nasty letter back from a long time ago with money in it, that scene was quite sad Rube had never been so depressed before, he was always the strong anti emotions one but that changed fater this. Meanwhile Roxy also learns how to be more intact with her emotions, she meets a cop who tells her how to be more patient, she also takes the soul of an annoying french woman who had a killer death.

    Meanwhile Mason is once again the funny part of the episode with his silly bike and reaping a guy who was quite fast.

    Joy and Reggie continue their bad mother/daughter relationship, Joy signs her devorces and really win my respect while Reggie was this time the one who was wrong, I understand that she does not like her outfit but sometimes she is a huge bitca to her mom.

    The most enjoyable storyline was Daisy as she reaped a man who never felt noticed and lied by women, Daisy does and shows a little bit of insecurity herself.

    This episode had plenty of character development and humor, it was pretty much perfect,
  • This is yet another great episode of this consistent series.

    Dead Like Me has to be one of the most consistent series' I have ever watched. To this point in the series there has only been one bad episode. The rest of them are near flawless, as is this one. This episode, like most others, as a theme throughout. The theme in 'Hurry' is the people are always going to fast in life and thinking of the future. All of the characters storylines intertwine beautifully as usual making this a very enjoyable hour of TV to watch. The bit with Mason struggling to ride a bike is comedic gold and will make you laugh like crazy. Also, Rube yelling at the cutter in line provides a chuckle. That is what is great about the character Rube, he says it like it is. Dead Like Me is a brilliant series and this episode easily demonstrates that fact.
  • This was an amazing episode.

    I'm new to this series, mostly new anyway, and with each passing episode I feel more and more sad that it has only two seasons. This episode was truly amazing. everything made sense and every character had a substantial enough story to hold my attention. The theme carrying through each story is what really made it wonderful, what made it truly stand out. I haven't noticed it being done that well in any other episode so far.

    All in all in that was what I had to say. It was just remarkable that everything fit and everyone had something to do.

    Great episode.
  • The best episode of season two.

    I think that this was my favorite episode of both seasons. George struggles with her job at Happy Times while her family adjusts to life as part of a divorced family. We got to see each character deal with some personal demons , including Roxy learning some tricks from a zen-like airport security guard and Mason actually do some hard work. They are all entertaining stories, as high quality as ever from the series, but the additional ones are the best it has to offer. Rube was great in the post office scenes, especially with the line-cutter. His storyline is also furthered by the mysterious package. But my favorite scene is by far Daisy on the rooftop. I won't say more but I'm moved by it every single time.