Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Yet another perfect episode.

    I wasn't really feeling this episode in the first few minutes, it just seemed like an average episode. But by the end I realized this was one of my very favorites.

    An amazing thing about "Dead Like Me" is its ability to appear on the surface as just a comedy, yet when you actually pay attention it can really make you think and hit you with drama before you know what's going on.

    George's story was probably the least interesting one of this episode. While she's at Happy Time learning how to be time efficient, Rube is at the bank and ends up getting a mysterious and emotional dead letter from over eighty years ago, Mason is trying to find an old friend so he can reap him, Roxy reaps a hurried French lady at the airport, Daisy has to speed date in order to find her reap, and George's parents finalize the divorce.

    In the end, Daisy's story was the most powerful and I think I almost cried. The scene on the roof with the dead man had a lot of tangled and complicated emotions in it, and it helped to further Daisy's character development even more. She's quickly becoming one of my very favorite characters.

    I also think the story at George's old life is very emotional as well. You want the family to mend itself so badly, yet it feels like it's impossible for that to happen.

    This is one of those episodes that just...remind you of how incredible this show really is and to think that after just a few more, there is nothing's quite depressing.

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