Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 6

In Escrow

Aired Unknown Aug 29, 2004 on Showtime
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George is given a new and hard responsibility at Happy Time, while Joy seems on the point of selling the house. Mason meets and reaps a hero from his youth, while Roxy tells Daisy that the relatives of the victim from which Daisy stole her cross want it back. Reggie is frightened by 'voices' after a babysitter abandons her - it makes her finally start talking to Joy about George.moreless

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  • This is a very funny episode of Dead Like Me.

    Dead Like Me just continues to impress me with this episode. Going into this series, I didn't expect that I'd like it much, but every episode has proven me wrong. The story about George's new position at Happy Time is hilarious and everyone can relate to it in some way. Having to choose the lesser of evils. Also, Mason has a pretty good showing in this episode. The interactions between him and his childhood hero are very touching and fun to watch. You would expect that a series about death would be depressing, but Dead Like Me covers a very dark topic with a bright and hilarious attitude. Truly brilliant. Recommended.moreless
  • Make a choice

    Another great episode this time about choice. Although I think the episode began sort of weak with overused and unfunny comedy, it soon went on it's feet and managed to mix depth with humor quite well.

    George's storyline was that she had to make a choice between some people to give them a job but she simply couldn't. Her storyline wasn't as great as in the previous ones and the farting guy wasn't exactly funny, but her scenes were still special, especially when she made a choice to make a first step and talking to a guy she liked.

    Mason's storyline was meating his idol but it wasn't like he remembered it, his idol killed himself with a drug overdose and the music he left behind did not sound as good as it did back in the day.

    Roxy wants Daisy to return a necklace she stole from an old woman but you know Daisy, ofcourse she doesn't give it back. Her character does develop a little bit by asking for penance as she is afraid of the church and what may happen if she does not get it.

    The more interesting storyline this time was Joy's, she is a very unhappy woman and things get more rough when she cannot buy a house she wants and when cops go to her house because of Reggie calling them, she heard noises and still believes it's George. The end of the episode was well done as a guy killed his colleagues and we get to see Deloris being sad and chocked for the first time. brilliant episode once again.moreless
  • An underachieving episode that doesn't quite reach the heights that the series is capable of.

    So far the secon season has been a bit disappointing. There's been a couple of fantastic episodes but just as many that have been a bit mediocre. There are some fine moments in this episode, but its just not funny or sharp enough. The three job applicants could and should have been a lot more quirky, while Masons sub plot with the rock star is little more than a boring filler.

    The Lass family story is at an all time low by the end of this episode. It's nice to see Joy actually smile for once when she meets this interesting new guy. And you think that maby her life has turned for the better. But no, there's more misery ahead.

    So altogether a bit disappointing. Let's hope the season picks up and improves a bit.moreless
Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Linda (the realtor)

Guest Star

Michael Des Barres

Michael Des Barres

Gideon Jeffries

Guest Star

Peter Williams (IV)

Peter Williams (IV)


Guest Star

Patricia Idlette

Patricia Idlette


Recurring Role

Crystal Dahl

Crystal Dahl


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Millie's email is

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Coach Henson, run over by a Zamboni machine (soul taken by George)
      - Gideon Jeffries, drug overdose [possibly suicide] (soul taken by Mason)
      - Employee plus two more workers, mass shooting victims (souls taken by Daisy)
      - Three workers, mass shooting victims (soul taken by Roxy)
      - Anton Plotnik plus one more worker, mass shooting victims (soul taken by Rube)
      - Three workers, mass shooting victims (soul taken by George)
      - Worker, mass shooting victim (soul taken by Mason)
      - Ned Benjamin, self-inflicted gunshot (soul taken by Mason)

    • In this episode we see once again that the toad/frog symoblizes death. It is George's frog that chooses which employee to hire, the next day that employee is killed in the shooting.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Delores: You're in a new position now. You're like the prettiest girl at the prom or the slutiest girl if you went to Catholic school.

    • Delores: Most people don't know this, but Marilyn Monroe had IBS.
      George: Is that what flew her skirt up?

    • Kiffany: Made your decision?
      Rube: Oh, I never thought the day would come, but I have no idea what I want to eat.
      George: Go with bacon. You never regret bacon.
      Rube: Oh, it doesn't feel like a bacon day. When did you run out of blueberrys?
      Kiffany: Two minutes ago. Do you know what you want?
      Rube: Better timing.

    • Daisy: (on confession) Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's been 75 years since my last confession.

    • Rube: What do you mean no blueberry pancakes?
      Kiffany: They are seasonal.
      Rube: Well, explain something to me. Are the blueberrys fresh? (Kiffany nods NO) They are dehydrated? (Kiffany nods YES) Well how can something hatched months ago be seasonal?
      Kiffany: I don't make the rules, I just play by them. Something else you want?
      Rube: My heart's set on blueberry pancakes.
      George: Are you pregnant?
      Rube: I certainly hope so.

    • (Michael continues farting on the interview)
      George as Millie: I appreciate you coming in.
      Michael: Leave the door open?
      George as Millie: Please!

    • (Mason realizes that the man he has to reap is Gideon Jeffries, a famous artist)
      Mason: F***ing hell! Bloody hell, you're Gideon Jeffries.
      Gideon: Don't tell me - another long lost child of some groupie, because I'm tapped out. Why don't you try Jagger, he's still touring.

    • Roxy: I'll say one thing. You have good taste. It's a beautiful cross.
      Daisy: Thank you.
      Roxy: It's gonna burn a hole clean through your neck to the back of your spine.

    • George (V/O): I didn't wanna be in charge. I wanted to go home and stare at my TV. Being in charge was the loneliest feeling ever. (she sees Crystal going home with a rabbit) Alright, the second loneliest.

    • Michael: Well, if it helps, I think you should know that I've started new medication today and it's been incredibly effective.
      George: Well, good for you.
      (Michael farts again)
      Michael: (blaming the animal) Did you hear the rabbit fart?

    • Delores: You have to make a decision, Millie. Don't let the decision make you.
      George as Millie: I don't even know what that means.

    • Ned: (on voicemail) Delores, this is Ned. Where is my f***ing temp, Delores? I'm shitting on a shit volcano. I'm on a top of Mount sink shit, Delores. Help me.

    • George (V/O): I was finding that the best was to avoid taking responsobility (pause) was to avoid the person who gave you the responsobility. I'm so f***ing smart I scare myself.

    • Delores: So he was far ... (stops) ... breaking wind through the whole interview?
      George: Just ripping one after another.
      (Crystal and George smile)

    • George as Millie: Wanna doughnut?
      Anton: I need job. Not donoughts. I get job. Buy donoughts. Crispy cremes. (smiles)

    • (Anton rushes in George's office and demands a job on very bad english)
      Anton: You give me job!

    • Man: This shit ain't even worth unless you get that vintage '60s British thing.
      Mason: Wait, I am that vintage '60s thing. So f*** off.

    • Coach: Am I dead?
      George: As dead as I've seen in a while.

    • Roxy: Maybe you could prayer up a pair of mittens and a cute scarf.
      Daisy: Well that's not what prayer is for, Roxy.
      Roxy: It's not for making yourself feel better after you f*** up.
      Mason: That's what I use it for.

    • George (V/O): When I was a kid, I took ballroom dancing. My mom said it would stay with me for life, but all I remember is 1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3...

    • (Anton is the Chechnyan applicant)
      George as Millie: This job, Anton, is not entry level. It's going to be very stressful, a pressure-filled situation.
      Anton: I was doctor in Chechnya. Then war came and my hospital was bombed. I was tortured. Electrodes were attached to my testicles.
      George as Millie: So... you're all set on the pressure thing.

    • (During interview process, Michael is a very flatulent applicant.)
      George: Michael you are farting!
      Michael: I'm aware of that.
      George: You do realize this isn't a job at a radio morning show?

  • NOTES (1)


    • George orders a Jayne Mansfield for breakfast. Jayne Mansfield was a Hollywood siren in the 1950s who was known for her body and above all her breasts. She was considered a rival to Marilyn Monroe and was courted (and was hired by) 20th Century Fox studios when Monroe was misbehaving. When Kiffany gives George's order it is a pastry in the shape of breasts with blueberries as nipples. Daisy refers to the breakfast as "...blueberry muffins with their tops cut off." This is a reference to the popular notion that in the auto accident that took her life on 29 June 1967, she died by decapitation. This is an urban legend that arose because police photographs of the crash scene showed a great mass of blond hair, possibly a wig, caught in the windshield. The rumor has persisted despite the contradictions in the official death record. It's also significant that George should order a meal named after someone who died a particularly notorious death.