Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 6

In Escrow

Aired Unknown Aug 29, 2004 on Showtime

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  • This is a very funny episode of Dead Like Me.

    Dead Like Me just continues to impress me with this episode. Going into this series, I didn't expect that I'd like it much, but every episode has proven me wrong. The story about George's new position at Happy Time is hilarious and everyone can relate to it in some way. Having to choose the lesser of evils. Also, Mason has a pretty good showing in this episode. The interactions between him and his childhood hero are very touching and fun to watch. You would expect that a series about death would be depressing, but Dead Like Me covers a very dark topic with a bright and hilarious attitude. Truly brilliant. Recommended.
  • Make a choice

    Another great episode this time about choice. Although I think the episode began sort of weak with overused and unfunny comedy, it soon went on it's feet and managed to mix depth with humor quite well.

    George's storyline was that she had to make a choice between some people to give them a job but she simply couldn't. Her storyline wasn't as great as in the previous ones and the farting guy wasn't exactly funny, but her scenes were still special, especially when she made a choice to make a first step and talking to a guy she liked.

    Mason's storyline was meating his idol but it wasn't like he remembered it, his idol killed himself with a drug overdose and the music he left behind did not sound as good as it did back in the day.

    Roxy wants Daisy to return a necklace she stole from an old woman but you know Daisy, ofcourse she doesn't give it back. Her character does develop a little bit by asking for penance as she is afraid of the church and what may happen if she does not get it.

    The more interesting storyline this time was Joy's, she is a very unhappy woman and things get more rough when she cannot buy a house she wants and when cops go to her house because of Reggie calling them, she heard noises and still believes it's George. The end of the episode was well done as a guy killed his colleagues and we get to see Deloris being sad and chocked for the first time. brilliant episode once again.
  • An underachieving episode that doesn't quite reach the heights that the series is capable of.

    So far the secon season has been a bit disappointing. There's been a couple of fantastic episodes but just as many that have been a bit mediocre. There are some fine moments in this episode, but its just not funny or sharp enough. The three job applicants could and should have been a lot more quirky, while Masons sub plot with the rock star is little more than a boring filler.

    The Lass family story is at an all time low by the end of this episode. It's nice to see Joy actually smile for once when she meets this interesting new guy. And you think that maby her life has turned for the better. But no, there's more misery ahead.

    So altogether a bit disappointing. Let's hope the season picks up and improves a bit.
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