Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 13

Last Call

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2004 on Showtime

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  • The reason i watch the show,...

    the episode start with a simple question what would you do in your last day.
    After getting a purple post-it mason gets all spooky and starts to think that is his last day in the earth so he does everything he wants to be remember for...

    Sell everything hi has.
    Tell George that he really like her.
    Give Daisy a engagement ring.
    Swim naked.

    In the other hand we see that JD gets run over and how that affects Reggie that connects with her dad because of this , in the end she gets a new frog...from George....
    Mason finally return to the waffle house just to know that Rube ran out of post in
  • Another great episode. Mason is hilarious and George is pretty in pink.

    There are some great continuity touches in this episode: Mason's lawn sale, including his Churchyard album a clown costume and a kitchen guillotine. Reggie and Clancy showing up at the Waffle Haus for breakfast and the Pet Reaper makes a return. That brief moment is superbly played: you're just thinking, "Hey, it's the Pet Reaper guy.." when you suddenly realise: "Nooo!" and the dog bites the dust.

    The dialogue is especially sharp in this episode as well. And there are a couple of great set-pieces: George chasing a purse snatcher while dressed as a pink cowboy, complete with the Western music (the theme to Bonanza?), a montage of signs that Mason sees, which he thinks are omens of his doom, and a Multiple Reap at witch Roxy cheerfully reaps an entire busload of souls.

    And Mason is brilliant in this episode. In his freaking out over his purple post-it, thinking he is going to die. The conversation with his Reap. The scene where he shows up drunk at Happy-Time and steels a purse on his way out and hangs it over his shoulder is hilarious and so spot on caracter. Callum Blue is in great form.

    The only problem is the rather neat way Roxy covers up Rays disappearance to protect Mason and Daisy. And it isn't made clear where the Ray Graveling came from and where it might have gone. At the very least, one of the Reapers should raise the question.

    Best line of dialogue:
    Mason(to Kiffany about his filthy hands): Come on. It's only blood, and it's not like it's mine...
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