Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 16

Life After Death

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Warning ... leave your high expectations at the door. Review contains SPOILERS

    This was obviously a film made to treat the loyal DLM fanbase who felt a bit shorted by the show's abbreviated 2003-2004 run. Unfortunately, this offering is a bit languid and definitely suffers from the absence of Mandy Patinkin (Rube) and Laura Harris (original Daisy).

    The first few minutes are a basic recap of the show (which I do not really mind) and you know from the start that they are not simply continuing the story from where it left off in 2004 (which I also do not mind) but are jumping ahead to the logical 5 years later.

    For me, where the film gets stuck is that there are just too many pieces that are missing that the patch ups seem a little disjointed and take away from the story.

    As for the A-story - it is slightly far-fetched (even for this show) to say the very least. I was more interested in the B-story - George and Reggie and the circumstances which brought them back together. Still, I was happy to see some of the old familiar faces that I became rather fond of over nearly thirty episodes.
  • Dead Like Me-Life After Death. Is this an ending or a bridge to the future of reaping?

    I hope this means a new Dead Like me series is in the works or at least in the plans. I for one would watch, I miss the series, it was great and this movie has me just wanting more. Thank you for the movie, to all involved, I enjoyed watching it very much. The old magic is still there and the dark comedy had me laughing throughout. I just finished watching it and had to check for new series news. Please, don't let this movie be an ending, but a bridge to new adventures for our favorite reapers. Encore, encore!!!
  • Movie followup to a great series from a few years ago. There is a change in some of the main characters but more than majority are the same. Unfortunately they spend a lot of the time explaining the series itself so the story is a little episodic.

    I really enjoyed this movie followup to a great series. Hopefully this means they might continue producing more in the future. It would be great to see this regularly. I read a number of things about the movie before I saw it. I have to say most of the complaints I heard did not bother me. I didn't think Ellen Muth looked a lot older and her voice was fine. She carried this plot and did an excellent job. I enjoyed the interaction with her family and regular twists her life after death existence always seems to bring her. I would love to see the future and how George would deal with the added responsibility. In a lot of ways she turned out to be the most responsible of the reapers and she really seems to care about what happens in general.

    Rube was missed and the new replacement was an interesting choice. Obviously you were suppose to dislike him from the beginning and he came through on that point very well.

    Of the three other reapers reprising their roles I feel they were all fine. I was a little thrown with the change in Daisy from the show to the movie, but the new actress handled the character well. Jasmine Guy and Callum Blue were the same old Roxy and Mason which means they excelled in their parts. The rest of the cast was great with George's sister Reggie (Britt McKillip) as a teenager now having her first run in with love. Joy (Cynthia Stevenson), George's Mom, who was a little more positive than her character was in the show. Maybe it was the separation from her husband or the time that had passed. Finally Delores (Christine Willis) was her usual strange self that keeps George grounded.

    If I had any complaint it was the amount of time they spent setting up the story. It really only allowed for basically a regular episodes worth of interaction. I expected a little more from a movie. Maybe now that they have done one they can really build on this. There were fewer laughs in this film then in the series as well, but I think it really comes from the main storyline and the subject matter in the film than the acting quality.

    I would recommend checking this out if you are a person who enjoys the paranormal, science fiction, or drama that is a little darker.
  • Changes in life after death.

    As a big fan of the series, it came to me as a great surprise when I learned they would be making a movie. It took a long time to make and the same amount to wait for the release, but when I had finally seen the movie, I was so overjoyed. The movie was awesome. The quality, the humor, the morbidness and my favorite characters were all back for another great installment.

    It was different not having Rube around, but I think this movie did pretty well even without him. The twist was the new boss which I didn't like from the get-go, but the role was played perfectly. It was also weird not seeing Der Waffle Haus, or at least not as a whole building. We still got plenty of gravelings, nicely set-up deaths, consequences of bad actions, all filled together with a lot of dark humor.

    What I liked the most was the fact that neither of the characters had changed. George was still the same old George, Mason was the usual f**k-up, Daisy a ho (Roxy's words, not time) and Roxy "I take no bulls**t from anyone." By getting the new boss, the gang realized that they are now able to be more relaxed since he wasn't as strict as Rube, yet I knew from the beginning that they'd learn a lesson from everything.

    All the jokes in the movie fit perfectly, and they did a great recap of the events from the series to let the people that didn't watch the series know what the show was all about. To those fans that fell in love with their characters, it must have been a shock knowing that Rube won't be there and that Daisy will be played by a different actress, but I promise to every fan out there that this movie will be worth their time.

    I could care less that we didn't see any Clancy, I never liked the character. Joy was much more relaxed this time around, and Reggie was the usual child with problems, except this time she was a teenager. Her love story with Hudson was quite touching and it all went well with George revealing that she was still alive. I was always wondering prior to the movie if George would ever reveal herself to her family, and I guess I got my answer.

    The movie has plenty of comedy that will satify any series fan. The best part of the episode, in my mind, would be the very ending when the gang masacered Cameron, put him in a silver urn and shipped him off into space. What an original way to get rid of an unwanted character. With such a perfect movie, I wonder if there's a tiny bit of a chance for this show ever to be revived because the producers talked about the possibility. Whatever happens, I know I'll be here waiting patiently to see what happens next.
  • Awful movie

    I don't know where start, but this movie was awful. What were they thinking? 5 years to make a movie and this is it? I could make a better movie.

    To be fair I knew it was going to be crap... Dead Like Me was cancelled to soon and they didn't have so much to make a movie, but come on!.

    There isn't one good thing to take from the movie. Reggie finds out about George being a Reaper, but the way they did it sucked.

    The plot? I don't know really...They have a new boss because Rube's gone, he saw the lights...And I don't know what the "ef" happened there. They all start acting like if they were brainwashed. All of the suddenly George got a bad time in a Reap and when he got to the person who was going to die he was still alive and she couldn't take his soul.
    Roxy have a promotion because she save one person that was suppose to die...why did she save him I have no idea.
    Mason robs a liquor store.
    Daisy tries to do theather and fails.

    Then for some reason they decide to kill the new boss. And they did it.

    George tells Reggie she was George...and then...nothing. Reggie and Joy let go and move to california after George takes Reggie's boyfriend soul, after a couple of intents.

    Murray the cat finally die. Delores fires Millie from Happy time and then she hire her back.

    And in the end a rain of post it fell over George indicating she was the new boss.

    Ah...Suddenly they gave George a middle name...George L. Lass...I don't know...

    I really don't know what the hell happen in this movie and my english isn't that good to explain it...but if you like dead like me, don't watch this's painful to watch sadly. The only thing I learned from this movie is that DLM is dead. Trying to bring back the series is pointless and if they do bring it back, it wouldn't be the same. I'm happy with the two season we got...and I'd have loved a third season, but now it's to late.

    Dead Like Me had it's soul reaped in October of 2004..we all miss it. But movies like this one isn't the answer.

    Excelent series...awful movie.

    RIP Dead Like Me.
    June 27, 2003 - October 31, 2004
    You will be missed.
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