Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 6

My Room

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2003 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

George is devastated after losing Betty and gets even more depressed when a new reaper called Daisy Adair arrives to take her place. Meanwhile, George is put on the Happy Time bowling team and we see a caring side to George as well as a competitive side to Delores.moreless

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  • My Room

    My Room was a perfect episode of Dead Like Me and a I really enjoyed the character development that was experienced in this episode. There was also some disturbing yet human interactions between Reggie and Joy as they both dealt with life after losing Georgia. This episode was filled with humor, intrigue, and drama. This episode showcases the series knack for classifying people into categories and personality types as well as showing how we are all interconnected. This episode had many interesting points on life as well as death. I really like the new reaper, Daisy, and find her history appealing. I look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!moreless
  • My Names Daisy, Daisy Adair.

    Betty has gone, and George is not pleased with the new reaper Daisy, daisy Adair, especially when she takes over her apartment, taking over the bed etc. Daisy is an actress who died on the set of Gone With The Wind, and relishes in revealing all about her sexploits with the rich and the famous. Meanwhile, George learns the value of Teamwork when she takes a place at the Happy Time Bowling Team, which isn't appreciated by all members. Meanwhile, creepy Reggie's secret toilet tree is found by Joy, who is disturbed by her younger daughter's shrine to her dead sister.moreless
  • George, still upset about Bettys dissapearance gets a new roomate, a Reaper sent to take Betty's place named Daisy Adair, who George takes an immediate Disliking to. Also, George joins the Happy Days bowling team. Joy takes Reggie to a child psychologist.moreless

    This, is definately one of my favourite episodes of season one. It is very well written and well acted. This episode is the very first appearance of Daisy, a character who I really like, so that definately contributes to this being one of my favourites. We also see a lighter side to George as she joins the Happy Times bowling team, which is good to see.

    It was also interesting how the characters lives sort of came together. Such as when Rube was talking to Joy, and I'm pretty sure he didn't remember her as George's mother, and when Mason reaped the soul of Russ, an employee at Happy Time who was going to be on the bowling team, which is the reason George ended up the time, giving her her sort of "life reasurance" after Rube referes to her as a Pin for letting Daisy walk all over her.

    All in all, this is definately a really great episode and a must see for anyone who watches the show.moreless
  • Bowling and Blowing

    George has been very mad at Rube after Betty’s absence and she didn’t want to talk to him anymore until he told her what happened to her dear friend. Well, he doesn’t know either. Soon they meet a girl named Daisy who enjoys giving men orally sex. Mason falls for her but she just uses him as her little slave.

    Daisy is an interesting lady, no wonder she died. She’s a reaper transformed from new York for private reasons, yeah. Right. So anyway. She goes to live in with George who isn’t exactly jumping because of that. Immediately she steals Georgia’s room and makes her feel unconformable and unloved, that skank.

    Meanwhile Reggie is getting weirder by the day. She isn’t going to school and Joy’s marriage with Clancy is going down the drain. Anyway, one day Joy follows Reggie to the place she hangs around, a tree filled with toilet seat’s, the look on Joy’s face was priceless.

    Anyway, so she takes Reggie to a psychiatrist that agrees with Reggie. At the same place Joy meat’s Rube where he makes a job and has to kill the water deliverer.

    I really love both Reggie and Joy. So Joy has to spend time with Reggie and bring out some stuff of George’s, instead she makes her room look exactly the same. The girl is seriously disturbed, she wants to be her sister.

    Anyway, meanwhile George is having trouble with Daisy. And at work she’s making more friends and Deloris seems to like her more each day. Then she asks her to go on bowling and guess what? She makes them win.

    You know,this episode is really a wake up call. George wasn’t living her life, she doesn’t taking any chances and opportunities. She’s more alive now that she’s dead which is quite sad.

    ‘My Room’ was a fantastic episode with a great message. A big part of the episode was a bit dragged out and I didn’t seem to enjoy Daisy/ But other than that, I loved the message it brought and the Reggie/Joy storylines.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Man drowned by a water cooler jug (soul taken by Rube).
      - A man shot in tattoo place (soul taken by Mason).

    • George says that she was hit by a toilet seat from a Soviet space station. Actually it is Russian since the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • George (V/O): I was finding that the most important rule of my life was equally valuable in death: quit before you're fired.

    • Joy: Reggie's been stealing toilet seats and bringing home dead animals, d'you think slappin' up a few photos is gonna stop that?

    • Doctor: You miss your sister, Reggie?
      Reggie: I was told there'd be cookies.
      Joy: Reggie!
      Reggie: Mary Walpert went to a shrink and she said that there were Fig Newtons and hot chocolate.
      Doctor: I'm sorry, Reggie, we don't do that here.
      Reggie: What do I have to do, set my house on fire for a snack?

    • Doctor: When you say "obsessed with toiletries," do you mean cosmetics, deodorant, personal hygiene items?
      Joy: No! She's obsessed with a toilet tree. A tree! Full of toilet seats!

    • George: Dolores, I'm not joining the bowling team.
      Dolores (snorting): It's not about you, sweetie.
      George: Then why am I feeling like it's going to be me who's renting the shoes?
      Dolores: It's about your substance abuse problem.
      George (V/O): Aaah, the rehab lie, back to bite me in the ass again.
      Dolores: Think of bowling as two and a half hours a week where you won't have to think about suckin' blow through a bendy straw off a fast food restroom sink.

    • Daisy: Oh my God, you're Toilet Seat Girl? No wonder you're so annoyed.

    • Rube: I think this is about Betty. I think George has her own personal Warren Commission in her head and somehow has implicated me in Betty's disappearance.

    • George: (voiceover) I felt something I had never felt before - a hand on my ass. Who the hell was cupping my ass? Probably that perv from IS. (looks at Delores) Oh, god, I hope it was that perv from IS...

    • George: You didn't get me a place when I first arrived, why did you tell her she could stay with me?
      Rube: I thought you two would hit it off.
      George: I'd like to hit her!

    • Delores: (talking about bowling)Remember Saeed and how he screwed us over, punjab motherf*****.

    • Daisy: I was under the craft services table and I was blowing this tall handsome man and then someone leaned over and whispered in my ear - "No, that's Clark Gable.
      Mason: So, who were you blowing?
      Daisy: I don't know. It's such a huge cast. Someone from the Confederacy, I think.

    • Rube: Want to be a bowling pin your whole life? Just standing there perfectly content to be knocked down time and time again? Or would you rather be the ball? I gotta tell ya, being the ball feels a helluva lot better.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Episode Title: My Room
      The title is taken from the song of the same name by Brian Wilson. The song is about the joys of solitude and the need to get away from the world.