Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jun 01, 2003 on Showtime
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The series begins when 18-year-old George Lass is killed by a toilet seat from the Mir space station hurtling towards earth. She discovers that the afterlife does indeed exist, where she has been assigned a job as a 'Grim Reaper.' It's her job to reap the souls from the living and guide them to their eternal reward. Besides coping with her new job, she must learn to deal with being young and starting out - and of course, being dead.


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  • Pilot episode.

    Honestly, one of the best pilot episodes I have ever seen. We got such an original premise, intriguing characters, and just an show with amazing and clever writing. I was skeptical about this show just because of the short run on television, but I can definitely say that this series was wrongly canceled now that I've watched the pilot.

    All the characters are dynamic, the writing is brilliant, the acting is also good which is uncommon especially with a show that has all these unknown actors. The narration is hysterical, and it managed to have the perfect balance between drama and comedy.

    I really cannot wait for the next installment. The shootout/bank scene was just absolutely amazing. Predicting who was going to die really made the episode all the more memorable. Just amazing show, if you haven't watched, just watch it already.moreless
  • Pilot (Part 1)

    The Pilot of Dead Like Me was a perfect opening episode to this awesome and unique series. I really enjoyed the blunt in your face I don't give a hoot attitude of George the main character. I also really liked all of the other characters and the actors play them well. This episode revealed information and introduced us to these characters at a perfect pace with stylized cinematography and a perfect soundtrack. This show really touches on human reality. The story of this series has a very cool and interesting concept. I look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!moreless
  • A girl has died and finds out there is life after death

    I've heard about the show but hadn't had time to watch it that I have this show seems great! Love the main character George and her personality on things. The supporting cast is a wonderful team of actors who will make this show fun and exciting. I expect a lot of great things and this show should be a success.
  • An excellent and original opening episode!

    I loved this, its humour, its darkness and its originality, just brilliant. I love just how much of a cynic that George, the main character, is. Her commentary was great, the strange things she says, that are actually really true. How it began on her last day and she kept telling us in different ways that her time was up. How she died was pretty funny ... a toilet seat? ha!

    The dinner scene with her family was great, how her sister was invisible, the whole 'moist' thing; her relationship with her mother was amusing. When she died, it was done really well; she was suddenly dead, hovering around. I loved all the other characters, Rube, Betty and the other guy, who was very funny, I forget his name.

    The whole setup of the show is just something I love, I was thinking but wait, if she's a grim reaper, what will her parents do when they see her, thinking she's dead, then my question was answered, they look different to everyone else. I thought Betty was a amusing character, look forward to more of her.

    The bank robbery was a brilliant scene, the banana peel, them guessing who it would be, it was weird, but brilliant. The whole house thing was great too, that they just lived in a dead persons home, loved the line 'Are you living alone?' hilarious. Then we see George having to come to grips to her new title, taking the soul of a little girl, again this was done well, great outcome.

    I love this show after this opening episode, can't wait for more!moreless
  • Hm..

    Well... I have to say... I've expected something else. Much more different from what I have saw in this episode.. I don't know.. I think is much more clever lines, with a sarcastical and ironic humour,or some original and interesting deaths.. But, putting aside my pre-vision of the serial, it was really ok. You can say it's nice show, good and all of that. I'll continue to see it, but if I don't find something else than what was uhm, in this pilot, I don't think I'll continue to do so. It's nothing personal, it's nice show and all of that, but I was expecting something else. I really hope the next episodes will tune me in and mame me very excited with my eyes wide open at the end.moreless
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Meghan Black


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Jodelle Ferland

Jodelle Ferland


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Matthew Currie Holmes

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Police shoots a robber
      - Woman falls off a fence
      - George gets hit by a toilet seat from space
      - Piano falls on a woman (Soul taken by Roxy)
      - Two crack dealers shoot each other (not seen, souls taken by Mason)
      - People executed in an apartment (bodies seen)
      - Teen neck breaks in revolving door (Soul taken by Mason)
      - Little girl dies after train wreck (Georges first reap)

    • Ghosts are not supposed to be able to move material objects. When George first gets hit by the Toilet Seat her ghost self goes up to her dead body and moves her shoe with her ghost foot. Even though she is going to become a reaper she should have not been able to move her shoe.

    • This episode included a scene at the funeral where George observes her dad hugging another man, this was to set up the future story-line of George's dad being gay. This story-line was dropped by MGM.

    • In the original script, Georgia had told Reggie if she ever died, to order balloons for her funeral. But other than that, in the pilot episode, it seemed like a pretty odd occurrence. Many people did not understand the guy with the balloons because of the cut conversation between Reggie and George. The moment where George told Reggie about the balloons (in the first version of the pilot script) was the scene where she found Reggie in her closet and told her to get out, and Reggie was upset so they talked for a while and in the end, George said, "Hopefully when I die, I'll get balloons."

    • We learn that the soul will wither, die, and rot inside the body if the body lives past its time. We also learn that a reaper's last reap becomes the next reaper.

    • Happy Time looks different in this episode. It has tiles on the floor and the windows with the logo are placed throughout the entire office.

    • This is the first time we see George in her unique sleeping position: on her side with left leg tucked over the crook of her left arm. She will be found sleeping or waking from this pose many times through the series.

    • When George is alive, she says that her mum hates balloons, and then at the wake you see Mrs Lass chasing out a man with grey balloons.

    • Mason is the first one to use a nickname "Toilet Seat Girl" for George. This nickname will be used quite often in future episodes.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • George: (voice over) I stared at the back of her seat for what seemed like hours, thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing, like having a root canal or a pap smear, or going to church.

    • Betty: Do your nipples get hard when you sneeze?

    • George: (voice over) I was dead—nay, undead—and not only did I have to find a job, I had to do laundry. This was my so-called afterlife.

    • George: (voice over) It had a poorly-ventilated, third world youth hostel kind of charm. At least there weren't any bodies. And of all the various and sundry stains, none of them were blood or gore. I was thankful for the little things.

    • George: I saw them drop a piano on a chick's head - I don't think they're looking to score points for originality.

    • George: (voice over) looked like my inner child's road to adulthood was paved with crack cocaine, ten-dollar blowjobs, and maybe even a trick baby or two.

    • George: (voice over) Mason had vanilla. Normally, I'd find that suspicious, but on him, it was endearing.

    • Mason: As childhood traumas go, nothing - nothing - beats the realization that everything dies.

    • George: (voice over) The angry white man would keep his apartment for six more days before coronary thrombosis terminated his lease; in the meantime, I was homeless.

    • Betty: Now, I don't normally share privileged 411; but I like you, Toilet Seat, you've got moxie.

    • George: Not that I'm any great bastion of morality, but isn't stealing from dead people kind of tacky?

    • Rube: George died a week ago in a freak aerospace accident.
      Mason: Yeh... Yeh, I remember you. Toilet Seat Girl.

    • George: Gravelings? Are they invisible?
      Rube: Och, they're not invisible, ya just can't see 'em.

    • George: (voice over) Every reaper has their own distinct style. Y'know, those little personal touches that make death so special.

    • George: I was born again, but not in a creepy, religious way.

    • Rube: We're bail bondsmen for the disembodied.

    • George: Well I want my life back!
      Betty: It's not like you were doing anything with it.

    • Betty: All right.
      George: Really?
      Betty: No.

    • George: (voice over) But even though I did my best to do very little, most everyone else was doing a lot less.

    • Dolores: Some college, huh? Didn't finish?
      George: Some seemed like enough.

    • George: (voice over) I'd say I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not; I excel at not giving a shit.

    • George: (about her mother) Who had the nerve to name you Joy?

    • George: I don't get it, why do an autopsy?
      Betty: Well you still have to identify the body.
      George: How hard can that be?
      Betty: You were hit by an object traveling 200 miles an hour, with a surface temperature exceeding 1500° Fahrenheit, do the math.

    • George: (voice over) They say your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the moment before you die. That might be true if you're terminally ill or your parachute doesn't open, but if death sneaks up on you the only thing you have time to think is...
      George: Awww shit.

    • Rube: Well, you gotta stick around until your body's been laid to rest.
      George: I'm meat in a Zip-Lock. How much more rest do I need?

    • George: Bad people are punished by society's law and good people... are punished by Murphy's law.

    • George: I think for me, death was just a wake-up call.

    • George (V/O): Let's go for a little ride. My name is George Lass, I'm 18 years old and I am down there, somewhere. I'm going to tell you a story, not my story, that's later. This is just a story, ready? Once upon a time or more specifically at the dawn of time, god, lower case g was getting busy with creation as the kids these days are saying. He gave Toad a clay jar and said, "Be careful with this, it's got death inside." Pleased as punch and oblivious to the fact that he was to become god's fall guy on the whole death issue, Toad promised to guard the jar. But then one day Toad met Frog. "Let me hold the jar of death" or whatever you call it frog bag, Frog said. With a nod to Nancy Reagan's pearl of wisdom, Toad just said "No." But Frog was determined and after much whining, Toad finally gave in. "You can hold it but just for a second" he said. In his excitement, Frog began to hop around and juggle the death jar from one foot to the other. Frog was an asshole. "Stop" Toad cried out, but it was too late, Frog dropped the jar and it shattered to the ground. When it broke open death got out and ever since all living things have to die. Makes you wonder how much better the world would be if Frog had stuck to hocking beer. So there you have it, the mystery of death finally revealed, we all die, some of us sooner than later, for me, it's going to be much sooner but that's only the beginning of my story...

    • George: (voiceover) I didn't know what was more disturbing - being dead, or the fact that the first man to touch my naked body was the coroner.

    • George: (V.O.) My mother. She hates balloons and the word 'moist'. She considers it pornographic. (Out loud). This dinner is delicious. Very moist.
      (George's mum grits her teeth angrily)

    • George: So what's next? Onward and upward?
      Rube: Onward not upward. No pearly gates for you, no choirs of angels neither.
      George: You dick! You're sending me to hell?!
      Rube: Don't flatter yourself. You're not that interesting.

    • George/VO: When I was little my mom told me Santa Claus didn't exist, neither did the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or the Great Pumpkin. Even though she didn't say so specifically, I just sort of assumed that God didn't either.

    • George: Experience has taught me that interest begets expectation and expectation begets disappointment; so the key to avoiding disappointment is to avoid interest. A=B=C=A, or whatever.

    • Rube: I know what might cheer you up.
      George: What?
      Rube: Your autopsy.

    • George: Delores Herbig, as in her-big fat ass.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The budget of the pilot episode was about $6,000,000. It was shot in July 2002 (in Vancouver, Canada). The exact running time of the uninterrupted pilot episode (both "parts" consecutively) is 1 hour and 14 minutes.

    • Though divided by five years, Jasmine Guy and Mandy Patinkin both appeared as the Devil on the show Touched by an Angel.

    • This episode was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2004 for "Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" and "Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series".

    • The discordant version of "Que Sera, Sera" at the end of the pilot is performed by the band Pink Martini, with vocals by China Forbes. The jazz song which plays in the back of almost the whole pilot episode is called "Hell" and the artist is Squirrel Nut Zippers.

    • Bryan Fuller has stated that Piers Anthony's novel, "On A Pale Horse," was a primary source of inspiration for this series. In that novel, a potential suicide, Zane, is about to end his life when he sees Death in the mirror behind him, panics, and turns around, shooting and killing Death. He is then forced to fill Death's vacant "position" and fulfill his duties, much like the premise of this series, being the embodiment of Death is a transitory position anyone can occupy.

    • This episode takes place in Vancouver Washington and was shot in Vancouver British Columbia.

    • The original title of the series was "Dead Girl", but was changed, which is why episode 2, also written by Bryan Fuller, who created the show, entitled it "Dead Girl Walking".


    • George: This was my so-called afterlife.

      A possible reference to the short lived series, My So-Called Life.

    • George: ... just send them to the cornfield or something...

      This is a reference to an episode of The Twilight Zone called It's a Good Life. In that episode, a little boy has the power to make things vanish. When he vanishes a person, he says he sent that person "to the cornfield."