Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 7

Reaper Madness

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2003 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

George has her first affair in the afterlife with a living schizophrenic, Ronnie Dobbs, whose disease allows him to see gravelings. Clancy and Joy are arguing about sending Reggie to a public school.

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  • Reaper Madness

    Reaper Madness was a perfect episode of Dead Like Me. This episode had a lot of character development for George, Reggie and Joy. I enjoyed the reaper story lines where Mason tried scoring some drugs from a recent reap while Daisy used her Womanly appeal to obtain a ride. This episode showcased the unique cinematography of this series as well as the writing and acting. It was interesting to learn that a schizophrenic could see the gravelings which, in my opinion, has intriguing implications. This series really makes the viewer ask rhetorical questions and seek their own truth. I really look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Crazies can see the dead and apparently kiss really well.

    THis was just a fine example of how well the writers on this show are. It was just a fantastic episode aside from the way the couple dies at the end, ill get to that.

    George is staking out her soul but Rube calls her, apparently Death made a mistake and Ronnie isnt due to die, well not yet anyway. WHo knew? lol. its like a time card and someone just punches it in, but sometimes that person has to make a pit stop , so you get to live a little longer.

    Ronnie is mentally challenged and he can see the gravelings as well. He is also drawn to George, not just because she is a hottie but because he can sense her gift also.He was actually a cute character and usually the audience doesnt get attached to a soul but i liked him and was thoroughly upset when he died. he thinks death is stalking him but it goes beyond that. George is sort of shocked but she is attracted to him but knows the deal about the undead and the living.

    mason has a window washer and doesnt bite it until sometime later. he fells and goes boom on the pavement. ok am i suppose to believe he would look that intact after falling from such a height, yeah right. ronnie is still there and notices that george saw the gravelings, some stalking ensues but george eventually lets him into her world. the park scene was rather adorable. i saw a future between george and ronnie, but whatever they had to kill him. the guy on the bike died in a really amusing way but ronnie doesnt see that she touched the man on the bike.

    in the living world her family is becoming more disfunctional. her mother goes down the rage hole even more because reggie is acting weird and everything oh please shut up and deal with it. not everyone is as isolated as you mom. she is trying to deal with her sisters death in practically every episode and you are just being a b**** about it. george has been leaving reggie little pictures and things. reggie takes up riding and then later wants a drum set. mom isnt having any of this and lays down the law, its really hard to sympathize with what the mother is going through when she is acting like a raging b****.

    back in the undead world rube catches on to georges friend and we see an even more uptight side of rube. he basically blames the fact that ronnie knows about death on her, which is totally wrong and i wanted to slap him. george just goes with it, which means in one ear and out the other. their next assignment is at a wedding and everybody had to get dressed up.

    george looked absolutely gorgeous in her purple ensemble. it just went with her, totally beautiful. anyway ronnie found her to let her know hes running from death, it was cute. he sees a graveling blow out the perpetual flame, hello irony is that you. ronnie alerts the people of their deaths but gets thrown out and rube yells at george again, shut it rube. ronnie figures out that they are death or in this case work for it. george and ronnie chat a bit and george takes his soul. sometimes this show kills me. it was so emotional. he sees a graveling and freaks out. he falls from the balcony and lands on the recently married couple. although funny, it was a bit far fetched. whatever. rube conforts george about what she had to do and by the way, what the hell was he doing there? rube didnt take anyones soul. three people died there was no need for him to be there.

    so in the end it was a really good episode, it was also emotional i was attached to ronnie,lol. one of the best from season one.moreless
  • It's weird how they always fall butterside down.

    Ronnie is a schizophrenic who can see gravelings, and sees George for who she really is, and she actually is heart broken when she takes his soul, for the finale of the episode in a wedding tragedy. Daisy continues to annoy George, with her prowess, and as Joy and Clancy argue about what is best for Reggie, George continues to watch from a distance. This episode parralels Quantum Leap in which schizophrenics can see Sam in his true form, and Al the Hologram, and Final Destination in the form of which Ronnie predicts the death, (albeit the incorrect one)moreless
  • George in love

    Another great Dead Like Me episode about a guy who’s a schizophrenic who can see death.

    While George has to become a mentor in her work and give guidance to a new girl but turns her into someone who doesn’t care. She also learns to know a schizophrenic guy who can see the reapers and thinks that George can see them too and that she has the same gift he has.

    When the guy sees her again at the park, he knows that someone there is going to die. She tells it to Rube and he becomes upset with her and thinks that she told the guy something he wasn’t allowed to.

    The good storyline behind this was being thankful for something you get, When George was little she didn’t get money or anything when she put a tooth under her pillow and after that her mom never did anything for her like that. So now George gives something to Reggie to enjoy, first Reggie wants to ride horses and then she wants to play drums. It was funny at first how she treated Joy but now it’s getting kinda sad. I think Joy is a fairly good mother, and she really wants the best for her child. I loved what George did and put the message under Joy’s bed.

    When the guy begins to follow George (stalker much?) she lets him into her home after the miserable flirting on a fence. I think both were very cute together, to bad he died. I loved his hyper ness and that he got the pills and slept on her. I also enjoyed the guy looking at her in the morning and telling her he didn’t do anything dirty (what kind of sane guy would have said that?) so anyway. He follows her to a restaurant and keeps watching her, Rube gets a bit mad and goes over to him and tries to get anything out that might make them vulnerable but he doesn’t know anything. Rube is still mad at George because he thinks she told him something and believes that the guy would say anything to get her into bed.

    At a church George follows where two people are going to get married. The guy kisses George while the others have to kill the married couple, the guy hinks that George now is working for death but she explains him everything and then she touches him. When the couple is walking under a chapel the guy falls on them killing all three. Before he dies, George gave him a goodbye kiss and he leaves by telling her she’s special.

    This episode was very well done, George finally got some romance and developed even more as a character. The episode had plenty of funny stuff and was just another great addition to the show.

  • This episode takes us to the first ever romance of the reaper Georgia Lass - and it is with a shizophrenic guy that is able to see her as she really is. Just as things get heated up - a wedding reap spoils it all with a help of Rube.moreless

    This is clerly an above average episode of the series, yet it does not have the quality of the first three of the first season. It is character revealing because we see the first ever romance of the young Georgia Lass-and it is with a man that suffers from a shizophrenic illness and is hence able to see her as she really looks like. He followes her on her daily reaps and when he seas the undoing of one or two reckless gravelings, he puts the two and two together and finds about her job. Rube is clearly not altogehter happy with this situation and orders (much like Don Corleone in the III part of The Godfather)her to give him a pass. She reluctantly does so, and in a scene in a church during a wedding George reaps him along with the bride and groom. His time was up, but he could know about his death before it happened. Makes me think: what do really crazy people see in this world? and do they maybe really see it as it really is. A nice quuestion to ask oneself, and it surely did some good input to this episode. The authors have used it wisely and it turned out ok. Worth watching.moreless
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Malcolm Stewart

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Brendan Beiser

Brendan Beiser

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Talia Ranger

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Window Cleaner falls (soul taken by Mason)
      - Man gets hit with shovel (soul taken by George)
      - Ronnie is scared by a graveling and falls off church balcony (soul taken by George)
      - Ronnie hits and kills just married couple (souls taken by Daisy and Mason)

    • When George is talking to Fiona, there is a scene when the Vanilla Coke label is visible to George, than the scene switches and immediately it is visible to Fiona, as though the can roatated instantly.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Daisy: I once gave Errol Flynn a handjob in a convertible.
      George: That's a nice story.

    • Joy: She's strange, Clancy. She's a strange 11-year-old.
      Clancy: She's just going through a difficult time.
      Joy: She's been going through a difficult time for 11 years!

    • George (V/O): And in that moment, we weirdly bonded. And the only thing standing in the way of more bonding was the fact that I may have been his grim reaper.

    • George: You could really benefit from my exper—what are you doing?
      Fiona: Stealing pens.
      George: Well the really good ones are up there.

    • George: At 12:30, you have a 35-minute lunch hour. Don't even ask.

    • George (V/O): Mentor: a promotion without a pay raise.

    • George (V/O): I'm not a big fan of weddings, but a job is a job. So I sat there watching those 50 happy people gathered to celebrate a marriage, dressed in their Sunday best, about to hear some priests flowery words about the joining together of two souls, uniting as one... blah, blah, blah, blah... until death do them part, which would be in about 11 minutes.

    • George: I know this is cliché to hate your boss, but you're a real dickweed.
      Rube: What you're feeling right now, the rage and frustration all knotted together, binding everything from your head to your digestive tract? That's my life with you.

    • (after window washer falls off building)
      Daisy: It's weird how they always fall butter side down.

    • (after Rube learns that George has been hanging out with Ronnie)
      Rube: Do you have any idea what would happen if the living caught wind we were here? Among them, breaking bread? It would upend the world. Believe me, you do not want to be responsible for that kind of Biblical panic.

    • George/The Narrator: We all create in our heads who we are and who we want others to be. And how we view ourselves--hero, victim, loved, unloved--changes over time. Those little neurons spark along working overtime creating what we believe...So in that way, the mind kind of work like magic, making what we desire happen. And in the end, maybe the trick to sorting it all out is trusting your voice, and being true to yourself, chasing your bliss. You know, all-the-cliches on parade crap, like marching to the beat of your own...whatever.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Parallels to the movie Final Destination: Alex, a young man, is traumatized by a recent tragedy (classmates die on airplane explosion). Alex was also supposed to die, but was spared somehow. Afterwards, Alex begins to see Death is trying to kill him, and Alex tries to convince romantic interest, Claire. Eventually, Alex dies.

      Ronnie, a young man, is traumatized after witnessing two deaths in as many days (window washer, man in park). Ronnie was also supposed to die, but was spared somehow. Afterwards, Ronnie begins to see Death (gravelings) everywhere, trying to kill him. Ronnie tries to convince romantic interest, Georgia. Eventually, Ronnie dies.

    • There is an old propaganda film from 1936 called Reefer Madness. In this movie, the teenagers smoke 'The Marijuana' and behave unnatturally, even committing murder and suicide. It was later turned into a spoofing stage musical, and then a TV Movie Musical in 2005 on Showtime. The episode and the movie have nothing in common, except the similar title.