Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2003 on Showtime
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George finds a loophole in the "reaper rules" and decides to spare her next soul, but quickly learns that if you flip off Fate, Fate flings it back at you ten-fold.

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  • Reapercussions

    Reapercussions was a perfect episode of Dead Like Me. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as Georgia decided to test her responsibilities again. There was a lot of humorous as well as serious scenes in this episode. It was interesting to see how Joy kind of broke down and layed it out for Reggie and they ended up doing taxidermy together. I also enjoyed the intrigue with Georgia's post it and how that story all worked out. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!moreless
  • Reaper cheating

    Once again, a terrific and just simply hilarious and well written episode of this fantastic show. So far the best.

    The humor was great, it got me laughing plenty of times. It also developed the characters and made them seem even more interesting, except Bette. Sadly she didn’t have a single scene.

    When George learns about someone not dying, because he didn’t come to his appointment. George realised what she has to do next, she doesn’t want to kill her next victim and instead she decides to tell him a bunch of lies about his son and in that way he won’t have to show up at the place he’s gonna die.

    But that completely turns out a way she wasn’t waiting for, for him instead many others had to die.

    But that’s not the best about this episode/ I’d say it’s Mason and Rube going to the airport, Rube was caught by the police because he said he was going to kill a baby while Mason is caught by a drugs dog. Mason had drugs in his rectum and had to bend over and everything. It’s one of the best scenes of the show. But the drugs go up his intestines and make him completely high and sick.

    Also we learn about Roxy that she tried to do the same, she saved someone’s life because she didn’t want him to die.

    The other interesting storyline is about Reggie who is completely turning out to be the way George was, also she doesn’t get along with her mother. Reggie took a dead bird this time and Joy told her that she can’t do that again and that she doesn’t want to fight. They eventually end up stuffing a bird.

    This whole episode was filled with laughs and emotional scenes, George at work is just classic. The character Christine is hilarious and so is Delores.

    The episode was well written and comes up to be another Dead Like Me classic.

  • Loopholes are not a good thing when it comes to reaping.

    Last year, Roxy bends the rules to inadvertantly help a friend when she got his name on a post it note, noticing a loophole, George makes a change to stop her appointment making his date with destiny, only to find mass carnage on her hands when a fitness product goes wrong. Meanwhile, Betty has been temporarily incarcerated and is not seen in the episode, only heard tapping on the morgue door, and Mason subsidises his income by smuggling in drugs from a mission, with hilarious consequences when the condom bursts, and Reggie develops an interest in taxidermy, much to Joy's disgust.moreless
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Gary Collins


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Mary Ann Mobley


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Peter Hanlon

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    • George: It was like finding out someone's parents are psychiatrists, or raised Catholic.

    • George: Why're you leaving?
      Rube: Well 'cos if I stay you'll put me in a bad mood, and it's a beautiful day and I don't wanna be in a bad mood.
      George: Do you not like me anymore?
      Rube: Well not right this minute. You're a constipator, peanut, you disturb my shit and that's annoying.

    • Rube: I need somebody to give me lessons on how to communicate with you, peanut, 'cos I'm at a loss. The coin's in the slot and the gumball's on its way and I'm plum out of wisdom.

    • Mason: (Delirious.) It landed on my wank. My wank is the key.

    • George (V/O): Sometimes if a lie is big enough, there's an instinctive need to protect it; it's almost maternal.

    • George (V/O): Even after thwarting Fate itself, Crystal still intimidated the shit out of me.

    • George (V/O): I stood out because I was the only one standing.

    • George (V/O): Somehow, I was failing... upward.

    • George (V/O): How could someone so invisible to me be so visible to everyone else? Maybe because she acted like the Princess of Weird.

    • George (V/O): For those not raised in the South, a Peanut Poppy is like a Peanut M&M, but just different enough to avoid litigation.

    • Secretary: I'm sorry Mr. Munroe isn't available.
      George: Did you tell him it's important?
      Secretary: Yes, but he's just on his way out of the office.
      George: It'll only take a second. Please, I'll be quick.
      Secretary: He's not gonna see you. He doesn't know who you are or what this is regarding.
      George: I'm the girl his son drugged and it's regarding him videotaping me while homeless people had sex with my unconscious body.
      Secretary: I'll double check.

    • Mason: (To George) Heed his advice, and stay on his good side. He's like a volcano, George, he erupts and he spews lava on all the little villages, they run around and, they run around for their lives. But, you know, he stops, and you can go back to the safety of your own home.

    • George (V/O): Rube washed his hands of me, but that didn't mean I was off the hook. It only got worse. I broke the rules. The gravelings declared hunting season on my ass.

    • Roxie: Yo. I had this one dude and he had these electrical belts all over his body and... I don't know... He looked like the Bionic man, Bionic woman, Six million dollar man, whatever that shit is. I don't know why these people do this. You know that lady on "Three's company" with the big titties? I did her thing... Um butt-blaster, ass-master... Whatever... Anyway, I looked ridiculous...

    • George (V/O): I didn't know PJ Munroe was contemplating the latest risk assessment warning from legal when I paid him a visit. I didn't know he was surprised to learn after months of exhaustive testing product safety had determined that people who exercise, sweat. I didn't know that sweat, when combined with an underground electrical current, could result in what the boys in the lab nickname a belly fire.

    • Mason: I saw a dirty movie about a girl who had a wank. She looked like a boy with fake tits.

    • Mason: (flushes the toilet) Oh, thank you Jesus!

    • Dolores: I like the way you show initiative, Millie. I like it a lot. I'd better watch my back. Pretty soon you'll have my job. (George laughs)
      George as Millie: Only after you get a promotion. (smiling)
      Dolores: Oh. (satisified; smiling)
      George (V/O): I felt dirty.

    • George (V/O): (about Dolores) She had her little secret and as long as she didn't lick my phone, that secret was safe with me.

    • George (V/O): Not even Herbig who sanitizes herself to the point of pathology can account for all the variables.

    • George (V/O): I had been bitch-slapped by fate, but does that make me fate's bitch?

    • George (V/O): A steady stream of lies spewd from my mouth each one more elaborate than the last. I drew upon everything I had ever read on Penthouse Forum and made it my own. I was the queen of deception, and I was on fire. By the time I finished I almost believed it myself.

    • Delores: The last time I had a pap, my ass stuck to the paper, so when my OB-GYN told me to slide down, the paper ripped. Well, he kept trying to pull more paper up from that little roll under the table and tuck it round my head, but that kept falling off too. I tell you, we got to laughing, I was laughing so hard he couldn't get the speculum in, because my muscles were all tense (George moves back in shock) because of the laughing. You know I think that was one of my best laughs ever. (Delores laughs)

    • (George comes to Delores's desk)
      Delores: Hi.
      George as Millie: Hi, um.. My gynaecologist called and he needs to reschedule a little early, so if that's possible....
      Delores: Boy, he just can't make up his mind, can he?
      George as Millie: Yeah. So is that okay?
      Delores: Of course, don't be silly. I hope it's nothing serious.
      George as Millie: No no, I'm fine, it's just... I'm fine.
      Delores: Is it a... (mouths)
      George as Millie: What??
      Delores: A pap... Are they doing a pap? (points down below)
      George as Millie: Uh... huh.

    • George (V/O): No-one mentioned death had a loophole.

    • Roxie: I'm gonna eat one of those Listerine strips, these things make your breath smell like ass.

    • George: How long is he gonna stay mad?
      Mason: I've seen him stay mad for years. I've seen it but it's not like this pitbull mad, it's like this disturbing, simmering, quiet rage mad - but he likes you, George. He'll stay mad for less time.
      George: Days? Weeks?
      Mason: What is that other one, after that one?
      George: Months?
      Mason: Yeah, yeah, that's the one.

    • George: Um. I forgot to tell you. Uh, my last guy didn't show up. Just thought you might want to know. So. What's the soup today?
      Rube: Cream of Bull Sh**.

    • Mason: Was it salmon mousse?
      Rube: I don't know, it was canned.

    • George (V/O): (about Roxy) I wish she had a tail; if it was wagging at least I'd know she liked me.

    • Mason: I've got illegals in my bottom.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Roxy: I don't know why these people do this to themselves. You know that lady on "Three's company" with the big **** I did her thing... Um butt-blaster, ass-master... Whatever... Anyway, The point is I looked ridiculous...

      This is an obvious reference to Suzanne Somers who used to endorse the Thighmaster exercise machine, which is what Roxie is referring to.

    • Mason: Was it salmon mousse?
      Rube: I don't know, It was canned.

      The conversation is a reference to the death scene in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life", where a group of people encounter a Grim Reaper who's reaping them because they died by eating the canned salmon mousse.