Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2003 on Showtime

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  • Reaper cheating

    Once again, a terrific and just simply hilarious and well written episode of this fantastic show. So far the best.

    The humor was great, it got me laughing plenty of times. It also developed the characters and made them seem even more interesting, except Bette. Sadly she didn’t have a single scene.

    When George learns about someone not dying, because he didn’t come to his appointment. George realised what she has to do next, she doesn’t want to kill her next victim and instead she decides to tell him a bunch of lies about his son and in that way he won’t have to show up at the place he’s gonna die.
    But that completely turns out a way she wasn’t waiting for, for him instead many others had to die.

    But that’s not the best about this episode/ I’d say it’s Mason and Rube going to the airport, Rube was caught by the police because he said he was going to kill a baby while Mason is caught by a drugs dog. Mason had drugs in his rectum and had to bend over and everything. It’s one of the best scenes of the show. But the drugs go up his intestines and make him completely high and sick.

    Also we learn about Roxy that she tried to do the same, she saved someone’s life because she didn’t want him to die.

    The other interesting storyline is about Reggie who is completely turning out to be the way George was, also she doesn’t get along with her mother. Reggie took a dead bird this time and Joy told her that she can’t do that again and that she doesn’t want to fight. They eventually end up stuffing a bird.

    This whole episode was filled with laughs and emotional scenes, George at work is just classic. The character Christine is hilarious and so is Delores.
    The episode was well written and comes up to be another Dead Like Me classic.
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