Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 5

Reaping Havoc

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2003 on Showtime
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George spends some time with Betty and realizes that she actually found a real friend, but soon as she becomes happy, Betty decides to take a one-time chance and go to the other side. Meanwhile, Mason reaps an old woman and spends some time with her.

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  • Reaping Havoc

    Reaping Havoc was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dead Like Me. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development for both Georgia and Betty. It was interesting to see Betty's background and how she died. I think this episode was not only pivotal but an important keystone to the series as a whole, though the series potential was unrealized. This episode really was a prime example of how this series explores humanity and the human condition. As a people watcher I was really intrigued by Betty's collection of photos and her classifcations. It was really sad to see what happened in this episode, yet as one door closes another opens. I look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!moreless
  • Bye Bye Betty.

    The episode concentrates on friendship, and George makes two, and loses one. She starts to create Milly by telling Delores that she has an older brother, which she changes at the end, when Bettys story reaches a climax. Betty takes pictures of her charges, and stores them and we learn that Betty died leaping from rocks with her boyfriend in 1927, and later, as she reaps the soul of an Irish rogue, Betty bites her bottom lip, and makes her decision, she asks George to take her photo, and leaps into her charges private heaven, leaving George minus one friend. Rumour has it Rebecca Gayheart didn't want to be part of a long running tv series, hence her absence in the last episode. Loss to show. we love Betty.moreless
  • Betty's departure

    I thought this was an excellent episode we got to see more of Betty who was one of my favorite characters besides George and was sooo very sad to see her go...soo sad that I actually teared up and had to stop watching soo I wouldn't cry... I think the fact that there was an uncertainty in what happen but just knowing betty made u feel, as george said "reassured" that wherever Betty was Will be a good place and i also loved that she will always remain in George's heart as the elder sister....its just sad that she had to go :(moreless
  • Gone like Betty

    Yet, another excellent and very entertaining but still sort of sad episode.

    The fun moments were mostly thanks to Mason again. He goes to some old twit and she says some of the most bizarre but hilarious lines. I loved them together, I could have sworn it was his grandma. Eventually he steals her money and buries her.

    Meanwhile George is looking for a friend, Rube? No. Deloris? Yikes, no. So she makes friends with Betty instead. I loved watching a flashback of her death, she jumped and it wasn’t deep enough so she died. I really adored her character, keeping pictures of dead people and just simply enjoying her undead life. It was a shame she went away, after Geroge killed a man he’s going to his heaven place of whatever and she jumps as well. Because she’s a jumper, sadly she doesn’t come back or lands either. Her soul or light thing goes somewhere else.

    I felt sad for George, she finally made a good friend. Anyway, she begins to invent Milly, she has a brother but after Betty’s death she invents it to be an older sister. Also Deloris continues to adore her and to talk about her sad life, her cat has some problem with it’s urine. YIKES. Poor George, but at least Deloris likes her.

    Anyway, I noticed that Roxy wasn’t in this episode. Which wasn’t a shame, it’s a nice character but she wouldn’t have added anything.

    Anyway, after Betty’s disappearance George decides to make a scrap book and puts a picture of Betty at the end.

    I also liked Rube’s character that for the first time wondered where Betty went to.

    Anyway, this was a great episode. It’s sad to say goodbye to the wonderful Betty. It’s not one of the best of the show though, too much talking here and there. But I loved Betty’s flashback and her goodbye. It was a but tearjerking at the end.

    This is just an add to another excellent Dead Like Me episode.

  • A friend won, then a friend lost

    Really sad episode, but wonderful at the same time, when Betty dies it's amazingly well done, when every reaper sees the world shaking, and at the end, with the great music, the book "mysterious and reassuring", and the post it left on the door... The writters and staff have greatly made her go, however, it remains dumb that she leaves...
Enid-Raye Adams

Enid-Raye Adams


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Jackie Burroughs


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Crystal Dahl


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Man bitten by spider (death not seen, soul taken by Betty)
      - Betty jumping off cliff (Reaper's last reap)
      - Old Woman (Death not seen, Soul taken by Mason)
      - Man hit by canoe (Soul taken by George)
      - Man stabbed by swordfish (Soul taken by George)

    • We learn that Rube called Betty a Pistol.

    • We learn (through flashbacks) how Betty died: she jumped of a cliff for fun but didn't realize the fall had killed her.

    • George's scrapbook is called Mysterious and Reassuring.

    • When George takes Betty's picture, the picture shows Betty with her original face, not her afterlife face.

    • The Irish guy at the end saw the white cliffs of Dover, which fans from Ireland will probably be offended to see as they are in fact on the English coastline facing France.

    • The usual explanation for a ghost not falling through chairs and floors is because it is still used to being solid. It thinks it's sitting on the chair but it is actually hovering just above it, due to force of habit. However, it can't interact with the real world, so if the ghost tries to pick up a cup or move the chair back, the ghost will pass through the object.

    • In episode 3, we see through a flashback that Betty takes her ring from what some people interpret as a burnt hand in a coffin. In this episode, she says her boyfriend bought it for her, which would make the hand from episode 3 her own. In fact, the hand isn't meant to be burnt, just heavily decayed. She is apparently just retrieving the ring her boyfriend bought for her and was buried with her (after she removes the ring, it focus on the headstone in the background: Rhomer, Betty | 1899-1926).

  • QUOTES (22)

    • George: Why do I keep losing all the things and people that I care about?
      Rube: That's what life is, Peanut.

    • Rube: Fine. Jesus'll leave a note.
      George: If he can walk on water, I guess he can write a note, too.

    • George: Why do you take people's Polaroids right before you pop their souls?
      Betty: Mmm... I was looking for a signature, trying to get away from the whole cloak and sickle thing; it's so unflattering.

    • George (V/O): Betty could get excited about the littlest things. Being undead made her more alive than any person I know.

    • (George sees Dolores bring a basket to her cubicle)
      George: If this is Murray the dead cat, I'm so outta here.

    • (Rube, George and Betty are at a Bowers family reunion trying to find M.J. Bowers)
      Rube: Is your name M.J.?
      Old Man Bowers: What?
      Rube: My friend tells me 'go say hello to M.J. he's standin' over there' and she points to you.
      Old Man Bowers: Which friend?
      Rube: Right there. Pretty girl in the pant suit.
      (They look at George and George waves)
      Old Man Bowers: That one? I don't know her. Uh, what is she pointing at me for?
      Rube: She thought you were M.J. Bowers. Are you?
      Old Man Bowers: Who wants to know?
      Rube: It's a family reunion. We're all family. I'm just askin' your name.
      Old Man Bowers: I don't know you, sir!
      Rube: Rube. Hi, how are you? Listen, I'm tired of f***n' around. Is your name M.J. Bowers or not?
      Old Man Bowers: (Confused) Uh...

    • Rube: You don't mess with fate, Peanut. People die when they are meant to die. There's no discussion. There's no negotiation. When life's done, it's done. You of all people should know that.

    • George as Millie: I'm almost finished.
      Delores: Wonderful. The embossed binders are in a white box by my desk. We're going do the cover pages last. I'm having Gail make a few changes. Did you know she's colour blind?
      George as Millie: No.
      Delores: That's unusual for girls.
      George as Millie: Really?
      Delores: Sure. My sister's colour blind, and everyone made such a fuss because it's so rare, but she's a little masculine, so none of us were very surprised, she has a wispy little moustache.

    • Florence: Les told me I could do anything on that stage long as I was singing. Such a kind heart. Except when he was working with Red Nickels. But that's because Red could be a real cocksucker. Especially when he was parading around with his ass in the air like a baboon presenting.

    • Mason: Oh my God. God, my dad used to listen to Louie Prima.
      Florence: I worked with Louie. It was at Frank Delaney's Terrace room. That's in Newark. Have you ever been to Newark?
      Mason: No, can't say I have.
      Florence: Oh. It's a toilet. But Louie had such an instinctive voice. Rub you all wrong, then would rub you all right. He was something else.

    • Florence: You're pushing too hard. Just the one stroke on the F. You lifted the goddamn pen. And that N, looks like an M. I mean, there's no M in Florence.
      Mason: No wonder your children don't come to visit you.

    • Delores: I know I act like I have it all together, but I am no stranger to adversity. I went through a rough patch when I was your age. It was the 80's and everyone was doing so much... cocaine. We called it... blow.

    • George (V/O): How does death deal with death? I guess the same way the living do, trying to make sense of something that will never quite make sense.

    • Rube: We usually take the soul in the A.M. Rest of the day is sangria and sunshine.

    • Mason: Is this collectable?
      Florence: I was raised on that washing powder. Those are the Gold Dust twins. Aren't they just the cutest little jiggaboos?

    • Betty: (takes out some things that help take security tags off clothing in stores.) This one is for those little hard reusable ones. Looks like a nipple on a tongue depressor.

    • Rube: Where you headed?
      Betty: Oh, I'm going again. That was a hoot.
      Rube: You like falling, do ya?
      Betty: Well, it's not the fallin', it's the jumpin'.
      Rube: I'd feel a whole lot better about the jumpin' if it weren't for the fallin'.
      Betty: Fallin's easy, you just fall. Jumping involves strength of will.
      Rube: Unless you're on a plank.

    • George (V/O): From the moment we're born, we hit the ground running, put one foot in front of the other and anything is possible. Of course, that's all bullshit. The truth is from evolution to revolution, things hardly ever change gradually. They change suddenly in great leaps. For those who understand this, life is a constant search for the next big jump. For the rest of us, all that jumping seems kind of stupid.

    • Betty: Here, take my picture.
      George: What? What?
      Betty: Take my picture.
      George: Why?
      Betty: Happy thoughts.
      (George takes the picture. Betty starts taking off her ring.)
      Betty: For my beautiful young friend. (she puts the ring in George's hand) I love you, sweety. (she starts walking away)
      George: Wait, what are you doing?
      Betty: Time to shake things up a bit. Piggyback ride.

    • Betty: I had to work the Macy's Thanksgiving parade all alone one year. There was this travesty with a rogue Marmaduke balloon.

    • Florence (elderly dead lady): That's an ugly cat. If I had a cat like that I'd sell it to a Vietnamese restaurant.

    • Betty: Your friend cups my buttocks reaching for a piece of blueberry buckle. Probably figured that I didn't notice but I did.
      Rube: Well, he calls that soul popping.
      Betty: Call it whatever you want. I think you should keep better company.

  • NOTES (2)


    • M.J.: Aren't you guys supposed to help me send a message to my loved ones? Rube: Well, I don't see Della Reese sitting at this table.

      Della Reese plays a character named Tess on the Touched By an Angel television show. Tess, a compassionate angel, would have probably helped M.J. with his sister, without a fuss. Rube is not Tess.

    • The title of this episode, Reaping Havoc, is an allusion to the phrase "wreaking havoc," meaning to bring about or cause destruction.

    • George: Yeah, stupid huh? We should get paid, at least minimum wage.
      Betty: Look who's Norma Rae.

      Norma Rae is the fictional character in the 1979 movie by the same name. The movie tells the story of a woman (Sally Field) who becomes involved in the labor union activities at the local textile factory where she works.