Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 14

Rest in Peace

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2003 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

George goes back to Happy Time hoping to get her job back, but Delores is not open to this at all. That is, until her cat ends up getting very sick. Rube goes on a reap-assignment to a yoga-class where he shares a few good words with the professor. Meanwhile, The Lass's prepare to visit Georgia's grave.moreless

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  • This is season's finale and it really does credit to all the major characters.Since the authors did not know if the show is going to be renewed, it's a small celebration and a fresh start for young George, who gets to drink her first glass of Champagnemoreless

    This episode starts in a very festive tone, and it remains so throughout the whole show. It is the day of young reaper Georgia Lass, and from the moment she arrives to "Der Waffle House" everybody is nice to her (too nice if you ask me). Rube, her father figure whom she did not like at first, even buys her a meal. We find out soon enough that this is the day in which her family (and grim reapers afterwards) go to her grave for the first time. The plot involving Mason and his inability to score with a LIVE girl for over 15 months is really funny, especially when he asks Daisy to go out and be his pimp. They test his new scoring lines in a CD shop where Mason has someone to reap. But, it turns out that Mason's cheek is far more slap-consistent than you would think. Every one of the girls slaps him, even Daisy and a small kid walking nearby can't leave it out because it apparently looks like a fun thing to do. He eventually scores with the young CD shop owner, but only after he admits that he is a grim reaper.

    At the end of the episode you can clearly see that the authors did not know what will happen with the show,since it was the last one in the season. All the major characters gather around George's grave and celebrate with a glass of nice Champagne. George has never had Champagne before and her comment concludes the show: "So good I wish I weren't dead". But she is. Dead like all of them. Zoom out on the Earth. Fade out. The End of the first season.moreless
  • Finale.

    George fails in her bid to return to Happy Time, until she assists Delores in her pet crisis with her beloved Murray, and she meets Charlie, a pet reaper, who is also a child, which George feels sorry for. Meanwhile, Daisy and MAson have fun in the art of flirting. Meanwhile, the Lass's mourn the anniversary of George's death when her head stone arrives. This was a nice season finale, and simply closes the series down, no cliff hanger to wait for the next premier, just a nice relaxing end shot of the earth, parrallel to the premier of season 1.moreless
  • Season finale. Great ending to a great season.

    I thought this was one of the most intriguing episodes of the season. Delores was shown for who she really is. She didn't give George her job back until George did something for her. Although, I don't believe that George did a favor for Delores just to get her job back. After watching this episode I was really interested to see if Charlie showed up in the next season. I enjoyed Charlie's character because there was a feeling of hope... like Charlie could be a link to the real world, for George. I just thought Charlie was a cute little kid! Looking forward to see what happens next season.moreless
  • Dead like us

    ‘Rest In Peace’ is the end of the wonderful first season of Dead Like Me, and I have to say it was definitely the best one.

    It’s George’s day and she finds money on her way,. In the waffle house they are all treating her like a king except for Roxy who became very jealous.

    George gets 20 bucks and a free lunch but she wants more than that and decides to take her job back, but Deloris tells her no because she was a quitter. But at the same time Deloris gets a call about her cat having an attack so George decides to go with her to the veterinarian.

    Meanwhile Mason wants to get laid because he hasn’t in a long time. His scenes in the shop were hilarious, the girls slapped him before he could even get a sentence out. Up until he met a girl who knew what a grim reaper was (surprise, it was Jewel Staite as a goth). They never fully explained how and what she was, but it was still fun.

    Meanwhile Rube goes to a Yoga instructor who told Rube to back up a bit and to let himself go. Harold Perrineau did a great job in this episode and had some big muscles. I loved his go-away scene.

    Reggie and Joy were also going to the funeral of George, she got a big stone and Clancy was once again the one I couldn’t stand. But I loved Reggie’s scene with Joy and they both say something about George which was touching.

    Meanwhile George is having fun at the pet hospital, or not. She meets ‘Charlie’ who is the pet reaper and after Deloris’ cat doesn’t die, she gives him the 20 bucks she found at the beginning of the episode. Plus she got her job back.

    The last scene features the entire reaper gang kinda celebrating George’s death, who drinks champagne for the first time.

    ‘Rest in Peace’ could have been the last episode and pretty much would have closed the season greatly, but i’m glad it wasn’t the last.

  • "I died earlier this year and I am still waiting for the tiniest bit of perspective"

    I'm not really sure how long it's been, but today is when the Lass family comes to George's grave for the first time.

    This whole event is clouded, like everything else in that family, by arguments. That, and the ever mysterious cell phone.

    How many times will we have to see Joy trying to connect with her daughter, while Clancy just isn't there. The man even walks away while Reggie and Joy say their parting words to George.

    Are we supposed to hate him and feel sorry for Joy? Well, mission accomplished. Let's move this plot line forward please.

    This special day grants George some gifts from her reaper friends, and from the universe (A 20 dollar bill flies right up to her).

    After getting a free breakfast and no post its, she feels invincible, and decides to try her luck with Delores. Her luck fails her, but after helping her with her cat, Delores gives her her old job back.

    What is the deal with the child reaper?

    God, or death, or whoever, decided that a child who died in a car accident, should be brought back as an undead homeless? Just so he can take the soul from an occasional bunny?

    At least let the kid live with some grown up reapers, so he won't have to eat out of a dumpster!

    Anyway, after the Lasses leave, George's new family gives her another ceremony.

    This one is not really what usually happens in a cemetery, seeing how they all drink champagne and have fun. And with a true season ending line, we go on hiatus:

    "Here's to George: Dead like us!"

    Well, actually the episode doesn't end with that, and that's good. It would have been cheesy.

    It ends with a zoom out to a view of earth - just like in the first episode.

    Here's to one of the most original shows we've seen in a while. Can't wait to see the 2nd season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The boy animal reaper is reading an issue of the comic book Lady Death.

    • The Joni Mitchell song Dolores mentions must be "Big yellow taxi" with the line "Don't it always seem to go, That you don't know what you've got, Till it's gone" It makes sense since she's talking about her ill cat.

    • It is revealed in this episode that reapers can be any age - the little boy Charlie had to be 9 or 10. We learn that reapers can also take the spirits of animals as well as humans. We also learn that gravelings live in graveyards.

    • The season ends the way it began with a shot of the Earth.

    • The kid that was shoplifting was wearing a shirt with character from the Web Cartoon "Happy Tree Friends."

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Yoga teacher neck injury (soul taken by Rube)
      - Eddy Rabbit (Soul taken by Charlie)
      - Man hit by car (not seen, soul taken by George)

    • The record store that Mason and Daisy go into so that Mason can pick up girls is an actual store in Vancouver, BC. Like the show calls it, it is named Zulu Records and is located on W 4th Avenue just west of Burrard St.

    • The comic book Charlie is reading in the pet hospital waiting room is Lady Death.

    • The yoga instructor has a shadow after he dies...
      And do they stay on the floor and not fall through anyway?
      He even uses to the floor do to yoga excerises.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • George (V/O): The day I dropped out of college, I remember lying on my bed. My mother came into my room, and she'd been crying. She stared at me for a long time and then she said, "You only have one shot at life, Georgia. This is no dress rehearsal." And I said, "You know what, Mom? Maybe I don't even want to be in the play." A month later I was killed. I wonder sometimes if someone was listening.

    • Mason: I took that guy's soul last year, right cocksucker. Glad he's dead.

    • Mason: I'm a good looking guy am I not, am I, am I not, am I?
      Roxy: You're fine for a white boy.

    • Roxy: So what are you? Rube's butt-boy?
      George: Why? Did you resign?

    • Rube: A wise man knows how much he doesn't know.

    • George (narration): That night a man was killed by a speeding car and I was there to take his soul. The street on which he died turned into a flowing river of light and he hesitated at its banks. I told him to take a deep breath, as if it's the last one you'll ever take. Because sometimes in life, or in death I guess, you just never know.

    • Rube:(making a toast by George's grave) Georgia. I'm sorry for your loss. The things in life you won't do... The people you won't know and who won't know you... But there's this. This life. And you are loved. Drink up.

    • Mason: Do any of you girls work for UPS? Cause I couldn't help but notice you were checking out my package.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Eddie Rabbit
      The pet bunny on death's door punningly shares his name with a musical personality. Eddie Rabbit (1941-1998) was a country and R&B singer who was very popular in the late 70's and 80's.

    • George: Some drunken writer once said that there are no great second acts in life.

      Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald was the one who claimed that 'there are not second acts in life', and he was indeed an alcoholic.

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