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  • My 2nd all-time fav show! Lesson to be learned, DON'T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY!

    Great writing/acting! Offbeat!

    Der Waffle Haus in the pilot is not a set (as was the rest of the show) but an actual location called Tom & Jerrys Restaurant and is still located in Vancouver (the series setting is Seattle) at 2828 E. Hastings St. (at the corner of Hastings and Kaslo). Sorry, no waffles!

    Does anyone remember the 'Banana Bonanzas' mentioned in the pilot? Here's my recipe:

    1 - One waffle.

    2 - Pour melted butter over waffle (just enough to leave a tiny pool of melted butter in each 'pocket').

    3 - Slice one banana and spread evenly over waffle.

    4 - Add one scoop vanilla ice cream.

    5 - Cover all with large amount (or less if you prefer) of whipped cream (aerosol or Cool Whip),

    6 - Drizzle maple syrup and chocolate syrup over whipped cream.

    7 - Sprinkle cinnamon powder or cinnamon sugar (you can find this in the spice section of your grocery store) over the whipped cream and syrup.

    8 - Top with one fresh strawberry.

    9 - ENJOY!

    The show's first line (from the pilot): Let's take a ride.

    The show's last line (episode 29: Haunted): It's not so bad, being dead like me.
  • Best show I've seen in a while

    I know this show hasn't been on for a few years, but i just discovered it. My baby sister committed suicide this past year and finding this show has made me feel closer to her. I really wish there was something i could do to convince the producers to continue making the show. There really is nothing else on TV that it like it.
  • Should never have ended

    it was a funny twist on a grim subject....
  • Worth a Watch

    Dead Like Me was a pleasant, comical but philosophical series. At first glance it had a morbid humor that I have only ever found in other works from Bryan Fuller. Taking a deeper look at the series, however, it brings up a great number of questions about life and death. It honestly encourages me to sit and think about my life.

    At the same time that the plot allows me to further educate myself about what it mans to be alive, I am again brought back to the strange humor found in Dead Like Me. The series allows me to revel in some comic deaths and cry at other more somber ones. Many of the characters are easily relatable and, well cast. The character Reggie was particularly well played, as I watched her develop the most from her sister's death.

    It may seem odd reviewing such an old show, but the series was different. It educated people in a way that society needs. It showed the good, the bad and the indifferent in life and death. It showed how everyone has their own struggles, and how at times we should love and care for each other. It allows a person to see just how big the world really is, and notice how many lives there are in that world.

    Should the series come back? I would like to say yes, but after so long Dead Like Me would be better off making a completely new series with a similar concept. The second series left everyone with many questions, but realistically the series would develop a greater following with a new character in a new location, still holding true to the spirit of Dead Like Me.

    I can say with full honesty Dead Like Me teaches the value of life.
  • Excellent!

    One of my fav shows - too bad it was cancelled.

    I loved this show - a fresh idea, funny and smart.
  • Muth was great as a reaper

    The style and concept of shw kept you coming back. Loved the humot and the crazy stuff that made the reapers seems almost like bricklayer building something every second.

    Like to Ms Muth is something new.

    I loved this show and its time for a remake....okay people, get to it. Its time to remake this show.
  • So bad and dull that its sad. The worse thing about this show is that it just got worse and worse with each episode. They literally dug their own graves.

    I found the idea of this show interesting and thought it might have potential. The idea of the grim reaper not being a black hooded figure but an actual person made me want to tune in so I did. Unfortanately, I was more than ready to tune out after the first episode. George dies by getting hit with a toilet seat that fell from a space station. Seriously?! How messed up is that? That made me want to turn it off immediately, but I didn't because I wanted to give it a chance. The characters in the show are interesting, but most of the story lines were boring and dated. Then the creatures were introduced that reapers weren't allowed to stop. I would appologize to the people who died, because of the creatures they COULDN'T see. I'm sorry, but noone should be allowed to die when it was done like that.

    Sad to say, the show failed in my opinion.
  • This was a great and refreshing show. Finally someone had teh balls to think of something different pertaining to religion, which I guess is not that easy in our society. The show is about reapers (you know the grim reapers)...

    These reapers get assigned dead people to help cross over. So basically they go to a scene where someone is going to die, wait for the accident, and help the remaining spirit cross over. George the main character is a young girl, in a dead end cubicle job. She gets killed by a toilet seat from space (whch is literarily a Sh**** way to go). There is a catch though, these reapers must eat and live somewhere, therefore they need to earn money, some by crime like Mason (Callum Blue) and other with legitimate jobs. This sets the characters up for some really funny situations. The pillar of the show is Mason, a reaper that died chasing the ultimate high(a drill to the head,lol). Shame the show ended so soon, and even worse that they made a movie. But all in all, a higly underrated show, that should have lived to see at least 8 years of quality television.
  • Dealing with death.

    I was having trouble dealing with the fact that I will soon be dead. The VA doctor was even cold enough to tell me by phone that my cancer was terminal. How could I be dying? I don't even feel sick, "You will as it spreads" he said.

    One of the keywords I used in google brought up the show "Dead Like Me" and out of curiosity, I downloaded the first couple of episodes. I was hooked. Since I am now too weak from chemo to do much else, I downloaded all 29 episodes and the movie. I watched them all. You know the old cliche "I laughed, I cried"...I did. I cried a lot. Me...a combat veteran, hardened by a sometimes tough life of 60 years...crying like baby.

    In writing about death, they captured the essence of life...and death, and helped me find a way to deal with my own life...and death.

    Thank You
  • Outstanding,beautiful and creative!!

    I will truly miss this show,it's a shame it was only a two season run. Its been the best story show on TV in a long time. Make's you cry and think,plus it's cast was picked perfectly.It was sad to know it was not going to be brought back for a third season,made watching the final show sad to watch.Everything was fitting,the sad part was it will always leave me wanting more! also for the record I believe the last guy who dead on the episode should have been left to suffer!! To the creators: Bring back another season please!!! And thank you for such a wonderful story line!! Outstanding,and inspiring for those of us who believe the the here after!!
  • to all of you how say "bring it back", dont just say it, do something about it. all must tell the people incharge if anythings going to change. EVERYONE!!!!

    ok, I bet most of us has said \'\'bring it back\'\' but has anyone actually done anything to get it back? and since the show is still shown in reruns then there must be people watchin it right? so if enough people told Showtime they want it back and up and running then maybe if we\'re lucvky, they might just listen. so i sugest that everyone that wants the show back get in contact with the good people at showtime and give them a good reason to do so. now for contact if you live within scandinavia go to and send them an e-mail. im gonna do it right now and i hope you will aswell.

    viva la reapers
  • Show started out on different take of life after death thing then characters got tweeked. Appeared to have been a "new" writer mixing messages and losing my religion thing came about. Show still good but I could write better stuff. Didnt need to quit.

    The Sister should have met up more with the little boy reaper. Ellen should have had the guy dating her and learning some lsson to give her a reason for being in such a limbo setting. Why the heck was she going thru ll that head thinking stuff otherwise? It had great content that it could have reached that I kept coming back to see if she got the message. There should have been less of the Friday the 13th TV Show thing going on. This was one heck of a show and now I have ONE less reason to watch TV
  • Life of a Reaper

    George (Ellen Muth) is forced to do her job as a reaper after she died being hit by a toilet from space. The story is told from the point of view of 18-year-old jaded slacker George, whose voice-over commentary sometimes contradicts what is happening on the screen. She and her group of Reapers have to take the souls of people who are about to die. Out of the whole group I find the funniest character to be Mason - the boozing reaper always on the lookout to make a quick buck. The format of the show is fascinating as there are two arcs going at the same time: George adjusting to the afterlife, and her family slowly falling apart because of her death.
  • Bringing the dead Back to life...

    Every now and then a show comes along that is a true gem. The kind of show that stands apart and claims unique artistic independence from the regular 9 to 5 gluttony. Shows like Twin Peaks, Wonderfalls, Mellinium, Profiler, Brisco County (theres more but you get the idea) that have forever been etched into my "Great TV shows Hall Of Fame", but unfortunately they have all been underdogs (and i always root for the underdog!), lasting , at best, no more than 2 seasons. Why do half of my favorite shows get canceled?

    One of my current additions to that list is is "Dead Like Me" -i really loved that show and i really miss it!! It was a show that i could relate to in several ways because I saw a part of me in each character. It combined a sense of rebellious youth AND mature reality perfectly. I loved the wonderful flow and rhythm of the acerbic dark humor and touching human frailty. In every single episode i could easily bust a gut laughing and cry like a baby. This show had it all in abundance! Great writing, great directing, great camera/cinematography and great acting- so effortlessly portrayed by the cast-and without great actors giving great performances then it's no good no matter how good everything else is. So, thank you- Callum, Ellen, Jasmine, Laura and Mandy! You guys ROCK! Christine, Cynthia, and Britt for supporting and giving life to the back stories!

    My favorite character was/is 'Mason' acted brilliantly(!) by the talented, adorable and quite handsome Callum Blue. Callum make Mason as lovably clueless as he is sad and hopeless. So, a hearty, hug-filled Thank You to Callum, there would be no Mason without him!

    I still wonder exactly what Showtime was thinking by canceling it. There is a large devoted fan base for this show and we were all let down when DLM was let go. Sometimes the fans refuse to let that happen and the networks actually listen (like Medium) but the powers that be decided to travel a different road for DLM....! At least we have a newly released DLM MOVIE! It remained true to the original series with believable, albeit interesting, changes and thank gods the direction by Stephen Herek was excellent(!). But, it was bittersweet because it reminds me how much i miss the show.

    Long live Dead Like Me!
  • This show answered the question of what happens when you die? Well, sometimes you get a job as a reaper, collecting souls at death and seeing them on their way.

    The main character, George, isn't exactly lovable. She's gloomy, which I supposed one would be after they die, but she was gloomy before. Her afterlife is a bit of an improvement over her real life where she couldn't get a job and lived an isolated life with her divorced Mom and a younger sister.

    Still, George's story is compelling as she comes to grips with her new job as a reaper, as well as having to get a real job in an office. The show isn't just about running about collecting souls, it's also about a day to day existence of getting by, forming relationships with coworkers and learning about their pasts, and trying to separate your past from your present so you can move on.

    This was a great show, over before it's time. There were a few glaring mistakes here and there, but not enough to detract from it overall. I enjoyed this show so much that because I didn't have Showtime I arranged with friends to watch it at their place, even when they weren't home. I had to tape it for them. They even canceled Showtime when they learned Dead Like Me got canceled.
  • What really happens when you're dead? You either go into the light or you become a Grim Reaper. This is the story of a young lady who takes the second route. Killed by a toilet seat reentering the atmosphere George lives on as a reaper.

    Clever, entertaining, comedic, and quirky are some of the adjectives I would use to describe this show from Showtime and MGM. The fact that it was canceled like it was is almost tragic. It is surprising that MGM could not find another network at the time. Ellen Muth as George and Mandy Patinkin as Rube both do an outstanding job as the main characters and the rest of the cast is great in their many different adventures.

    I really enjoyed Rebecca Gayheart in the first five episodes as Betty, Georges short lived best friend. I would love to see the character return if they do revive the series.

    Ellen Muth does an excellent job of carrying a show that really delves into the psyche of the main character and deals with her feelings about life, death, her family, and existence in general.

    The rest of the cast of regulars Jasmine Guy as Roxy, Callum Blue as Mason, Laura Harris (now Sarah Wynter) as Daisy, and Christine Willes as Delores round out a very professional and well balanced cast.

    I saw the new movie that was released and have reviewed here at as well. Maybe this is a sign we might see this show return. ScFi? USA? TNT? Any takers.
  • I was sad to see that der waffle house was gone seeing George and her sister come together and ease both of their souls was heart warming The best part of the movie was seeing that Mason Roxy havent changed any and still give physical comedy a new meaning

    This movie is the prime example of why this series should never have been canceled. The only sad thing about it coming out, is that there wasn't enough advertisement, and I didn't know that is was coming out until I saw it in the store. This movie completely reminded me of why I adored this show so much, and it is a breath of fresh air to have something with a sense of humor, and hopefully it is brought back to answer some of the questions that are left to be. I sincerely hope that this show continues on and soon!
  • Quick blurb on my opinion of the new movie

    I am so happy they gave the fans closure, even if it was a "cult following". They always cancel the good shows without giving them and ending (Ahem, ie: "Huff").

    I loved the movie and they did a nice job of how they wrote Rube out of the show. It tied in nicely with the ending.

    Watching it made me a bit sad though, it just made me remember how much I loved this show, and how we will never get to see anymore of it.

    Loved the comic-like beginning. Also it was great how they got many of the original cast back and kept them looking close to how the characters looked all that time ago (because you don't age when you are dead!)

    My only complaint was the new "Daisy" character. I didn't like her anywhere near as much as the original. Other than that, I'm super happy about the movie, if you are a fan you will love it!
  • This shows needs to be brought back worse programs have been kept, the story lines were good.

    Loved this show watched every single episode sadly 2 seasons is not enought think of all the poor shows that have been kept, I recently watched the Film of same name not as good as tv show, daisy is played by different character she is not as good as the old daisy from original episode, also rube is missing from it and some plonker has taken over, the story line was not as good as the tv show in my opinion, wish they would make more of this show, it needs bringing back. But hey when do we ever get what when it comes to tv as the big chiefs always think they no better than the viewers.
  • Dead Like Me was a wonderfully dark and witty comedy, revoling around a crew of Grim Reapers who lived here on Earth, amongst the living, just trying to do their jobs!

    Dead Like Me was a wonderful series that is soon to release a spin off movie "Life After Death". It is due to be released on February 17th and will come out directly to DVD.

    One of the delightfully addicting things abut this series, aside from and excellent cast, was the music that was chose to accompany the stories within each episode.

    Two of my personal favorites musical selections where the songs "Boom Boom Ba" and "Nomah's Land", both by Metisse. Happily, "Boom Boom Ba" will also be included in the new movie! For those who just can't bare to wait to hear it again... It can be heard on the My Space profiles: METISSE. ""

    and is also available on itunes!
  • Gone too soon.

    I loved this show from the first episode! George's sarcastic attitude, her denial of her recent death, and the chemistry with her new co-workers was a great idea and something that was new to television. The idea that grim reapers are out there living lives similar to the living was an interesting premise. The second season was not as great as the first, but still refreshing and different from anything else on television. The series was canceled without a series finale episode to close the story lines, but a direct-to-DVD movie was made to continue the story with our favorite grim reapers with minimal cast changes. Definitely watch the series before watching the movie!
  • They really should bring this one back.

    Don't worry! It's hip to be dead. Killed by a flaming toilet seat from space? Things happen. I liked this show alot, and to me, it's proof that there's more to Canada than Doug and Bob Mckensey. Funny and at times bittersweet, poor George has to deal with her own death, her new position as a grim reaper...and all without quitting her day job. Canadian television has impressed me greatly over the last few years with more than one of their exports to our airwaves. Re-Genisis is one example of outstanding Canadian drama, and I was highly impressed with Jane and the Dragon for kids. Can't wait to see what our neighbours to the north are going to come up with next!
  • I love this show it sucks they canceled it.

    I just started watching this show on Netflix like a week ago and I got really into it. I really like the characters and the very unique and comical story, (It's not everyday you see a show about reapers with a sense of humor.) When I finished the second season I checked online to see when the third season would be coming out and I was shocked when I found this page and it said that the show was canceled, and now I'm so disappointed, I just don't think the show ended very well. Does anyone know why they canceled it?
  • Dead Like Me Bring this show back

    Dead Like Me.
    Bring it back!
    I would like to see more episodes!

    I really loved this tv series. Excellent show! It was so funny and was well written and the star George was supreme!

    I really thought this show would catch on more than it did, it was such a fantastic show.

    It was one of the very best tv series I have ever seen, and was in a league of it's own!

    The actress George had some really funny, sarcastic, moments, which made the entire show worth watching.
    I wish it would come back, it is one the best shows
    on tv I have ever seen.
  • Georgia "George" Lass is killed by a toilet seat that falls sky. Upon death, she is recruited for a team of grim reapers - undead who mix among the and take people's souls just before they die.

    There's an old saying that goes "the dead can't hurt you," but in the case of the new Showtime series Dead Like Me they certainly have the power to bore you to death. After the runaway hit Queer as Folk, the cable network started to go head to head with HBO's boffo original programming. With movies like the searing drama Soldier's Girl and provocative subject matter in such series as Out of Order, an update on couples swapping, they are trying to carve a sharper edge. Responding to HBO's sublimely dark Six Feet Under, Showtime concocted this single-note comedy about death and dying with little organic steam of its own. Dead Like Me centers on hapless Georgia 'George' Lass, an aimless 18 year-old, played with bored, furrowed-brow naivete by Ellen Muth. Like many disaffected youth, she is completely alienated from her parents and has no thought of moving her life forward. Her mother makes her get a temp job as a file-clerk and when she goes out for lunch she gets struck by a toilet-seat plummeting to earth from a disintegrating MIR space station. The first person Georgia meets in the afterlife is Mandy Patinkin as Rube, a grim-reaper, who utters lines like "We're bail bondsman for the disembodied," telling Georgia to "join the ranks of the undead." Not a promising start. Rube pawns Georgia off to Mason (Callum Blue), a likeable sidekick who earns his undead money by stealing parking meters. Stone faced Jasmine Guy plays Roxie, an uber-rigid meter maid who runs him over with her parking cart. The reapers might be earthbound, but they heal quickly. The group guide George's apprenticeship and dub her 'toilet seat girl.' Eventually, George stops whining and accepts her lot, aided by undead gal-pal Betty (Rebecca Gayheart) who likes being a reaper and even robs her own grave, ripping the rings off of her own skeleton. The reapers are not only expected to reach their quotas of souls for commission, they have to find places to live and get jobs, since they are still visible in an aged form to the outside world. Visits to gangland slayings. train wrecks, falling waffle signs, bear maulings, and armed bank robberies are secondary to the constant dialogue by the reapers about death and dying. The ghoulish musings are endless and, when the gallows humor starts to fly, tasteless as well. There is winning off-handed drollness, as when Mason delivers the souls of two drugged-out deadbeats who won't stop arguing, "Look, you two just killed each other, so shut up." Surprisingly Patinkin, a consummate scene chewer onscreen in such series as Chicago Hope, underplays here and works the carping premise broadly, lightening the mood. Later, after George learns a few of the ropes, Rube, giving out the reaper's appointment, says to her "So peanut, feel up to taking a soul today?" So George finally gets her first real job, taking the soul of a little girl who was destined to die in a train wreck. The sullen George wants to quit delivering souls, so Rube takes her to the morgue and explains that if she doesn't keep her appointments and deliver a soul out of a body, they are trapped in their dead mortal coil, forever conscious of their own putrifaction and other unspeakable fates. Meanwhile, George tries to return home to talk to her mother and sister, Reggie, but because her form is altered she comes off as a stalker. Her stoic mother Joy (Cynthia Stevenson) is just coming to grips with her death and Reggie has been acting out by stealing toilet seats. Director Scott Winant and writer Bryan Fuller, are veterans of many successful series, so Dead Like Me might settle into something unique. Now, as each death scene is set-up for comedy and drama, it wants to be too many things. Take the overloaded coup de grace of a young man trying to cash his paycheck. A woman who suspects her bank manager husband is cheating on her interrupts an armed bank robbery. With baby in arms, she wields a gun and forces the teller to tell on her husband. She fires her gun in the air that ricochets and hits a boiler causing the ceiling to fall, but no one is killed. The young man gets his check cashed all right- he slips on a banana peel, slides into a revolving door and gets his head crushed. Ouch! Now that's overkill.
  • A great show dealing with the effects of death and the afterlife...

    Not such a great afterlife for poor Georgie Lass who didn't want to die and now that she is dead, certainly doesn't want to take other people's souls. A very different type of series which dealt with grief in a very quirky but yet real way. Should not have ended when it did, it had a least another 2 seasons in it. A lot of questions remain unanswered and it's a shame. Perhaps the show was too out there for people, that's why it may have been cut, either way Bryan Fuller has done well and now has Pushing Daises to concentrate on. Another good show which perhaps may go the same way. (I hope not)
  • George Lass dies when a toilet from a space station falls from the sky and hits her. She discovers that afterlife really does exist and she becomes a reaper. Then she meets a group of reapers who collect people's souls.

    I wished they didn't ended this series because it was funny. It was emotional and had some drama all mixed into one along with being very funny. To anyone who like a series that is funny along with being a little bit crazy at times then this is your show. I am glad I was able to watch this weird show when it was airing because it good when you bored or want to pass time. To anyone who might be interested in watching this series then you might try the Sci-Fi Channel, which is where I saw it aired the last time I checked. Good luck at finding Dead Like Me.
  • I absolutly adore this show and it ails me that they canceled it.

    An unforgettable ending that leves you craveing more. A dark, sick man murdurs men woman and children on his final rampage. sick and twisted, the man stops at the houses and kills them at the time of there street adress (such as 730 eastern av would dye at 7:30). george descovers that the killer is someone from her childhood that she had seen. in this episode you also find that maybey george had always had a conection to the supernatural and may have been being watched by death untill hers because she sees a graveling in the mans house as a child. this is truely the way to end something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a great show that ended way to soon. I truley MISS it.

    I am still watching the reruns and running them again. Why did it have to end? While other shows that aren't nearly as good go on for season after season. Don't you think you could bring it back? There was SO many possibilities that this show could of took on. And, in each of the reapers lives. Mother and reaper working together? What happened? Bring it back and let me know when you do. :0) Gosh alot of unanswered questions. Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that you will bring back this awesome show. Where did the actors go? Give it another chance.
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