Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 1

Send in the Clown

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2004 on Showtime
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Rube and Mason go to a kids birthday party to collect their next appointment, but Mason is about to change his mind when he learns that his reap is a little girl. George gets a job from Delores to show a dumb Brennan, who is the nephew of one of The Happy Time owners, how to work. She ends up having a little fun of her own. Meanwhile, Joy and Clancy decide to divorce.moreless

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  • They are back: Mason has gone sober, Daisy is the same, Roxy is joining the police force. We get some info on Rube's life, and George is still at happy time... though it has not been a happy time for her family.moreless

    The episode wasn't bad, I was expecting more for this season's opening. I liked the fact Mason decided to go sober... pity it didn't last! It was also good to find out a little something about Rube's life. I was just a little bit disappointed with Georges family, we kind of find out her father has been sleeping with a student for about a year, but we don't get to see how joy found out nor do we see who it is, I wonder could it be George's friend Charlotte??? I would of enjoyed seeing those bits, seeing what had happened... And I would have liked seeing George with Brenan... I know she's dead but the girl needs a life ; )moreless
  • At the start of the new season, the grim reapers are back and more "deadly" than ever.This episode reveals that every character had undergone a small development between the seasons and hints some development for this one: Roxy joins Police Academy, Georgmoreless

    The new season starts a few weeks after the end of the previous one. It is clear that this season will bring some major development for all the characters involved. The first big one concerns Mason, who, evidentally had quit with alcohol and with enjoying "the other stuff", which makes him look a bit like a normal person after all. Funny thing, because the actor actually looks more downbeat and exhausted than in the previous season. Business runs as usual: reapers do their usual reaps, one involving several deaths at the local market, after which George ends up holding some nice flowers previously belonging to the florist she had reaped. She likes them a lot, but Mason says that she got them because she betrayed someone. She doesn't agree, and heads up to "Happy Time" where she has to train the hot but slow on the uptake Dolores' nephew. She gets emotionally involved with him, cuts of her finger, and ends up kissing him. After that, Dolores promotes her just so that George isn't around her nephew. Actually, this episode bears something new for each and every character in this show: George's parents decide to get a divorce, Rube mentions his lost daughter, Roxy joins Police Academy, Daisy Adair acts more mature and serious than ever before, and Mason and George udergo a slight change of character. Even George's sister Reggie acts like a teen (and she sure starts to look like one, 'cause when we last saw her she was just a kid, but now with budding breasts and snappy comments becomes one of the greatest refreshments this seson has to offer.You could almost imagine her as a real character that is able to stand beside all the other actors and do her part. Anyway, a nice episode, worth your time.moreless
  • A fine and very entertaining season opening

    "Send in the Clown" is a low-key opening for the second season. It's fine and very entertaining and it has a couple of bizarre deaths and a few wonderful moments of humour. But aside from an impressive gas explosion, this feels like an episode that could have been slotted anywhere in the last half of the first season.

    The George plot line seems a bit out of place after last season's finale in which George seemed to accept her place in the afterlife. But we are back to mopy George again. The show doesn't feel like it has moved on, but hopefully we will get to see more of that wonderful, wide smile Ellen Muth gives us at the end of the episode - it really does suit her. That doesn't mean she should stop being the cynical George we love, delivering all those great sharp comments.

    Mason looks a prat in his nerd jumper which hopefully will be gone when he's drinking again. But he makes a brilliant reluctant clown, impressing the kids with balloon penises. But the moment that sends him in search of the booze doesn't feel emotionally-affecting enough to justify his reaction.

    On the other hand the Lass family saga has actually improved. Last year the Lass family scenes only intruded into the stories and slowed them down, in this episode they actually give us some of the best moments. Joy has developed a nice biting sarcasm, and her put-down of a marrige therapist is a highlight.

    Roxy's Hill Street Blues moment (driving along in her meter maid cart to the sound of Mike Post's theme tune) is a very amusing touch.

    Delores is still great and the Gravelings are as evil as ever.

    So it's buisiness as usual, which is fine with a show as consistently good as Dead Like Me, but also slightly disappointing.moreless
  • Dead like them

    A nice way to begin the second season. The script wasn’t perfect though, the humor was pushed to far and it wasn’t the way I liked the show. But towards the end it got very exciting and bordering emotional, I got the feeling that almost all the characters developed in something.

    I think they went way to far with the Grandma death, she had beaten up some kids and when she walked away something squished her. I found it to be very cheap humor, then Daisy steels the old lady’s necklace as well.

    Same with George, her job was to take care of some very dumb guy but she kinda had the hots for him. She kissed him and Deloris didn’t want that and said that office romance was a bad thing. A cheap humor moment was when George accidentally cut off her finger and pointed it out to some office slut. All of this was pretty forced, but I did like when George got a raise how she behaved towards her colleges and I loved Crystal.

    Another storyline that was a bit forced was that between Clancy and Joy, they didn’t want to be together anymore and couldn’t stand each other, I think Joy went a bit to far this time. They then told poor Reggie they were going to separate, they show how bad parents they are and even though Clancy was a lousy husband I still think Joy was the bad one this time.

    I did however liked how most characters developed. Mason went as a clown to a party and he had to kill the birthday girl’s daddy. He was a lousy clown and could only make a cock out of balloons. The father died chocking on candy and he told Mason he was a lousy clown and everything. Mason felt guilty and bad, he drank some homeless man’s liquor and left him behind the money he got from the party.

    Roxy on the other hand said she gets Daisy, but her work doesn’t want them to curse people anymore no matter if they curse her. But then she catches some bad guys and a cop tells her she has the wrong job which leads her to become a cop.

    Daisy in this episode proves to be more than she looks like. At the beginning of the episode George takes the life of a woman who gave her flowers and she liked them but felt guilty at the same time. Daisy gives George back her flowers and talks to her about the guy, she wants George to be happy because she knows she isn’t.

    And we learn about Rube that he has a daughter. When George tells him she is going to take her promotion he doesn’t want her to and we also see that he threads George like the daughter he never had.

    The episode ended very well, it was a bit slow and cheap at times, but it came through at the end developing every mayor character.

  • Welcome back!

    This was a good season premiere for Dead Like Me. It reinforces exactly what is likeable about the characters and their interactions as well as why the plot of the show is interesting.

    The direction of this episode was particularly well done, but some of the interactions between George\'s parents in the psychiatrist\'s office was a bit unbelievable. Mason was funny as the clown, especially his balloon \"rabbit\" and his objectionable language.

    There were some great classic Delores moments in this episode and she is proving to be one of the best secondary characters in the series, even if she is a bit off her rocker.

    Overall, a good return to the show, promising better episodes to come.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - 5 people in a gas explosion (souls taken by George, Mason, and Daisy)
      - Old Woman crushed by garage bin (soul taken by Daisy)
      - Man chokes on candy (soul taken by Mason)

    • Mason has apparently given up drinking over the time we didn't see but by the end of the episode he picks it up again.

    • Rube mentions his daughter. It's the first time we get to hear about his past, and probably fills in the mystery of that picture he carries in his wallet.

    • Dialogue between Roxy and Mason is unclear. Roxy says Mason took every kind of drug for 40 years, which presumably means before he died, but he was previously stated as died at 27 ("Dead Girl Walking"). It could mean after death, but that's 38 years and would inexplicably exclude his pre-death drug abuse.

    • Georgia's first post of the season has an ETD of 9:11 AM

  • QUOTES (18)

    • George (V/O): Oh my God, some slut is stealing my boyfriend.

    • George (V/O): Look at those lips. I just want to bite your face. I wanna tear your skin off and make pajamas out of them and wear them to bed.

    • Daisy: You never slept with anybody?
      George: No.
      Daisy: Why didn't you?
      George: Well Daisy, first of all I was 18 years old.
      Daisy: Not a great excuse.
      George: I never had a boyfriend.
      Daisy: Not really a problem.
      George: I lived at home with my parents and my little sister.
      Daisy: Ever heard of a car?

    • George: Life sucks and then you die. And then it still sucks.

    • George : Bodies everywhere and a dead flower girl in the middle. It was
      like a really f***ed up wedding.

    • George: The Reapers sports page. (George referring to the newspaper obituaries)

    • Mason: There you go Emily. (gives her a phallic shaped balloon)
      Emily: This isn't a bunny rabbit.
      Mason: Yes, there are the ears.
      Emily: What is it really?
      Rube: Go ask your mother.

    • Mason: I really hate clowns. When I was five years old - I kicked one in the nuts.

    • Clancy: What would you like me to do Joy?
      Joy: Be nice if you could eat in the kitchen, with the dog.
      Clancy: At least he's capable of love.
      Joy: J.D. doesn't love you - you give him meat. At least one of us is getting it.

    • (George drinks her orange juice)
      George: It tastes like ass. Try that.
      Mason: I'm trying to stay off the arse juice for now, but... you know... thank you.

    • Mason: Do you know what I love best about being sober?
      Roxie: Not waking up in a pool of your own vomit?

    • George: (voice over) Trying to find your reap, is a bit like hide and go seek... except when I find you, when I put the tag on you, you're out for good. Ready or not, you are dead.

    • Mason: Is it just my imagination or have I become a lot more attractive since I have laid off the booze and you know, and what not?
      George: Your breath is better.
      Daisy: Your eyes are less puffy.
      George: And you don't have so much drool around your mouth, which is nice.

    • George: Was your name ever in the paper?
      Daisy: Constantly. I still have all the clippings.
      Mason: I made the police reports a couple of times, you know. "Unidentified, male, slender build, seen fleeing the premises", that kind of thing.

    • George: I'm a virgin with a death certificate, what the f*** am I waiting for?

    • Daisy: These are all at the farmer's market in exactly 27 minutes, I smell a disaster.
      Mason: Ha! Five deaths are not a disaster.
      George: How many deaths is a disaster?
      Mason: More than five. Five's bulls**t.
      George: How many?
      Mason: 16-20 disaster, 21 and up catastrophe, 8-15 is a calamity.
      Rube: Seven and under?
      Mason: That's a "crying shame".

    • Brennan: Hopefully I'll see you around sometime.
      George: Well, we work in the same office.

    • Rube: Bacchus has drowned many more men than Neptune.
      Mason: Bacchus? Wha...?
      Rube: He's the Greek god of "Why don't you read a f***ing book?"

  • NOTES (1)


    • Douglas Fairbanks: Daisy mentions that she received French tulips from Douglas Fairbanks. Fairbanks is best known for his roles in silent movies such as The Mask of Zorro (1920), The Three Musketeers (1921) and Robin Hood (1922). Fairbanks died in 1939, the same year that Daisy died on the set of Gone with the Wind

    • Rube: Some clowns talk, some make honking noises.

      Rube is referring to the famous television clown Clarabelle who appeared on "The Howdy Doody Show". Played by Bob Keeshan, who later went on to fame as Captain Kangaroo, Clarabelle only communicated by honking an auto horn.

    • Episode Title: Send in the Clown
      The title is taken from the song "Send in the Clowns" which was written for the 1973 musical "A LIttle Night Music" by Stephen Sondheim. In addition, the soul reaped by Mason in this episode belongs to man named Lloyd Sondheim.

    • Squad leader: Let's be careful out there.

      Fans of the 80s cop classic should thoroughly enjoy a clearly affectionate and brilliantly observed spoof of the opening sequence of Hill Street Blues - right down to 'Let's be careful out there' and the second car - er...meter maid cart - skidding around the bend. Anyone who recalls Phil Esterhaus's squad room pep-talks with affection will appreciate the attention to detail.