Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 9

Sunday Mornings

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2003 on Showtime
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Mason rescues a college student Charlotte from a date rape and she becomes fast friends with George. However, their friendship might be at stake when George realizes that Charlotte is enamored with her English Professor, who turns out to be George's father, Clancy. Meanwhile, Roxy takes desperate actions to stop a renegade from acting badly, but that might just turn and hit her in the back.moreless

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  • Sunday Mornings

    Sunday Mornings was a delightfully perfect episode of Dead Like Me. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had cool flash backs, interesting interweaving stories, and George's humor was great! I thought it was funny when she felt the universe was cocking the fun with you gun, and then she discovers her new friend Charlotte has a crush on someone George once knew well. Mason had some interesting character development in this episode and it was funny how Daisy kept putting him down, perhaps she has a secret crush? This episode show cases the shows ability to really look at life and how people react to certain situations, especially death of a family member. It was also cool to see how a dog can really change a families interactions. I look forward to watching the next episode of Dead Like Me!!!!!!!moreless
  • Roxy's back, and with avengence.

    Mason is out to impress student Charlotte, (guest star A J Cooke) but George is shocked when her new friend inadvertantly reveals she has a crush on her father Clancy. But by the end of the episode, George manages to have a chat with him about his dead daughter and realises that he was beginning to let go. Meanwhile, a rude client, annoyed at having a ticket from Roxy feels her wrath when she pulls his soul from his body, and converts him to a born again christian, worshipping parking attendants, and his near death experience causes him a little obsession. Very hilarious episode.moreless
  • George has a friend

    ‘Sunday Mornings’ is yet another excellent episode. Roxy is back and makes her first onscreen mistake while George makes a friend and Mason has a new crush.

    The episode deals with George and Mason meeting a girl named Charlotte. She was almost date raped in school and saved by Mason. Mason eventually falls inlove with her and he begins to try to make an impression and ignoring Daisy who tries to hurt him and is obviously jealous.

    Meanwhile Roxy meets some angry fellow who disrespects her so she decides to break a rule and she takes out his soul and scares him. The next time he’s suddenly mr. worshiper and wants to thank her and everything. Rube comes to know about it and he makes Roxy turn that man back into what he was and she makes him back into a jerk.

    We also learn more about Clancy’s relationship with George.They used to be very close until one day that she got mad with her father and never went to eat with her father on Sunday Mornings.

    Meanwhile George makes a friend and she is a student of Clancy and she wants to read him a poem that hurts George.

    The episode was a little bit uneven sometimes, the Roxy storyline wasn’t exactly funny but Daisy really made it enjoyable even tough she’s still a b!tch she’s becoming a little more bearable.

    I loved watching some Clancy flashbacks, he’s a good person even though he’s obviously cheating on Joy.

    The episode ends with Charlotte comforting Clancy and completely ignoring George and breaking the relationship and also Mason sees that she doesn’t care about him.

    Sad way to end up George’s friendship but it made the episode even better. I also loved Deloris, she’s so funny.

  • George has a revelation, mason is a hero, ROxy makes a mistake and Daisy gets meaner.

    This was a really interesting episode. George fills us in on her sunday mornings with her father and how they eventually ended when she got old enough. George always wondered how he acted after she stopped going.

    Death first takes George to a college campus, accompanied by Mason. George went to college but dropped out, who didnt know. Mason is obviously there for drugs. They see the typical college life. The frat boys with their keg, the stressed out teenagers, the burn outs and people on meds. I thinkt hey missed a few stereotypes but whatever. the stressed out co-eds are hilarious. Mason disappears and finds some drugs rather quickly and spots a young lady reading some poetry with aguy who couldnt care less about shakespeare, mason smells something.

    meanwhile george talks to this guy, im guessing he is tweeked out or on something. he is looking for a study card but he doesnt want to study with it. he has a girls number on it. he met a girl buying some yoohoo and omg his story is so freaky and 60s acid trip. i was cracking up, he had to be on something really strong. he wanted to go to cali with this girl but he wont be making this trip. two idiotic frat boys in the back are playing with a gas tank, need less to say it falls and the gas escapes causing it to hurdle into the tweeked out, helpless romantic blowing him through a wall. hilarious scene. they leave and mason notices the ladys door is closed, he breaks in becoming a hero to her and saving her from imminent date rape.

    bonding ensues between the lady, charlotte, george and mason. charlotte is surprised by what just happened and mason is trying to court her, he is so adorable when he tries to be sweet and innocent. he goes off to steala car she predicted he had, george take sher away while we hear a car alarm in the background, very nice touch.

    charlotte is georges first real girlfriend. they gush and act girly with each other even though george wants to hurl and i wish she did but she isnt that girly,whew! george sneaks into class with charlotte where her father is the professor. george discovers a whole new side to her father and one that she wishes she got to know. she soon discovers charlotte has a crush on her father.

    Daisy and mason talk at the restaurant. Daisy must have been wearing her horns that day. she basically rips masons heart out and grinds it in a meat processor. omg she was so mean and i was happy with what mason responded with."f*** you daisy"

    meanwhile roxy is about to make a mistake. a guy she is giving a ticket to gets a little too touchy. so roxy takes his soul out. i was totally shocked that she would do that. she seems as uptight as rube. she tells him what she can do if he doesnt pay the tickets. this eventually snowballs into the guy creating a cult where he worships the soul taker. roxy is basically screwed and needs to clean her mess up. she has to turn the guy back into a hateful person. she does this and all is fine with her plot of the week.

    back to george where she gets mad with charlotte when she encourages her father to move on from death. they later fix old wounds over some shots, well actually they just drink from the bottle. mason wants to be with charlotte but goerge says no way.

    they go to a restaurant where charlotte is desperately trying to get with the professor but george changes that when she questions the professor about his dead daughter. she has a rather heart wrenching revelation and is totally blown away by his response.

    the episode ends with some foreboding shadow over georges parents marriage when clancy apparently doesnt come home after work. did charlotte get with the professor, who knows?

Cascy Beddow

Cascy Beddow


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Kett Turton

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Mike Savage


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Laura Boddington


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Talia Ranger

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Deaths:
      - College Student gets hit with gas canister (soul taken by George)
      - Man slips on skateboard and falls of ledge (soul taken by George)

    • Charlotte mentions that she needs to go pick up her laundry, at which point Mason runs off to find her a car for transport. George offers to buy her coffee, at which point Charlotte and George go out for a drink. Her laundry is clearly forgotten.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • George (V/O): Humans beings are simple, predictable clichés. Broken hearts, betrayal, it's all been done a billion times before. The problem is, every time still hurts like the first. And if you're lucky enough to recover, you can be sure that just as you finish filling in all the cracks in your life, the next one is starting to open.

    • Daisy: If Romeo had just masterbated a few times a week he would have saved both of those nice families a lot of trouble.

    • George: My mother was more excited about me going to college than I was. It was like "Hey, here's a socially acceptable way to evict my daughter from our house."

    • George (V/O): This is where I felt it for the first time. The universe was cocking the F***-With-Me gun.

    • Mason (to George, while trying to find the person about to die): Listen I have this theory, that all this elitist college crap is just a front for the bacteria. Now, bacteria creates the colleges to have the perfect place to breath and evolve... you know.
      George: Lets just find this guy and get out of here.

    • (after hiting the boy with a fire extinguisher)
      Mason: I just remembered what I hit my teacher with.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Guest star A.J. Cook has various connections to this show.
      - Along with Mandy Patinkin, she later went on to star in a crime-drama show Criminal Minds together. A.J. starred in the FOX/ABC family TV show Higher Ground in 2000.
      - Kett Turton, who gets reaped by George in this episode, was in three episodes of that show. Also, some other actors from that show appear later on Dead Like Me.
      - Also, A.J. was in the movie Final Destination 2, where she saved a group of people from a huge car pile-up which makes the reaper go after them.


    • The poem that Charlotte wants to give George's father is from Shakespeare's Sonnet # 71, Lines 1 through 8.

    • When George first stumbles across Charlotte, she is reading from Shakespeare's Sonnet # 60, Lines 1 through 3, and continues to read Lines 12 through 14.