Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 11

The Bicycle Thief

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 2003 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

George wants to buy a bicycle and decides to quit her job at Happy Time and move on to a new one that a fellow partner found for her. This causes a big celebration party for her, where Delores is everything but happy. Meanwhile, Daisy wants to steal a picture from a dead painter, so he won't go away until he is assured that Daisy won't take it away.moreless

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  • George quits Happy Time

    George needs to get more money in her pocket, and quits her job which causes Delores to throw an impromptu leaving party, but George last five minutes in her new job. Daisy steals a painting from her charge, and he refuses to leave her until he is sure that she loves his painting. Meanwhile George and Daisy move from thier apartment into Mason's when he reaps the souls of a gay couple, one who dies by accident, and the other takes his own life so not to be apart from his lover. Meanwhile, at The Lass', the cracks in their marraige deepen.moreless
  • Daisy steals a painting and Mason meets a gay couple

    A great episode, both Mason and Daisy are the most interesting characters this time.

    The episode is about George wanting a bicycle because she isn’t really enjoying herself by going with the bus to her work. The only way to get a bicycle is by changing jobs, she is quitting but Deloris doesn’t seam to be very pleased with her decision. It was hilarious to see Deloris upset, especially when a crazy chick named Stephany forced herself onto George.

    Another storyline was about the dear Lass family, Joy accidentally lets J.D. out which makes her the fiend of the family because the dog gets lost. Both Reggie and Clancy love the dog. I loved the way Reggie wanted to threat her mom well this time, she even said it wasn’t her fault for losing the dog and almost told Clancy not to be an ass to Joy. This is also the first time I irritated myself on Clancy, he went out of line. I thought Joy was hilarious when she thought that Clancy wanted to divorce when he talked about splitting up.

    Daisy also had her own storyline about a painter, she wanted to have a painting of his to sell. When he died by drinking paint he didn’t want to leave Daisy with the painting because he didn’t think she knew something about them. Right to the very end he bothered her until he said that he had painted the painting for her which made her develop and become less b!tchy.

    And then we have Mason who had to kill two gay men. Mason handled his scenes extremely well, the first gay man tripped and when the other one wanted to die Mason told him to use pills. It was all very sweet and they gave Mason keys, also Mason got a bit suspicious about his sexuality. This is actually the first episode I can recall that really developed his character and made me like him so much more,

    Anyway, George goes to her new job but find out it wasn’t very smart of hers. Her new boss is weird and she quits, Rube is the one who gives her a new bicycle and then she finds J.D. and returns him to his owners.

    The episode was very sweet, Roxy was absence again but it didn’t hurt it much. I didn’t find George’s goodbye party that necessary but it still was a good part. I loved both Mason and Daisy.

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Sarah Lind


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Cary: God save the Queen.
      Mason: Not today, sir.

    • (Clancy and Joy are searching for the lost J.D.)
      Joy: This is a lost cause.
      Clancy: Maybe we should split up.
      Joy: Oh, that's great. That's great. You go, but you better find yourself one hell of a lawyer.
      Clancy: Split up to find the dog.
      Joy: Oh. That's a good idea.

  • NOTES (1)


    • George: Wax on wax off.

      This is a pun the The Karate Kid movie series. Mr. Miyagi teaches them to wax a car.

    • Episode Title: The Bicycle Thief
      The title is taken from the classic 1948 movie of the same name directed by Vittoria De Sica, although no bicycle thievery actually happens in this episode (George's bike will be stolen in episode #16 "The Ledger").

    • Daisy quotes that she stole the bicycle from the set of "The Wizard of Oz", also she said before that she died on the set of "Gone with the Wind". In both movies there was a Daisy on the cast. On "The Wizard of Oz" Daisy Earles played a Munchkin Villager and in "Gone With the Wind" Daisy Bufford played a housemaid.