Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 8

The Escape Artist

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2004 on Showtime

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  • This is yet another hilarious Dead Like Me installment.

    At this point I know that Dead Like Me is coming to an end soon, which makes me very upset. I’d have loved for this show to last many seasons, but sadly it was cut short after just two. Those were not two average seasons, though. They are both exceptionally good. This episode is really funny, in its own rite. Rube acts as a supply teacher which is absolutely hilarious. Rube does not know what to say to kids, it is awkwardly funny. Mason and Roxy also crack me up in this episode on the T&A flight. Those two actors have great chemistry and I enjoy every scene they have done together, particularly this one. At the beginning of the series I did not like the Roxy character, but she has grown on me and there are really no characters I dislike anymore. (though I do not particularly care for George’s mom, she is just annoying) This episode continues the consistent series Dead Like Me and is worth watching for sure.
  • Rube as a teacher

    another extremely well done episode, this season just keeps hitting it's stride.

    Rube's storyline was probably the best this time, his character gets more and more depth as he has to go to a school and takes Daisy with him, it's hilarious when he stands infront of the class as he just suck with kids.

    Roxy and Mason go to an earplane, poor them with their depressingness when the plain does not arrive where they wanted to. Roxy and Mason have a great chemestry and are lovely together.

    George's storyline involves a guy as she kisses him and then reaps his father. Their chemestry is fun and it's good to see George finally with someone.

    but the most gripping part of the episode is Reggie's with her mom, grandma and the kid reaper. I really liked the kid reaper, he admits knowing George which makes Reggie think. Also the grandma is a very likeable character, she wants the best for Reggie and her daughter Joy. The scene where George calls home is well done.

    the episode itself works perfectly, good humor, character development and drama. one of the best of the second season so far.
  • The best and funniest episode of the second season.

    This is a spectacular return to the silliness of the first season with some brilliant dialogue and fantasticly funny moments.

    George gets a reap at a fancy Golf Club where she meets a guy. The meeting between George and the guy Trip is brilliantly written with fast paced dialogue and it's a very enjoyable scene. It's also great to see Ellen Muth smile (she should definitley do it more often).

    Rube's turn as a substitute teacher is similarly entertaining, as he scares the kids by telling them they're all going to die. Mandy Patinkin is in fine form. It's also fun to see the pet reaper from "Rest In Peace" back, and his brief scene with Reggie is very intriguing. She asks him if he knows George. and he says "Yeah".

    And putting Mason on an airplane results in some very funny scenes as well. Roxy and Mason boards a plane for a free trip to Mexico, and Mason may drink himself under the table before he can get to business and finish his reap. Also Mason claims to never have been on a plane before so I'm wondering how he came to America in the first place.

    Best line of dialogue:
    Mason: I'm a high functioning drunk!