Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 2

The Ledger

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2004 on Showtime

Episode Recap

This episode starts out with George talking about luck and signs. She concludes that it is all about luck, and that since she was unlucky in life, perhaps it'll be different in death. Yeah right. She confronts Rube and asks if he was the one who wrote her name on her post-it. (The one telling a reaper her estimated time of death and location of death). He eventually reveals it was him, and he didn't know her then. But even if he did, he still would have written her name.

Later at the waffle house, Rube informs George that her bike is missing. All that is left is one wheel still attached to the bike rack. George: "Someone stole my bike!" Meanwhile Roxie is being annoyed by Mason. Eventually she gets annoyed and shoots him with her new police gun underneath the table. Clearly in pain, as the other reapers ignore him he slides down the seat and under the table. People look shocked, but then ignore it.

George tries to report her missing bike to the police, but gets annoyed when they wont do anything. Cop: "Its a victimless crime" George: "What the &^%&& and I?"

Across on the bench is an elderly lady knitting, and next to her a guy who seems to be bleeding. The old lady reveals she's there as some guy grabbed her ass on the subway. George reads what is written on the unconscious man's form. "He has been stabbed! Assault with a deadly weapon.... knitting needles". "He had it coming..." With that George left the seat quickly.

At Happy Time George is late, and finds everyone in a staff meeting run by the security manager. He informs them about theft, and gets aggravated when George openly mocks him. George: "You spelt ripoff wrong. You dropped an f." Security: "So what do we have here, a smart ass?" George: "Don't you mean smart as?"

After the meeting, everyone now thinks George is the office thief, and treat her accordingly. George tries to leave to fill her post-it, but Dolores stops her. She struggles to find an excuse (Having a brief fantasy of telling Dolores about being a reaper, and Dolores accepting it) and ends up having to go to a "meeting" since the security guard made her feel uncomfortable. (Just when she thought she had let the Rehab excuses drop.)

Mason is having trouble doing anything, and is secretly hiding his drinking. He's trying to master the "Find the Pea" game, with little success.

Daisy has an assignment to reap a man called "Rusty". She finds him at a jewelery store and he eventually dies after a cabinate falls on him when his stool breaks. His ghost offers her the fancy mirror, but she asks if she could have one of the crosses.

George's guy is selling "Guillotines" in the mall, a guillotine like device used to cut fruit. Pulling George on stage to act in the demonstration, he pulls the contraption apart to show how easy it can be put away. A stray cork from his wine bottle results in him falling forward and slitting his throat on the guillotine.

George steals his keys, and then takes his mustang. She dumps the guillotines, and then decides to keep them.

George's parents are divorcing, selling the house and are dividing the assets. Reggie is not talking to her father at all at the moment. While they're away George gets the estate agent to show her around the house, where she feels sad at it all.

Mason gives up on "Find the Pea" and ends up selling the rest of George's "Guillotines".

George ends up keeping the mustang, and the show ends with her joining some people at a club, as she decides to have a life even though she's doesn't actually have one.

We see the person who's been stealing office supplies from Happy Time, it's Crystal. She has an entire closet filled with only post-its. What is she up to? Is it possible she is a reaper too?