Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 2

The Ledger

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2004 on Showtime

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  • An average episode with some funny moments

    This is a rather average episode but with some delicious quirky moments; a woman stabs a guy with a knitting needle in the police station, a blind man beats Mason at the nutshell game.

    That doesn't add up to much more than a series of funny scenes. The "theme" of the episode is balance - what goes around comes around - but it doesn't really tackle this revelation with any insight or originality. The security guy is great though, a complete tosspot.

    It's good to see George starting to question Rube about how and from where he gets his instructions. The show should address it's own mythology more often. In this and the opening episode the writers have had some fun with the fact that the Reapers are dead and can withstand horrific injuries. Last week George sliced her finger off, this week Roxy shoots Mason in the foot - both very funny scenes.
  • Joy and Clancy are splitting? and we're what? surprised by that?

    After a decent season opener the second season continues with an episode that does develop the storyline but felt very strange at times.

    This episode continues the exaggeration of the humor that was used in the first episode, only that one at least mixed it well with drama while this episode was at times just plain silly.

    This episode begins in the waffle house, George is for some reason upset at Rube because he was the one who wrote the little piece of paper that was going to kill George. The fun part of that whole scene was Mason making Roxy to shoot him in his foot with her new and improved gun.

    When George realised she stole her car she gets pretty upset. But when she hears that her parents are getting a divorce it completely breaks her down. Her case this time is some weird guy who sells mini-guillotines. Which makes up for one of the best deaths on the show. She steals his car as a reward for herself an his tiny guillotines for Mason to sell.

    The best developing during this episode was Joy and Clancy splitting, Reggie chooses to finally respect her mother a little better. Her father is a real bastard against Joy and he deserves a piano being thrown at him.

    Besides that, the episode had some laughs but sometimes felt to forced.George also got herself into trouble at her work but she was able to piss off a guy which was a lot of fun.
    The episode was one of the most unmemorable yet, though still quite a lot of fun.