Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 4

The Shallow End

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2004 on Showtime

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  • We all want to be liked

    After three quite dissapointing episodes the show suddenly goes up and makes one of it's best and most impressive episodes. 'The shallow end' had it all, comedy, sadness and filled with character development.

    Mason brought in the funniness this episode as he had to take the soul of an old man with big balls. Mason is the funniest character of the show and developed in a way of confidence as he convinced the old man to pass over who wanted desperately to go to his own funeral.

    Reggie and Joy's storyline continues with both completely not knowing how to get along, they are like two completely human beings and got the chance to be different as Reggie got herself some new clothes that made her seem like a normal girl, all thanks to a shop keeper who did turn out to be fake and just wanted to sell Reggie some stuff. Joy had the chance to move on from her depression into happiness but she can't do it as she is just to used to it, she barely knows what happiness means which is pretty sad.

    Daisy's storyline was with a man who wanted to become a woman, he blamed god for having to live as a man. They had the best scenes of the episode, i am usually not really into religion but this episode put it so well into light, especially the church scenes were fantastic.

    then you got George who wanted to be liked, she became b!tchy in the office and threated everyone like trash but then managed to hurt someone else's feelings and she didn't want to do that. Her flashbacks were all in the swimming pool, we learn that George was supposed to die when she was little but given another chance, her turn to be a loner was when a bigger loser than her pushed her in the swimming pool while she couldn't hurt that girl.

    The episode was pretty amazing, great music and scenes, character development for all the characters, just simply Dead Like Me the way I love it.
  • What is it about this show?

    Something about this episode really made me miss God.

    Oh, I know, God loves us, we're all God's children, but I saw this at a moment in time when I've been feeling especially lost or disconnected, and when Stan was trying, frustrated, to hurl a hymnal at the stained glass, angry at God and the way his faith so twisted his life, there was this reality that he'd [i]never[/i] been happy in his life, and he felt like he'd lived his entire life outside of God's love.

    Which is why, when his blue-light moment took the form of Christ descending to him with arms outstretched, I just completely lost it.

    Oh, I was tearing up before that. All through his speech I felt so bad for him, and was just feeling some resonance with his experience. But that image was so powerful, and so .. important.

    Sorry. I know lots of other things happened in this episode, but the reason I'm posting at all was because of that scene, which really and truly got me where I lived. Great music, too.

    An excellent scene in an episode that just plain knocked one out of the park.
  • A great episode with a surprise ending

    This season continues to improve with a very good episode with some stylish directing, stunning cinematography and beautiful emotive use of music (it's refreshing to have a show that doesn't rely on American college rock)

    Two climactic scenes - Daisy at the church with the frustrated pre-op transexual and the flashback to George's near drowning - are very beautifully shot and scored and are very powerfull scenes. It's also good to see the Gravelings being something other than just mischievious, their mystery apperance at the end of this episode is a pleasingly unexpected surprise which brings up all sorts of questions. Is George's near death experience somehow linked to her becoming a reaper?

    There is a running "old naked dead guy with enormous balls" joke that's wonderfully tasteless, while the montage of "evil" George taking advantage of the computer nerd is great fun. Most bizarre of all though, is a line uttered nonchalantley by Delores: "Back in the day when I had all those restraining orders..."
  • Cool!

    This was a really cool episode, George doubts whether she cares about what people really think of her, reminding herself of one time where a woman was nice to her and seemed to be her friend, but later finds out that she did this in order to sell her stuff, and also remembers one when she was trying to like some girls and in order to do it, her nice attitude cause her to being an exiled girl, and the girl that she was trying to protect ends up taking her place. Meanwhile, someone dies at the pool and is stubborn of attending his own funeral, but is convinced not to do it when he needs to see his wife, it was a really cool episode!
  • My favorite episode of season two thus far...

    Wow. That's what I said to myself after watching this episode.


    This was a very, very interesting episode. Funny, dramatic, somewhat inspiring, depressing, and possibly dips its toe furter into the mythology of the show.

    I found myself to be really interested in Daisy's reap, who was a man who felt he should have been born a woman. While I strongly disagree with that and I think it's ludacris for people to assume they should have been born the opposite sex, it was a sad scene in the church. I also find myself intrigued by Daisy suddenly becoming religious.

    George's family is ever depressing, with Reggie turning into a beautiful young lady and then going back to her shell when she realizes the sale lady wasn't really her friend.

    And one of the most intriguing scenes of the episode was the very end...when George sees the gravelings in the pool as a child. This peaked my interest and I'd really like to know more about that.