Dead Like Me

Season 2 Episode 4

The Shallow End

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2004 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • When Theo is climbing the steps from the pool, you can clearly see the nude bathing suit the actor is wearing, as they are supposed to be nudists.

    • Featured Deaths:
      - Man sliced by his own lawnmower (soul taken by George)
      - Pre-op transsexual killed by a stiletto heel to the forehead (soul taken by Daisy)
      - Old guy at a swimming pool slips on a gravelings pee (soul taken by Mason)

    • We learn when George was 10 years old she saw gravelings in a pool but they didn't cause her death. This leaves the viewer with the question if it was predestined for her to be a grim reaper?

    • When Daisy runs out of the church to see who threw the ball through the church window, one of the boys running is wearing the same knit cap w/ flames as the boy reaper George met at the end of season 1.

    • Mason mentions Betty, Theo's wife, and George says "Who's Betty?", with no mention or assumption of the major character Betty who left in Season One.

    • George walks in to Happy Time with a huge streak of blood across the breast of her jacket. When she flashes back to the reap, we see the blood spray her, and only a few splatters nail the coat -- about a third of what we see on her jacket later on, which she explains away as a Slurpee.

    • At the end we see Daisy in the church looking at the broken window, but that window is clearly in a side wall of the church. The window that we saw actually break was at the back, right opposite the entry doors.

  • Quotes

    • Daisy: You do that, you know. You withhold the love.
      Rube: How can I withhold that which I do not possess?

    • Stan: (at stained glass window, to God) You bastard!
      Daisy: Stan!
      Stan: Hypocritical, no-good, backstabbing, judgmental ... You said we're all G-d's children! Except the freaks! Except for me! (trying to throw a hymnal at the glass, to Daisy) You! You do it!
      Daisy: I can't. I won't.
      Stan: Just help me!
      Daisy: I'm sorry. I can't.
      Stan: Why would God do this to me?
      Daisy: Do what? Have you die this way?
      Stan: Have me live this way?! God doesn't love all creatures, Daisy ...
      Daisy: I think you should pray, Stan.
      Stan: I will forgive him. But I want him to tell me that he's sorry, first.

    • George: I'm not a Nazi.
      Delores: You know in here (holds hand to heart) I don't think any of us really is.

    • Sarah: Is that a smile, Susan? I can't read your face anymore, you've botoxed it senseless.
      Susan: It's surprise, Sarah. I didn't know until just now that a human body can withstand that much lipo. Tell me, is it true that the 10th one is free?

    • Susan: (to Sarah) Doctor Simmons said that your ass fat is putting his daughter through Yale. He is very grateful.

    • Susan: (to Sarah) I saw you parked your Jag in the handicap zone, Sarah. Is celulite now a recognized handicap?

    • Theo: (to Mason, in Der Waffle House) Come on, I'm freezing my balls off here.

    • Mason: (when he sees Theo) Jesus, those are some enormous balls.
      George: Excuse me? (she looks at Theo, and reacts in diguist) Oh, good God!

    • Daisy: Are you flirting with me?
      Stan: I'm dead.
      Daisy: Right.

    • Steve: Hi.
      Joy: Hi. Do I know you?
      Steve: No, I'm Steve. You're hot.
      Joy: F*** off, Steve!

    • Theo: I'm going to my funeral. I've been looking forward to this for years.

    • Theo's Friend: Come on back Theo, you're scaring the children!
      Theo: (to the baby) Relax son, they're just balls.

    • Mason: (to Theo)Oh my Jesus! I'm sorry! Just... j..... j.... Your balls are huge!
      Theo: God save the Queen!

    • Rube: Hey, Captain Asshole! (reffering to Mason turning his back on him)
      Mason: Yeah?
      Rube: This view is ruining a perfectly good breakfast.

    • Mason: I cannot get over the size of your testicle.
      Theo: Imagine that Betty, I got a gay angel.

    • Joy: So, do you want to go shopping this afternoon?
      Reggie: What for?
      Joy: A new sweater.
      Reggie: Yeah, that one's pretty tragic.
      Joy: I meant for you, Reggie.

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