Dead Like Me

Showtime (ended 2004)




  • Season 2 Episode 16: Life After Death

  • During the final shot of George with post-its falling down on her, there is a clear transition between two different shots as a post-it covers the whole screen for a second. Before, George's hair is spread across her shoulders while afterwards her hair is neatly tucked behind her shoulders.

  • Sarah Wynter, who played Daisy in the movie, and Laura Harris, who played Daisy on the TV series, played sisters on season two of "24."

  • When George was at the hospital, she looked around a corner with a fire extinguisher, which showed her real reflection and not of the person she appears to be to others.

  • Joy and Reggie live in a different house than the one in the TV series.

  • Featured Deaths:
    Professor killed by a gun (soul taken by George)
    Delivery man killed by fake candy (soul taken by Daisy)
    Shopclerk killed by a robber (soul taken by Mason)
    Bus Driver killed in a car accident (soul taking delayed by Roxy)
    Hudson Hart dies in a hospital (soul taken by George)

  • The absence of Rube and Clancy was explained. Cameron claims Rube got his wings and went into the light. Joy and Reggie revealed Clancy moved far away from their town and has a new family.

  • Cameron Kane, the new boss, died on September 11, 2001, after falling eighty five stories down the building.

  • Der Waffle Haus, the establishment that the group visited in every episode, is burnt down at the beginning of the movie.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Haunted

  • Mason claims to have reaped Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones.

  • Just like the end of season 1, the series finale ends at George's gravesite.

  • George has the very last line in the show: "It's not so bad, being DEAD LIKE ME." She also had the first ever line in the show.

  • The characters' costume choices are significant. Delores dresses like a cat (in fact she has the same kind of fur as Murray), Young George is a ghost (ie. a dead person), Crystal is a Grim Reaper, Joy dresses as a cigarette girl (someone ready to respond to another person's needs), while Roxy and Daisy's costumes take on the other person's character (Roxy becomes a princess and Daisy becomes a cop). George and Reggie want to be nothing but themselves.

  • The fact that Kiffany and Crystal apparently recognize the reapers as themselves already has helped fuel fan speculation that they themselves are reapers or other supernatural beings.

  • Featured Deaths:
    - A young woman is murdered by The Rope Guy (soul taken by Rube)
    - A woman is murdered by The Rope Guy (soul taken by Daisy)
    - A man is murdered by The Rope Guy (soul taken by Roxy)
    - A boy is murdered by The Rope Guy (soul taken by Mason)
    - The Rope Guy dies, causes unknown (soul taken by George)

  • When Mason enters his reap's front yard, he trips on the front steps and his candy falls out but in the next shot it is not there anymore.

  • When Dana is about to start her session with Reggie, she goes to open the top of bottled water but in the next scene, her hand is nowhere near the bottle.

  • Ellen Muth, Callum Blue and Mandy Patinkin are the only actors to appear in all 29 episodes. Laura Harris appeared in all episodes after she joined the cast.

  • From Crystal's treasure map, you can clearly identify several neighbourhoods located in the Seattle area: Sand Point, Capitol Hill, Montlake, Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard, and Greenwood. Near the center, and partially obscured behind a white section of map, there is also Wallingford. The map is also labeled Seattle, confirming the city where the series is located.

  • For each victim that was strangled by the murderer, the time that they died was the same number as the victim's house number. This is probably how the murderer chose who to kill.

  • If the reapers appeared as if they were alive, how come Kiffany still recognizes them?

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