Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2003 on Showtime
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When death takes a holiday and no one is supposed to die, the team has a completely different task - they have to do paperwork for all the people reaped by Rube's division and George has a brilliant idea to make a long-process finish earlier. Daisy and Mason get closer, while the Lass family goes on an annual vacations by the lake.moreless

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  • "Maybe we all lead from 1 filing job to the next" Daisy, Daisy Adair.

    Death takes a day off, and Rube is behind on his filing, so enlists the reapers to help, and George takes him into the digital age by storing the details on a computer at Happy Time, with the help of Crystal, the strange receptionist. Meanwhile Mason uncovers Daisy's feelings when he investigates her private thoughts prior to her death on the set of Gone With The Wind, she has never felt loved. Meanwhile, the gravelings are bored on their day off and make sculptures out of anything they can find, and The LAss's enjoy a final holiday at the camp they celebrated with George.moreless
  • when millies family takes a holiday, shes beginning to regret dieing and becoming a reaper

    this is a classic! i like the fact that mason asks daisy out and when she finally agrees minutes later he cancels after reading someones final thought that read something like 'oh, adair, daisy' (not sure if i got that quote right please forgive me if ive not) and shes confused by this. but the paperwork that they have to do is to record everyones final thought before they died (as ive said a line or two ago) and this is a tedious task and millie has a bright idea that they could use happy time's computers to record the data which is sped along by the help of the secretary.moreless
  • Best episode of season one!

    This is another great episode of this incredible series, and my favourite episode of season one.

    Death takes a day off, but the Reapers are forced into doing mass ammounts of Paperwork. They have to organize the tons of people that have died into categories by their last thoughts. When writing all the thoughts down becomes to difficult, they head over to happy time, where George no longer works but st ill has the key to.

    This is a pretty sad episode though, as we can clearly see how much George\'s family is falling apart since her death, especially when you can compare the flashbacks as a happy family to their miserable lives now.

    We also learn alot about Daisy. George mentioned in an earlier episode that she can tell that Daisy is sad about something. In this episode, we sort of discover what that is, but I won\'t spoil it.

    This is an incredible episode, with a great and very well put together storyline.moreless
  • An excellent installment... wonderful scenes with the Lass family, especially the flashbacks, and present-tense scenes with Reggie and Joy.

    From the beginning, it looked good; Death taking a day off. The scene with the small children playing around the refridgerator and not getting crushed, the man dropping his match at a gas statio; all wonderful. The gravelings were great as the little bit of comedy they threw in. I personally enjouyed the Lass-centric nature of this episode; It was nice to see Joy and Reggie bonding, as well as George's flashbacks to the lake. Although I remain firm in my belief that George and Mason would be totally AWESOME together, his conversation with Daisy was truly written and flawlessly executed, and showed a new side of Daisy.moreless
  • Poor Reggie and Joy.

    ‘Vacation’ is a brilliant episode focusing on George’s old family who go on vacation and the gremlins taking a day off making the reapers file some paper works.

    The paper work filing wasn’t entire interesting at first even though it managed to give us some humorous moments. I liked how Roxy stood up for once and made Rube and the rest go to Happy Time where Crystal was watching them,. She’s very creepy but hilarious. I love her stare and loved her scene with Roxy.

    Meanwhile Daisy and Mason work together but Daisy tired of hearing herself talk about men and after reading a lot of ‘lasts words’ she decides to ask Mason out for a drink.

    The main storyline was Joy, Clancy and Reggie going on vacation.

    I could hardly stand Clancy anymore, he’s such a bad husband and I hate how he threads Joy, he should just divorce her instead of making her miserable. He didn’t want to play some lousy monopoly and he kept having these calls of someone who only talked to him.

    I have a lot of sympathy for Joy, she’s a good human that doesn’t deserve all of that. I loved how she tried and her last scene with Reggie talking about going to another place the next vacation.

    The difference was so big from the flashbacks where the family was very happy but that clearly changed.

    At the end of it all, George has thoughts about her death being her birth and that life is actually vacation.

    Also we learn what Daisy’s last thoughts were ‘Why does no one love me’?

Patricia Idlette

Patricia Idlette


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Crystal Dahl


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Talia Ranger

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When George goes to the vacation house, she gets out of Rube's truck and is wearing rose-colored glasses. Rose-colored glasses are worn when remembering things better than they may actually have been.

    • Goof: When Crystal is checking over her and Roxy's work, the entries shown on the screen are exactly the same as the ones shown earlier on George's screen.

    • Goof: While the wide shot of Daisy and Mason's computer screen shows the correct number and placement of columns, the close-up on the final two entries omits the Date of Death and Place of Death columns.

    • We learn that Daisy Adair died on 13 December 1938 in Marietta, Georgia of Asphyxiation/Smoke inhalation. Her last thought was "Why has no one ever loved me?"

    • The Boeing 747 was first developed in the mid to late 1960s. Its first commercial flight was by Pan Am January 21, 1970 flying from New York City to London.

    • Daisy mentioned Richard Burton as part of an answer to Mason's question about British actors she has been with in which Mason says he's Welsh. This is despite the fact that Wales is part of Britain.

    • One of Rube's last thoughts is "I wish I'd taken better care of Lucy". This is probably not Rube's last thought, because Rube wouldn't have paperwork of reaping himself. But, it could potentially be what Rube was thinking when he died. Rube did feel regrets about his family, post-mortem.

    • Daisy claims to have died on the set of Gone With The Wind - which was shot in Hollywood, not Marietta.

    • There were no 747s in 1938. There weren't even any jetliners. 747s didn't come around till the late 50's or early 60's.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mason: (on a man's last thought) Last thought: "I should have apologised to Mr. Roy about the broken phonograph." Now what the f**k am I meant to file that under?

    • (A Graveling throws a glass cup at the reapers.)
      Rube: C***sucker! (Rube middle fingers the Gravelings.)

    • Daisy: What do you say the very second we're done here, we go back to my place for a drink?
      Mason: Don't fuck with me Daisy.
      Daisy: I probably won't, but a drink isn't gonna kill anybody, least of all us. Right?

    • George: (voiceover) Maybe Daisy was right. Maybe death was the temp job and life was the vacation - a vacation you were supposed to spend with the people you loved, with people who loved you. And if life was that kind of vacation, what then? What would your last thoughts be then?

    • Roxy: (about Crystal) Does it type?

    • George: (voice over) That's the thing about life, isn't it? How can something be so boring and extraordinary at the same time?

    • (Rube is lighting his pipe)
      George: You can't smoke in here(!)
      Rube: Ah, fuck that bullshit! They can blow me.

    • George: Hey, can you steal me a car?
      Mason: First of all the correct phrase is 'boost' George. Second of all, I am not a used car lot and darling you really have to learn to steal your own cars.

  • NOTES (1)