Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

George: (voice over) Sometimes I wonder if I haunt my sister. When she's laying there in the morning and it's all quiet, I wonder if she's thinking about me. She's eleven – she's probably just thinking about a boy or breakfast, or… flying away. Reggie is in her room packing her things for vacation. After Reggie has left the room, George exits her sister's closet (she was hiding). Apparently George is looking for a box that holds some of her old belongings. A short while later George has left her family's home and is riding her bike. A flashback shows George and Reggie at a lake from a past family vacation. At Der Waffle Haus, George, Rube, Mason and Daisy are sat talking. Daisy tells the story of one of her sexual escapades, while George asks Mason to steal a car for her. George reveals that she wants to "get away" when Rube questions her as to what she wants a car for. Roxy arrives a short while later and George is about to leave when Rube tells her to sit back down. Joy and Clancy are in their bedroom packing their things when they start rowing. The couple's relationship is becoming continually more strained. Rube tells George, Mason, Daisy and Roxy that the Gravelings are taking a day off. Rube states that every few years the Gravelings just take a day off and nobody dies. Mason and Daisy are wheeling boxes of paperwork (for the souls his division has reaped) in to Der Waffle Haus. Rube states to George that he has become a "little" behind on the paperwork and that it needs filling. Rube explains that the white sheets need categorising and copying into the white ledgers. George asks Rube how he is going to want to access the information once they have finished the task, but this only serves to annoy Rube who believes that his system works fine. George is in Der Waffle Haus' toilet, where she is sat in one of the cubicles with the box she took from her family home earlier. Inside the box there are several of George's personal items, including a Conifer cone that George found on a previous family vacation when she was younger. Mason and Daisy are categorising the paperwork while drinking milk shakes. Meanwhile, Roxy is sat at the adjoining both also categorising the paperwork when Kiffany comes over and offers her a refill. Kiffany sits down and starts talking to Roxy, though Roxy appears to be uninterested. Joy, Clancy and Reggie have arrived at their vacation home. Tensions soon begin to stir after Clancy's phone rings. George suggests copying the records into a computer rather than into ledgers. Rube does not support George's idea, but he is swayed by Mason, Daisy and Roxy who also do not wish to copy all the data by pen. George states to her fellow reapers that her old office at Happy Time will be empty, and that she has keys they could use to get in. Having left Der Waffle Haus, the reapers arrive at Happy Time with their boxes of files. Mason and Daisy work together, with Daisy reading and Mason typing, but they soon become distracted when Daisy tells Mason about her "type" of man. Roxy and Rube work together, and Rube types, though he finds it noticeably difficult. George and Mason are talking about the people who work at Happy Time when George notices Crystal sat at her desk… sat there just stirring at George and Mason. Crystal is recruited to help them type, which she is apparently an expert at doing. Mason and Daisy continue their discussion on Daisy's Mr. Right, but they soon get back to typing when Mason appears to get bored of listening to Daisy. George questions Rube as to why they are doing the paperwork, and learns that it's simply so there's a record of that person. Mason and Daisy are still copying the last thoughts of people when Daisy invites Mason for a drink at her place once they've finished. Roxy and Crystal have finished their load of the paperwork. Crystal double checks the records and saves the file while Roxy tells Crystal about her personal life. Mason is finishing the last of the records when he comes across a file that catches his attention: Daisy Adair. Mason learns from her sheet that Daisy's last thought was "Why has no one ever loved me?" and decides not to accept Daisy's offer of a drink. George thanks Crystal for her help as she's getting ready to leave Happy Time. Crystal remarks that she likes Roxy, and that she won't tell anyone about George and her friends' unauthorized entry. Joy and Reggie are sat on a jetty talking. Reggie suggests going on holiday elsewhere next year after she tells her mother that she misses George. Some time later, George has apparently acquired a car and arrives at her family's vacation home. She narrates as the episode closes. George: (voice over) Maybe Daisy was right. Maybe death was the temp job, and life was the vacation. A vacation you were supposed to spend with the people you love, with the people who loved you, and if life was that kind of vacation, what then? What would your last thoughts be then?
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