Dead Like Me

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2003 on Showtime

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  • "It doesn't work with just the two of us"

    This episode focused heavily on George's old family.
    We find them on their way to a yearly vacation, which none of them seem too eager to get to.
    At the same time, we get flashes of the same vacation when George was little. Things where very different back then: George was a sweet and happy child, with loving, happily married parents.

    Today, Joy (the mother) and Clancy (the father) do nothing but fight. Joy keeps answering the phone, only to hear someone hang up. When Clancy picks it up, it's suddenly "office stuff", and he needs to go to the other room to talk. We can see it in Joy's eyes - she suspects him, and rightly so.
    Even at the resort, Clancy is detached. Joy makes an effort, but Clancy won't even play a lousy game of monopoly with his wife and (now) only daughter. Joy tells Reggie that they can play without him, but she tells her that "It doesn't work with just the two of us".

    That's true for more than just monopoly.

    The reapers are sort of a side plot tonight.
    Death itself is also on vacation (or at least his most annoying workers are), so the reapers use this time to catch up on paper-work.
    I liked the way George brought the death business into the 21st century. Seeing Rube type 4 words a minute was priceless....

    Mason really surprised me.
    It was obvious that they'll never get to the drinks Daisy promised him, but I was sure she would be the one to cancel it.
    Mason realized how much those last thoughts of loneliness hit close to home for her, and decided not to take advantage of the situation.
    That earns him some points in my book.
    Her last thought: "Why has no one ever loved me?".
    So maybe Mason will? I doubt it, but let's wait and see.
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