Dead Man Weds

ITV (ended 2005)


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Dead Man Weds

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A comic series set in the newspaper office of a picturesque but surreal Northern village. With headlines like 'Drunk Man Falls Over" and "Some Trains May Be Late", it seems like the Fogburrow Advertiser and News may never going to win major journalistic awards. But the new editor, GORDON GARDEN, is determined to shake up the small rural newspaper office. Acting editor and all-round lazy slob LEWIS DONAT is furious at Gordon's appointment, convinced that the job should be his. Lewis's school of journalism involves going on a break as soon as he gets in, stealing stories from old piles of newspaper and getting the rest of the news from Joan at the cake shop. He does his best to make Gordon's new job as difficult as possible, including spreading rumours of Gordon's previous nervous breakdown and drink problems all through the village. Gordon is not to be dissuaded however, and he's soon given the rest of the FAN team - technophobe GERRY, foul-mouthed CAROL and wannabe thesp DUANE - a new lease of life. Gordon soon discovers that things in Fogburrow aren't as sleepy as they seem. The water in the canal turns mysteriously blue and there are strange noises on the moor at night. Gordon becomes convinced that the nearby American conglomerate, GeneUS, is responsible for the strange happenings. Lewis thinks he's being paranoid - Geneco employ half the village and are very supportive. This is confirmed when Gordon publically confronts GeneUS's eccentric American CEO, Chuck, and the village turns against Gordon. Lewis meanwhile stirs up as much trouble as he can for his new editor. This backfires when Gordon demotes him to covering the local vegetable show. A chance meeting with a giant potato leads Lewis towards his first real investigation, and it's not long before Lewis realises Gordon was right - Geneco are doing some very sinister experiments. Gordon and Lewis start working together on a story which will expose GeneUS's real intentions. But their personal feelings start getting in the way as they compete for the attentions of local tour manager DONNA HAVERCROFT, Lewis's old flame from school. Convinced Gordon is about to seduce Donna, Lewis betrays Gordon in a jealous rage, revealing their plans to expose Geneco. Gordon's in trouble with management, the investigation is over - Lewis at last has the coveted editor's job. A depressed Gordon drowns his sorrows in drink. But when Lewis gets a death threat late at night, he realises he can't go it alone. Can he drag Gordon out of the pub and back onto the investigative trail? Or will GeneUS continue their behind-the-scenes experiments - with devastating consequences for Fogburrow?moreless
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  • A show that could have easily been better with some slightly better writing, instead managing to be just above average.

    Whilst I do enjoy the works of Dave Spikey and Johnny Vegas, this isn't one of their best moments. The show does have some very amusing gags and some quite funny writing in general, but it has a few fatal flaws that prevents it from being quite as good as it could be.

    To begin with, the subplot of the genetic experiments is perhaps to ridiculous to believe. Add to that, you can see the ending coming from the second episode and things don't look too good for the overall quality of the writing.

    There are no real complaints with regards to the acting on display- the cast are just doing the best they can with the material given. Sadly, this isn't very good.

    I wouldn't out-and-out reccomend to people that they don't watch this show, but I don't think I could particularly call it a must-see, either.

    Worth a view, but not by much.moreless
  • zzzz....

    This show is one which had a mildly funny first episode, that made unfortunate viewers such as myself think it may get better as it went along. Nope, it just got worse instead. Even before the garbage about the monster, it was awful. Then, they make a show that was perhaps 50% believable degrade to 0%. How? They came up with the worst plotline ever. A monster. Yes, I agree, it makes any sitcom viewer want to vomit at how they could turn a decreasingly funny show into a no-joke monster mystery. I'm sorry I wasted my time with this show that ITV, Dave Spikey and Johnny Vegas should be ashamed of.moreless

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