Dead Man's Gun

Season 2 Episode 22

A Just Reward

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1999 on Showtime

Episode Recap

An outlaw retrieves the Dead Man's Gun by murdering its latest owners for a mysterious, eccentric, incredibly rich man, known only as Mr. Smith.

Upon delivery of the gun, the outlaw is treated to several stories about its eerie past (in the form of flashbacks to previous episodes including The Hangman, The Bounty Hunter, The Photographer, Bad Boys, and The Great Mcdonacle), and cannot leave because of the posse outside. He grows more and more uncomfortable, and feels that, because of the danger of the weapon, he deserves more money for it.

His greed is his undoing, as Mr. Smith reveals himself to be the original owner of the cursed weapon, and the outlaw receives his just reward.