Dead Man's Gun

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • A Just Reward
      Episode 22
      An outlaw retrieves the Dead Man's Gun by murdering its latest owners for a mysterious, eccentric, incredibly rich man, known only as Mr. Smith.
    • The Phrenologist
      Episode 21
      C. Thomas Howell is a haberdasher and phrenologist; a city boy who leaps at whatever the latest big-city fad is. He hires a new assistant, who has just witnessed an outlaw being bucked off his horse into quicksand and could not save him, only the Dead Man's Gun, which he carried.moreless
    • Bad Boys
      Episode 20
      Three young boys find the Dead Man's Gun and use it to become tough, and to get money by rolling the town drunk. But one of the boy's, whose mother needs money, considers using it to kill his drunken, abusive father, but he can't bring himself to do it.
    • The Vine
      Episode 19
      An Italian immigrant, on his way to California with a grapevine from his family's winery in Italy, comes across a group of murdered people and takes the lone survivor, a Polish woman with nowhere to go, under his wing, and the Dead Man's Gun she has found.
    • The Good Chef
      Episode 18
      Chef Emil gets the cash for his dream of setting up his own high class French restaurant by poisoning his employers, and also inherits the Dead Man's Gun.
    • The Oath
      Episode 17
      A woman helps carry out an oath she made to her murdered husband - thanks to the Dead Man's Gun!
    • Four of a Kind
      Episode 16
      Years after the town hooligan and three of his men murder a young woman's husband simply for beating them at poker, she returns with the Dead Man's Gun, seeking revenge. She leaves an Ace at each dead man's side, and soon a showdown is set up with the hooligan and his son.moreless
    • Sleepwalker
      Episode 15
      Gruesome, unmotivated killings soon begin to take place in a small town after a man finds the Dead Man's Gun.
    • The Womanizer
      Episode 14
      Lyman Gage is a womanizer. When the husband of one of his flings tracks him down, and dies after being thrown off his horse during the chase, the Womanizer loots his wallet, and picks up The Dead Man's Gun. Can he mend his ways, or will he fall prey to the gun's evil powers?moreless
    • The Regulator
      Episode 13
      When a Regulator comes across the Dead Man's Gun, he believes he is set for life... until other Regulators come after him.
    • The Ripper
      Episode 12
      When a bizarre slashing murder takes place in a small western town, an English inspector soon turns up asking questions about the crime, and he thinks Jack the Ripper might be the culprit.
    • Seven Deadly Sins
      Episode 11
      The prodigal son returns to his small-town roots just in time to miss his father's funeral. He inherits half the bank, but he wants responsibility to run it, which has been left to his responsible brother. However, destitute, having blown the substantial amount of money his father gave him when he went to Philadelphia, he is forced to take a position as bank teller and work his way up. Not patient enough for this, however, and needing money to pay off his gambling debts to the local gangster, he gets the vault's combination and starts stealing money, framing the kindly assistant manager, who has been training him, for the crime. He then becomes assistant manager, but when his brother discovers the crime, he murders him with the Dead Man's Gun. Along the way, despising his father's religious instruction, Joe Wagner strives to get pleasure by breaking all of the seven deadly sins, but will they come back to haunt him via the Dead Man's Gun?moreless
    • The Pinkerton
      Episode 10
      When a wife and mother is murdered, and the local law can not find the killer, her widower calls in expert help in the form of John Eastman, a talented Pinkerton investigator. Eastman has troubles during his investigation, primarily because of racism in a small white town, but he will not be turned away. Using the Dead Man's Gun, he solves the evil crime, and justice is doled out to the surprising culprit.moreless
    • The Mimsers
      Episode 9
      An English couple flee to America after being caught stealing from their employers, and soon find a new victim in a scatterbrained old Colonel, who enjoys shooting at squirrels with the Dead Man's Gun.
    • The Trapper
      Episode 8
      A man with no appreciation for nature begins trapping near the home of old native, Charlie Three Claws, and becomes enraged when Charlie begins springing his traps before animals can fall prey to them.
    • The Collector
      Episode 7
      A German collector of antiquities travels to the American west in search of goods to trade for, with the hopes of taking his riches back to Germany. He finds the Dead Man's Gun on a dead body while scavenging for goods, and hires a Mexican to help him on his way.moreless
    • Hangman
      Episode 6
      Phineas Newman is a hangman by trade. Ostracized by the rest of society for his work, he takes pride in it, and strives to be the best executioner money can by. He explains to his assistant that he does his job because, as a child, he saw his uncle hung by unprofessionals, and believes that even a condemned man shouldn't suffer. He also becomes fascinated with a gun he picks up from his latest hanging client, the Dead Man's Gun.moreless
    • Sisters of Mercy
      Episode 5
      Sisters Elizabeth and Katherine are two criminals making their way west dressed as nuns, robbing bad men on their way to a gold town. When they reach their destination they realize that the town is under the thumb of an evil tyrant.
    • Winner Takes All
      Episode 4
      An aging manager and his talented pugilist travel town to town, winning money by boxing. They arrive one day in a boxing tycoon's town and quickly make waste of his best boxer; demanding a chance to win back his money, and the Dead Man's Gun.
    • Sheep's Clothing
      Episode 3
      The town push-over, a school teacher, turns his life around when he discovers the Dead Man's Gun on a killed outlaw. He no longer puts up with the bullying of his peers, but ends up becoming a bully himself. Can he turn his life back around, though, when the outlaw's partners turn up, looking for the powerful Dead Man's Gun? And can he win the love of the schoolmarm, whom he secretly adores?moreless
    • Ties That Bind
      Episode 2
      Blood is thicker than water as two brothers wrestle with each other over what they should do when one of them falls under the spell of The Dead Man's Gun, after finding it on a body. Will his brother be able to save him, and himself, from the fate that awaits them?moreless
    • The Judgement of Joe Dean Bonner
      Joe Dean Bonner is a professional killer who cares for nothing but himself. After his latest killing, he rides into a strange town populated by only one man, who he obtains the Dead Man's gun from.
  • Season 1