Dead Man's Gun - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Snake Finger
    Snake Finger
    Episode 22
    Stuart "Snake Finger" Aikens is a professional safe-cracker by trade, who's had no use for a weapon until he finds the Dead Man's Gun. The Sheriff hot on his heals has no hope of catching this tricky thief, who is right under his nose, trying to get at the latest "unbreakable" safe through the bank owner's disinherited daughter and grandson. Using them, he gets access to the bank, but his trickery backfires when the boy locks himself in the air-tight safe. Only Snakefinger has the ability to break the child out before he suffocates, but will he blow his cover to help another person? If he does, will the Sheriff forgive him?moreless
  • Wages of Sin
    Wages of Sin
    Episode 21
    When the Reverend Jeremiah Early comes to town he plans on taking them for all the money he can and splitting, until he spots a beautiful woman. With the help of the Dead Man's Gun he does way with her man so he can have her for himself.
  • The Deserter
    The Deserter
    Episode 20
    When his cavalry platoon is ambushed by Indians with red bandanas in a corn field, Lt. Matthew Ryan cowardly hides and watches them, including the man who saved his own life, Sgt. O'Connor, get slaughtered. After the bloodbath he picks up the Dead Man's Gun from O'Connor's corpse, and heads back to the fort.moreless
  • The Gambler
    The Gambler
    Episode 19
    When a no-good gambler comes across the Dead Man's Gun, he convinces himself that he just can't lose. But we all know that when you deal with the Dead Man's Gun, you're in for a surprise. In the biggest game of his life, the tables get turned on our gambling friend.moreless
  • The Resurrection of Joe Wheeler
    Joe Wheeler is a dead man - or is he? Either he's dead, or he's back and looking for revenge against his enemies. The lines tend to get skewed when you're dealing with the Dead Man's Gun.
  • The Photographer
    The Photographer
    Episode 17
    A photographer, seeking fame and fortune, discovers that action follows the Dead Man's Gun and decides to follow it to reap the benefits. But after winning acclaim for capturing an amazing picture of the execution of 14-year old outlaw "Little Boy Dawkins," he goes further and crosses the line - but it's a mistake getting directly involved with the Dead Man's Gun.moreless
  • Stagecoach Marty
    Stagecoach Marty
    Episode 16
    Marty is a woman stagecoach robber with a sordid past. When she comes across the Dead Man's Gun she considers using it for the evil purpose of revenge, but will she be able to sort out her past without ruining her future with a new man?
  • The Mesmerizer
    The Mesmerizer
    Episode 15
    A womanizing hypnotist falls for the wife of a dying millionaire. She persuades the hypnotist to use his talent to ease her husband's suffering. But as the husband sinks deeper and deeper into death, the hypnotist sees an opportunity to achieve fame by keeping consciousness and motor nerves alive in a corpse, at the same time arresting decay, and creating an immortal dead man. Only after the wife finds out that she can't inherit anything as long as her husband is still considered alive, and the hypnotist finds out he can't remove the hypnotic state do things start to literally fall apart.moreless
  • Fortune Teller
    Fortune Teller
    Episode 14
    Will the rambling predictions of a mysterious Fortune Teller come to pass, or can a man still save himself from the clutches of the Dead Man's Gun? Of course, when you're dealing with the Dead Man's Gun, it's pretty easy to predict what's going to happen. You'll probably die.
  • Mail Order Bride
    Mail Order Bride
    Episode 13
    Aaron Freemont is a lonely and awkward man, but when his mail order bride finally arrives in town he grows much happier with her, and falls in love. But when he comes across the Dead Man's Gun, will he be able to defeat the evil that comes along with it, save his new wife, and convince her to love him in return?moreless
  • Death Warrant
    Death Warrant
    Episode 12
    There's nothing quite like a women scorned. Kate Jackson is out for vengeance in this exciting episode, and she just might get it with the help of her new gun ... The Dead Man's Gun!
  • Next of Kin
    Next of Kin
    Episode 11
    A wealthy dying man invites his family and friends to stay in his home for the weekend while he determines which of them would be the most deserving heir of his estate.
  • Medicine Man
    Medicine Man
    Episode 10
    When a woman doctor arrives she is faced with a serious dilemma. Will she be able to save the small town from a mysterious illness, a shady mayor, and the Dead Man's Gun?
  • The Healer
    The Healer
    Episode 9
    A faith healer arrives in town and begins bilking the people out of their money. But when he lays his hands on the Dead Man's Gun, he strangely begins healing people for real.
  • The Black Widow
    The Black Widow
    Episode 8
    A mysterious woman tends to get ahead in life by killing off her husbands and taking their money... but when she comes across the Dead Man's Gun she just might get a taste of her own "medicine."
  • The Bounty Hunter
    The Bounty Hunter
    Episode 7
    A meek store owner seeks adventure in his life, and, after finding the Dead Man's Gun, aspires to become a bounty hunter, even though his friend the shootist tells him to get rid of the evil weapon. He, of course, does not listen, and just when he thinks he's bagged his first outlaw, he falls prey to the Dead Man's Gun.moreless
  • Highwayman
    Episode 6
    When a Highwayman comes across the Dead Man's Gun, his job becomes a lot more difficult than he ever could have imagined. His Highway now leads directly into the fires of hell.
  • Buryin' Sam
    Buryin' Sam
    Episode 5
    Buryin' Sam and his partner are two dishonest morticians who steal from the dead. They soon begin to fight over their latest find, the Dead Man's Gun, and the hand of a beautiful widow. When he's found out by a widower, Sam kills him, and then, in a drunken stupor, his partner as well. But his partner swears he'll come back, and Sam starts to hear and see strange things. He can't sleep at night or enjoy sex. Sam thinks he needs only to see the body to realize it's all in his head ... or is it?moreless
  • The Imposter
    The Imposter
    Episode 4
    When Leo Sunshine discovers the Dead Man's Gun and is mistaken for a man to be feared, he decides to play along and enjoy his new-found fame. But Wild Joe knows the truth about Leo and the powers of the Dead Man's Gun, and when he catches up to him, Leo realizes that he may have bit off a lot more than he can chew.moreless
  • My Brother's Keeper
    When two brothers find the Dead Man's Gun on a skeleton, one of them develops a fascination with it and soon is forced to kill the local shootist in a duel.
  • Fool's Gold
    Fool's Gold
    Episode 2
    A con man finds the Dead Man's Gun and the claim to what he believes is a barren mine, which he sells to a half-wit, but soon regrets it when the half-wit shows up in town with gold nuggets to deposit.
  • The Great Mcdonacle
    John Ritter is "The Great Mcdonacle" in the opening episode of the three-part pilot, a shifty trick-shooter who relies on "smoke & mirrors" and a little buckshot to provide a decent show, but once he gets his hands on the Dead Man's Gun he realizes he no longer needs any illusions, he's suddenly a crack shot! And when shootists come gunning for him, he has no problem dealing with them, until the Dead Man's Gun has its way!moreless