Dead of Summer

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Freeform Premiered Jun 28, 2016 Hasn't Aired


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  • Straight From Cliche Central

    Every cliche from the camp-horror movies is in here. And that's the "good" part. The characters and the plot are paper thin. The flashbacks are even less interesting than the "present", which is slow and boring. And also muddled. Elizabeth Lail plays one of the camp counselors, the only one who hadn't been a camper there. She spends the hour either being frightened, screaming or having trouble "fitting in" with a past (from those flashbacks) that makes her more of candidate for psych sessions than a camp counselor. And she's the central character!

    the scenes are contrived and illogical - Lail goes from sitting on a rock missing breakfast to still siting on the rock but it suddenly became night (the better to get her screaming again). This is yet another disappointing series from Freeform. the more so because they do know how to make intelligent shows with interesting, fleshed out and complex characters, such as Guilt and Stichers.