Dead Ringers

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Dead Ringers

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From radio to TV, Dead Ringers brings Doctor Who, Tony Blair, George Bush and many more to our screens in unexpected and extremly funney sketches and stunts. With their own twist on programmes such as Restoration, How Clean is Your House, Dr Who and The Office, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Kevin Connelly, Phil Cornwell and Mark Perry prove once again that nothing is sacred and no-one is safe. Derren Brown, Paul Burrell, Simon Cowell and Kim and Aggie from 'How Clean Is Your House' had also better look out - they’re amongst the new characters to be given the Dead Ringers treatment, joining such favourites as Simon Schama, Sophie Raworth, Robert Winston, Gandalf and the Osbournes in this topical round-up of the year’s events. Christmas has never been so spicy. Dead Ringers started life on BBC Radio Four. Listeners loved the witty way it lampooned the station's shows and personalities: newsreaders Brian Perkins and Charlotte Green were transformed into "The Daddy", and a sultry sex-kitten, respectively! When the show made the leap to TV, a host of new targets walked into the line of fire including Ricky Gervais, Ozzy Osbourne, Fiona Bruce, Dirty Den and Kirsty Allsop (from Location Location Location). All of these characters (and more) are brought to you by a cast of just four regulars (Kevin Connelly, Jon Culshaw, Mark Perry and Jan Ravens). And unlike some sketch-based comedies that have blighted British screens, a crack writing team means that there's zero padding in each episode.moreless

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AIRED ON 3/29/2007

Season 7 : Episode 6

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  • This show still makes me laugh after all this time.

    Dead Ringers is a truly funny show. The wide variety of different acts I think helps to keep it funny, but even so there are so many different sketches that are still funny. The impressionists on the show are some of the best impressionists I have ever come across and I congratulate them for all their work on this show, as the scripts and the acting are always funny. I just hope that they will continue to write more sketches for new seasons of this show. I know I will always watch this show when it is on and I'm sure many other people will as well, because it truly is a wonderful show.moreless
  • I havn\'t laughed this much at a TV show in years!

    It is by far the best sketch show that I have ever come across. Everyone seems to be so caught up by \'Little Britain\' at the moment (which is a very good show) but I prefer this. With it\'s incredible likeness to the personalities they are portraying, it makes this the funniest thing on the box at the moment. I love their impressions of Jack Johnson, Tony Blair and Jeremy Kyle! With catchphrases like \'I\'m Jeremy Kyle...and you\'re scum\'. This is easily the cleverest impersonation show around at the moment and for me it deserves at least a 9/10! Funny as hell!moreless
  • extremely funny! i love this show!

    This show is really funny, especially when they do impressions of boring old Time Team and boring old politics, I'm telling you, their impressions should rank among the best in the world, even! Whoever doesn't like it should eat rat poison! It's so funny, i was crying with laughter when they did Time team!
  • Unless people understand what goes on in the everyday lives of the British people, Dead Ringers can be very difficult to understand.

    I personally love Dead Ringers, it has to be the best impersonation programme of the decade, obviously spitting image was the best of the 1990#s.

    However, if you're not British, the programme may be a little difficult to understand. The show's basic principle is to mock our government, so if you're unsure of cabinet members, or you have no idea what the hell this Bil or that Bill is, then you could be screwed.

    There is alot of mention to British television as well, so if US viewers have no idea what Balamory is, then it may be difficult to understand, or to know what Sophie Rayworth sounds like, or what other people are doing.

    The show is excellently written and very comical, and the fact that they have a maximum of 7 days between each episode to film the current events, porves just how dynamic and intelligent the writers are.moreless
  • A humorous show, poking fun of everything to do with British TV and much more...

    Dead Ringers has become a favourite of mine recently. The whole basis of the show- satirical parodies of British TV, among other things- is a good one, and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. One of my favorite 'trademarks' of the show is when they parody voiceovers of different British channels (for example, for a fake BBC voiceover, they said' If you're here, you probably forgot we no longer show The Simpsons. Here's a double bill of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. Classic.) Another fav is the sketches with the puppet newsman. This show is genius, satirical and has some very clever parodies. Catch it if you can.moreless